Thursday 17 March 2011

Jens, Johan and Joke punishment

So it has been confirmed today than the mighty Jens Lehmann will be joining us on a short term contract until the end of the season in order to cover our goalkeeping injury crisis, what are the odds then Jens ends up playing at White Hart Lane again in a crucial title deciding game? You just wouldn't bet against it would you? It makes sense and his experience/character could both be useful ingredients as the season reaches its climax.

Johan Djourou's situation is a little puzzling. He dislocated his shoulder last weekend, apparently a scan was clear, meaning that he has probably not done any major damage to the stabilising muscles and bones around the joint. Conflicting news has been coming out concerning his return to action. The club say it will be a minimum of six weeks out, as he is due keyhole surgery shortly, while the Swiss FA have claimed it could be less.

Given my medical background I find it all a bit odd, some things in medicine are clear and others greyer, the management of Johan's shoulder could be done in different ways. Essentially if the club wanted to rush him back in two/three weeks after some early physiotherapy to strengthen the shoulder up, this could easily be done, the risk would be that he re-dislocated whilst playing, still even if this happened he could then just have the surgery and have the rest of the season out. The other option is to have the surgery straight away, but with this strategy he is likely to miss the rest of the season. Personally I'm a bit disappointed the club didn't gamble by trying to get him back quickly, he is so important for us, still I'm sure they have their reasons.

As expected UEFA have fined Arsene a few thousand and suspended both him and Samir Nasri for one game of next season's European competitions. It's no surprise and rather reminiscent of the FA's kangaroo court system, basically they do what they want, you can appeal but they won't listen to you, so there's simply no point in appealing. The great problem we have in football is that all these incompetent corrupt governing bodies (FA/UEFA/FIFA) are unaccountable dictatorships, and as a result they just do what they want, there is no consistency, no right to a fair trial and no due process.

There is simply no more room for dropped points this weekend away to the Baggies. We have to win. The dropping of points to Sunderland cannot be repeated. Almunia will play in goal, Squillaci will partner Koscielny, while Song's injury will expose our squad weakness in midfield, personally I'd like to see Ramsey come in alongside Jack and Diaby, with a front three of Nasri, RVP and Bendtner. Arshavin probably has a shout too, perhaps he will play ahead of Bendtner, I just hope that Densilson and Rosicky are kept firmly on the bench. The news that Vermaelen is definitely out for the season comes as no surprise, his injury could be career threatening and Arsene will have to plan for the future without him, his future fitness simply cannot be guaranteed reliably. Come on you Gunners!


Anonymous said...

you said these organisations are never accountable and can do what they want with no conscience or enforcement.
this sounds exactly like the way my club Arsenal FC is being run by a power hungry, money hoarding frenchman named Arsene Wenger
So why hate on an organisation who does the same thing as the club you say you support?
isn't that hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

No, not at all.

Arsenal is not a governing body.

However Arsenal is more accountable than the governing bodies, the club is accountable to its shareholders.

Clubs and governing bodies are very different entities, hence comparing the two directly is not sensible.

The governing bodies should be democratic and their processes should be open/transparent.

It's like comparing apples and pears, and expecting them to taste the same.


sanket kambli said...

if denilson starts..
we will concede..
if diaby starts..
we wont score..

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