Monday 7 March 2011

Good news and pathetic Manu/FA/FIFA

RVP is back in training ahead of schedule, it will be too late for him to have any chance of starting tomorrow, but he must have a shout for the weekend's trip to WBA. Jack Wilshere is definitely going to be fit for Barca, Cesc is 90%, the bad news is that Alex Song is definitely out with his knee bruising. It all means that our team is taking shape and looking rather like being:

Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy
Diaby Cesc Wilshere
Nasri Bendtner Arshavin

I think there will be a fair bit of emphasis of Nasri in particular helping out the midfield, Arshavin may be given more of a license with which to roam, Diaby must show some discipline for once. It's a great shame Theo is unfit, but the absence of Puyol (injured) and Pique (suspended) is a massive plus for us.

We escaped from the weekend with a point gained thanks to Liverpool brushing a poor Manu aside 3-1. There was a lot of talk about certain controversial incidents in this game and certainly the referee Phil Dowd didn't cover himself in glory (again). There was no doubt that Carragher's dangerous tackle deserved a red card, however Nani's reaction was one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen on a football field. He obviously had a nasty gash but was able to put weight through his leg given that he hadn't sustained a serious bony or ligamentous injury; his attempt to then get Carragher sent off by getting up to show his wound to the ref and then throwing himself down in a theatrical rolling heap of shite was beneath contempt, what a twit.

Rafael's tackle on Lucas moments later was even worse than Carragher's, his high two footed lunge would probably have broken Lucas' shin if he hadn't managed to jump out of the way, again Dowd bottled the decision and have a yellow when red was merited. The subsequent ruck between Manu and Liverpool players would have resulted in a FA charge if Arsenal had been involved. Manu then refused to speak to the media after the game, Fergie refused to speak to Manu TV, how utterly pathetic, unfortunately the PL don't have the guts to punish Manu for this childish sore loser behaviour. Arseblogger has rightly pointed out the rank inadequacy of the governing bodies we have presiding over football in the UK and in the World; the FA and FIFA are a joke.

The lack of retrospective punishment from the FA is inexcusable and a complete disgrace, I was the first to point out that the FA are completely free to retrospectively punish incidents seen and punished by the match officials at the time. FIFA have since confirmed that the FA are free to act retrospectively, it is just that the FA are a pathetic bunch of cowards who do not have the guts to stamp violence out of the game. FIFA are equally gutless, their continued refusal to bring technology into the elite game is indefensible. Referees want technology, players want it, the fans want it,while all the other top sports have introduced it successfully. It is only FIFA that don't want it, it is akin to the Vatican not wanting to see vaccinations introduced because they are interfering with God's will for disease! Utterly ridiculous stuff. FIFA the the FA should hang their empty heads in shame.


Anonymous said...

No way does Bendtner start up front' He can't link play at all. It will be Chamakh.

Anonymous said...

Have you completely lost your mind, Rafaels' tackle was worst than Carraghers? Please, the only tackles that I have seen that are worse than Carraghers, are those coming from Viera, Parlour and Keown.Ok, Keeane may have been guilty of a few bad ones as well.

Nave said...

Its funny how out of all the bad tackles you could only pick up Arsenal Players. How many bones Arsenal players have broken ???? Thanks so much for mentioning Keane in the end. How come you didnt say a word about Nani, so much about men against boy's mate. What did you make of Tears rolling down nani's face ? Must be missing his mum there or was it because he realised no one is giving a crap about him.

1979gooner said...


You are a muppet.

Rafael's was at least as bad, arguably worse.

Nani's injury is pretty minor, a gash on the shin, a few days out maybe.

I am not condoning the Carragher tackle, I am just pointing out the rank hypocrisy of utter muppets liek you.

You are happy to moan when it suits but you will happily accuse others of being whingers/moaners when they have far more justification for their moaning than you.

Top end hypocrites.

It's amusing that you list a few Arsenal players who haven't played for us for a long long time, kind of makes a good point that makes you like like an even more high end muppet.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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