Saturday 12 March 2011

Clinical United expose our weaknesses

I can't argue with that result, although we had a lot of chances and Van der Saar had to make two absolutely top notch saves, United took their chances and we didn't, they won and that was that. Overall it was very disappointing to see us fail to take advantage of a very weak United midfield that we dominated for long long parts of the game. Arguably there was again some tactical naivety on Arsene's part, and part of this problem is the fact that we only have the players to play one way and it is sometimes all rather predictable.

Van der Saar was outstanding. His save from RVP's low fizzer in the first half was brilliant, his save from Koscielny's goal bound effort early in the second half was even better, there were some other decent saves thrown in there too. Having said that we were not clinical enough in front of goal, RVP missed a great headed chance in the first half from a corner, Chamakh missed a great headed chance in the second half.

United always looked more dangerous than us on the counter, it is sad that without Theo we lack that ability to kill teams on the break, an ability that we had such in abundance in earlier Arsene Wenger sides. Denilson was ok but he doesn't have the mobility to do much to protect the back four, Song was missed again. United first goal was clinical, a great save from Hernandez' excellent header left an easy tap in, the second goal was slightly fortunate but again we had been caught out.

It wasn't terrible by any means, but it was just a bit too predictable. Some of our play in the final third was just a bit slack, Diaby was particularly sloppy in this regard. It could easily have gone the other way though, those missed chances cost us dear. United were second best in footballing terms and this was a great chance to give them a beating, make no mistake. There were too many poor shots, too many slack passes in the final third and too many missed chances. One simply has to take one's chances to win games like this, we did not and we paid the ultimate price.

Paul Scholes is a malignant piece of scum. His two tackles near the end of the game were absolutely horrendous, both worthy of straight reds, the limp Foy gave him one yellow. It was amazing to see two leg breakers get a single yellow card between them, it was just lucky that there was no bone in the Old Trafford turf come full time. Foy didn't have much to do all game, so when he had to make a decision here, he well and truly choked it, utterly appalling cowardice from the referee.

A final word for Johan Djourou, one of our best players this season, he took a decent bash from Bacary Sagna near the end of the game and had to be stretched off, I hope it is nothing serious, we all have our fingers crossed and our thoughts are with you Johan. Get well soon Johan!

Post scriptum Unfortunately Johan is out for the season, he has dislocated his shoulder, it is likely he will have surgery on it thus ending his season, what terrible luck. Arsene must surely be pushed into recalling Kyle Bartley from Rangers, I am not sure if he is allowed to play for more than two clubs this season though (Rangers/Sheff Utd)


Anonymous said...

hes out for the season.

goonersince 1978 said...

2-0 to united. In the past two weeks, we've lost the final of the Carling Cup, been dumped out of the Champions League and now the FA Cup. However, Wenger 'believes' in the likes of Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby etc and promoting a one dimensional style of play which a host of other managers and teams seem able to master a plan that limits our creativity and chances. Wenger is stubborn and lacks a plan B. Was it just me or were others frustrated beyond belief that our players seemed to lack any urgency during the second half? Also, the constant passing sideways or backwards? Our only chances seemed to result from Sagna's right boot. We'll end this season trophyless and will be overtaken by Chelsea into third spot and behind Utd by more than 10 points. Still Wenger will carry on with his usual summer games of toying with the fans about being linked with this player and that player but not do anything about the obvious faults which exist. Walcott's return and Vermarlen's return - will both be like "new signings". Same old Wenger, same old story. How many more years can you endure of this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Ferguson belittled Wenger by picking such a weak Utd midfield yet still won the game comfortably.

Wenger needs to open his eyes because he is becoming an easy whipping boy for serious managers.

Anonymous said...

That's it for me with Wenger. Buy a fucking defender, buy a fucking goalkeeper, change your fucking tactics. It's not fucking working.

Anonymous said...

How can Denilson the new crab play for Arsenal=?????
I hoped i had seen the last of him last season!!!
Unfortunatly Ramseys legbreak has somehow kept him at Arsenal but now Ramseys fit ditch him out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wenger is totally out of his depth when up against the best teams. Past two matches just makes me feel ashamed of believing in him. We are still far from a top team. Time for Wenger to go - he's not the one to lead us back to the top. Bring on Jose Mourinho, we'd have a much better chance with him. Wenger always hides behind excuses. Time for him to go - it's been 6 barren years.

Anonymous said...

Call me disappointed or bad loser I don’t care, just like the team I support! There are too many earners in the squad who have little to no passion. The stats may say differently but once again we let ourselves down. No, sorry the players and management let the supporters down! If I ever hear again a single player moaning about silverware I will say quite simply get out of my team. Your losers and you know you are! You haven’t the bottle to mix it, you let yourself and every single paying supporter down! You should not be allowed to wear the hallowed colours again.
You all talk to the press saying this that and the other, but very few of you put it in! We the loyal supporters deserve much, much more! Cesc you owe us, you have for the past couple of seasons courted Barcelona, they don’t want you now matey, why because you haven’t won anything! And don’t blame Arsenal Football Club, look to yourself and your fellow players. You and the rest have let us down time and time again. If it’s not injuries it’s the inability to kill off games when you’re ahead, or the way you all believe you have time on the ball and no one should be allowed to tackle you. You all stand off and hope someone else will do it for you! I’m sick of it! I have defended you to the hilt over the past tropheyless years, but you just don’t get it.
You still insist in walking the ball into the net and then leave yourself open to the counter when you invariably fail to do so! Don’t you think every team in the land is laughing at you! “Just play this way and we may get a result”, that’s the team talk from Bolton to Wolverhampton! You bottled it at Wembley and again in Barcelona, and today you neutralised yourself in attack! How big is a goal, yet you consistently chose to shoot at the goalkeeper! Why is it when you need to leather it, you try and place it, why is it we score very few goals from set pieces, when this is your Achilles heel when trying to defend.
Why does Arsene continue to tell us you’re ready and to believe in you, when you so clearly aren’t. Why doesn’t he just keep quiet and pray like we have to. Why do you think there is so much quiet when you’re playing at the Emirates! It’s because we don’t have the faith anymore! You don’t give us the comfort, for you don’t have the commitment yourselves! But you all want us to buy your merchandise, have Sky, and have your tickets! I love this club, this is my club and I demand more from all of you including the management and including the medics who can’t seem to get our injuries fixed or to find a better training regime to limit injuries.

sanket kambli said...

he has given so many youngsters a chance to shine but they dont..esp. denilson..diaby.. why cant they learn from song or from flamini(before he left)..

both denilson and diaby are to me most inconsistent players..that the opposition is least scared of..

they both undo whatever effort that arshavin/nasri/wilshere and even gibbs/sagna put in...

we need at least a better cover for song if we really dont have money for anybody else

Anonymous said...

1] There is a thin line between winners and losers and the truth is this crop of arsenal players are more losers than winners. They seem to lose a game even before the ball is kicked and just readily accept defeat. When djourou got injured, I searched for an arsenal player screaming to his mates that they can still win this, that they still had 10 minutes, that all wasn’t lost, but what did I see??dejection and an obvious acceptance of defeat…You might have the most talented team in England arsene, but it all counts for nothing when league one teams play with more passion, more guts and more believe than arsenal.
2] when a player scores a hatrick against leyton orient but when through on goal to win the tie for his team at the camp nou he makes a mess of things, maybe he is championship material…make all the excuses you like but he has been a first team player for the past three seasons but still doesn’t have a first touch.[look at chicharito]class is permanent..if you feel he is a late blosoomer[like drogba], you might as well loan him out for the next eight years till he figures it out..
3]diaby,bendtner,denilson and rosicky are not just good enough. For a team fighting for a europa league place or at best a cl spot they can do just fine[except denilson,he is a disgrace to Brazilian soccer], but for a top class side like arsenal claim to be, they are useless. If aresene doubts this, he should offer them for sale and see how many top class teams [barca,Madrid,manu,chelski,]would make offers..
4] if this team can’t beat a man u team with Fabio,refeal. Gibson, chicharito, brown etc then someone please tell me how they would have coped with gigs, scholes[in their prime],van nisteroy, keane, beckham etc..And wenger wants us to really believe arsenal is improving as a team.They actually played better in the 2-1 loss of last season. And he better not speak of injuries or fatigue….and if diaby, bendtner, eboue, denilson, rosicky cannot put up a commanding performance in this kind of games then someone please tell me what they earn their salaries for,,,For taking part in training sessions or sitting on the bench because I am lost????

Ted said...

A very disappointing evening. I thought we played ok, given it was away at Old Trafford. As 1979 said, you have to take your chances. We didn't and ManU did. And ours were better chances overall.

I thought Diaby was very poor again, but then I usually think that. Denilson not much better.

And very sad news for Djourou, who has been very good recently. Our injury list is now a joke again. How does this happen EVERY YEAR?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just fucking shit. You ever consider that possibility?

1979gooner said...

Anon 459am

At least I'm not patrolling opponents' blogs in the middle of the night. Sad. Very very sad.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2152 said it all. I know we will win nothing this season and can only hope this is a watershed moment and someone within the club will take wenger aside and tell him we need a change of direction. His faith in our current squad,though admirable has been misplaced. It isn't working. He must look at the squad and list the players that he needs to replace. Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby.Eboue.Bendtner. Of the current CD Jourou (who has been excellent recently) and Vermalen should be joined by a big, commanding CD with premiership experience.
What of the prime role of a manager is to recognise weaknesses within a team and address them. What is Rosicky and Denilson doing in an arsenal team facing ManU at OT. Rosicky must be one of the worst signings ever made by the club. How many goals has he scored, (when not injured) how many chances has he created. Denilson is just a joke. I appreciate that it must be difficult for a manager to tell a player that he is not wanted by the club, particular young players who you have helped to develop but this is his job. We also need to sign a ball winning midfielder with strong leadership qualities to play alongside Wilshire (I'm resigned to losing Cesc who I am not convinced wants to be here. I recall a few years ago Diaby was being hailed as the new Vierra, incredulous I know,but true ) also a top class striker, RVP is world class but we cannot depend on him being injury free for a season.
Will Wenger take notice of all voices calling for changes and address these weaknesses ?. I would't hold my breath.

Gambling Rob said...

I can't imagine the team without Johan! I hope he recovers soon, otherwise it's not the same without him..