Thursday 10 March 2011

Arsene nails UEFA's corrupt dictators

Arsene is not going to stand back and take punishment for merely complaining about a diabolical refereeing decision. He has spoken out in vigorous defence of his actions and he has some very strong, but fair, words for the muppets at UEFA:

"When you have a football game of that stature, you cannot come out with decisions like that and show a lot of arrogance on top of that. We can all understand that we can make wrong decisions but, after that, it becomes dictatorship."

"A bit more humility would do UEFA some good. To apologise for what happened would be much better than to charge people who have done nothing wrong. UEFA has to have a little bit of a low profile after what happened. That would be better, more sensible and more adapted to the situation."

Arsene is quite right and it is obvious that a lot of this is directed at the arrogant and incompetent Busacca. Goodplaya has summarised the key elements to his woeful decision to send off RVP so unfairly, as Arsene says, the way in which the referee and UEFA have behaved following this shambles is symptomatic of the general malaise that is present in football's governing bodies.

Football is currently broken, all the governing bodies are failing to move with the times, they all resemble dictatorships and not functional democracies. UEFA's shambolic behaviour in this whole sorry affair is demonstrative of these facts. The fact that UEFA have ignored the throat grabbing by three Barcelona players sums up the unfair and inconsistent nature of the useless disciplinary system that is in place at the moment. The processes and systems in place at the moment are biased, inconsistent and haphazard, whether this be FIFA's, UEFA's or the FA's; football is fast becoming sport's laughing stock, as every other sport progresses and becomes fairer by embracing technology, football continues to live in the dark ages and embrace corruption and nepotism.

I am glad Arsene has spoken out on this, UEFA need to be exposed as the pathetic incompetent bullies that they are. Good can come out of this mess, the momentum must be maintained to ensure that football's corrupt and incompetent governing bodies are forced to come out of the dark ages.


Jay said...

FIFA have started to investigate match fixing in meaningless International friendlies, where two bob is punted and no one gives a toss as to the result. FA/UEFA/FIFA meed to wake up to thte blatant match fixing that goes on week in week out throughout the Premier League and Europe as well. Will that happen? Oh look is that a flying pig?

The BearMan said...

I am in total agreement! Why O Why, should a professional refree be deciding the outcome of a football match. Does that not leave a bad taste in the mouth? It appears FIFA, UEFA and the FA and other footballing bodies decide the outcome of games. By their enforcers awarding teams penalties, free kicks and sending off's when we look back it is clear there was no justification. It is about time these organisations start to clean up their act. We have the technology and a forth official, it takes seconds for the rest of the world to know it is a wrong decision. But it takes the Ref: until the break or after the game to know that he has gotten it wrong.

Until fans stand up and make a noise nothing will be done.

Anonymous said...

This is just getting pathetic. Did anyone else notice how these corrupt dictators failed to give Barca a perfectly good goal in the first leg or a pen in the second, whilst also keeping Kos on the pitch when he made at least two further bookable offences?

Van Persie could also have been sent off for raising his hands. Get a fcuking grip you sad losers. We lost. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else notice how much this plum moans about refs? One look at the titles on articles section to the right hand side and it's quite amazing.

Arsene Wenger in disguise.

1979gooner said...

Last two anons,

Thanks for such intelligent feedback.

kos off? Given that the first yellow was a joke, and the subsequent offences were trivial, your argument is pants, by that logic we could have seen ten red cards.

Anon latest,

if you would care to comment on the specific issues raised, fine, but if you just want to aim general attacks based on nil cogent or specific, then don't bother, I assume you think the ref had a good game then? Clever

1979gooner said...

Ps anon,

Raised hands?

Another point that makes you look stupid.

The three throat grabbers obviously deserved red too then!

Ted said...

This is getting silly. Very, very, silly. So let's start from the basics and please stop me when I go wrong.

1. Arsenal compete in several competitions that are controlled by bodies that are barely accountable to its members, namely the clubs.

2. Each game is itself refereed by an official who is appointed by the same unaccountable body. That referee is relatively lowly paid compared to the money swilling around in the game.

3. Football matches are then played in the above environment between two teams. The above official will never get every decision right, but may get the majority right. The RVP sending off was clearly a bad decision. And that's a shame.

4. Teams that lose football matches and feel that the ref made a bad decision are naturally aggrieved. The holes in the above system are pretty obvious.

5. Fans of that team will feel that the referees' decision is causative of the defeat.

6. It is assumed by the team that lost that if the ref had been 'fair' then the result would have been different.

So far so good. But to accuse the entire system of corruption, with no evidence whatsoever of illegitimate money changing hands, is embarrassing. Go and ask what Huddersfield what they think of the ref that gave one of the softest pens this season in our favour? I doubt they will agree that refs are biased.

I watched the game on wednesday and thought at half time that were totally shit, but had some hope for the second half. If the ref was bent then why didn't he give the 'dodgy' penalty against diaby? Why didn't he send Kozza off second half?

1979 tells me that I am inconsistent in my arguments, yet admits that Cesc was also shite. A player who I blame AW for picking, rather than him for not trying.

Well you make your own mind up sunshine. Either Diaby, Rosicky and Cesc were shite, in which case its hardly surprising that we lost. Or we lost because of a bent ref.

And you don't explain why RVP shot with his right foot? Not surprising. Give this blog a lift again and write about something than the ref and silly accusations of corruption.

Jay said...

RVP has scored his last two goals with his right (chocolate) foot. Even anti-Arsenal Sky admitted that 0.39 seconds elapsed from the whistle to the shot. Time wasting? Fuck off. Jeeze, it was obvious within the first five minutes that the Swiss Cunt had been bought. Three throttling offences by Barca players toally ignored? Jeeze

Anonymous said...


I would disagree that we played badly and Cesc should not be on the field. But you gave a bunch of irrelevant points about how Kos or others may have been sent off. I can also name 4 to 5 Barca players that need yellow cards and red for various offences. The crucial and most crucial ponit is that Bussaca was the lack of consistencies in his decisions and if you count the yellows against us and none against Barca, the pattern is obvious. The ref was bias. Plse stop supporting the Arsenal if you do not care to support the club.

1979gooner said...

I just don't buy that ted.

One doesn't have to have direct bribery for a system or process to be inherently corrupt.

The way football is governed by its various dictatorships make it corrupt.

For one referees, subconsciously, will be biased by many things and will never be fair. They will have preferences for certain teams, nationalities, they will be turned by crowds, the media etc.

The most important thing about this is that the referees will not have any insight into their bias.

The fact that the authorities have done nothing to reduce this bias by introducing technology and consistent disciplinary systems into football makes them corrupt in my eyes.

They don't want a level paying field.

Corrupt? How about you have a look at fifa's record of blatant corruption and money changing hands, the voting system has involved bribes for votes.

Fifa decides the laws other game and has control of the international fa board, fifa is corrupt, fifa does not want technology because it does not want fairness.

That's not corrupt?

To deny the referees performance played a big role in our defeat is just ludicrous. The sending off was ridiculous, as well as several other decisions in context.

I'm not saying the refs are bent, stop putting words in my mouth, what I am saying is refs are human and naturally prone to bias, and that we have a corrupt system that promotes bias and does nothing to minimise it.

1979gooner said...

Ps ted,

If you want to write something else then go for it,

It would be interesting!

1979gooner said...

FIFA isn't corrupt?

This may be worth a read for anyone doubting FIFA.

Ted said...

I am not sure that the FIFA voting system has anything to do with events at Camp Nou on Wednesday. Although I make no pretence that FIFA is an honourable organisation - its clearly not.

The problem is that every single fan of every single club thing that refs are out to get them. I had to put up with a Manure fan bleating on for 30 minutes on Monday that our old friend Phil Dowd was a known scouse fan, that is why he didn't send carragher off and if Carra had get the red card he deserved then Manure would have won.

I told him that was bollocks, as Manure played shite, albeit I did agree that Carra should have gone.

The same Manure fan then bleated on for another 10 minutes about the penalty given against Chelsea when Kalou (i think?) fell over Chris Smalling. He insists it wasn't a penalty and that the ref was bent in that game as well. Again, total bollocks.

The point is that its the same for everyone. We think ManU get soft decisions in their favour all the time. ManU think every refs against them.

Leeds and Huddersfield think we get soft penalties in our favour all the time. And they would be right on those two occassions.

Who knows what the ref will do on saturday? Its about time we had some luck. So if the ref gives us a very soft one are we going to say "no thanks, i don't want to continue to perpetrate the idea that referees, UEFA and FIFA are corrupt." and kick the ball over the bar.

Course not. We would hopefully tuck the penalty away, win the game 1-0 and celebrate that manure had got what they deserved.

ben said...
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Anonymous said...

You're just not addressing the original point!

The governing bodies, especially FIFA, are antidemocratic and corrupt. The whole ways these organisations refuse to move with the times, refuse to adjust to constructive criticism etc are part of this same issue.

It's abundantly not the same for all teams as we saw vs Barca, Barca have routinely got the rub of the green with big CL decisions, it is a trend.

There are obvious subconscious biases in referees' decisions that will result in benefit to the bigger sides, the media has an important indirect role in this.

There is an element of it evening out over long periods, it will to a degree, but there are inherent biased in the decision making processes that will lead to inevitable biases, as I spoke of in my last comment.

Your are still veering way off line.

Nothing has come anyway near answering the clear point made, that the referee clearly had a big affect on the Barca game, this is obvious and your failure to admit this by moving around to other issues shows this!

It wasn't the same for both teams on Wednesday, the rub of the green went with Barca on several key decisions, with more consistent decision making we would have a reasonable chance of getting a result, despite being dominated in terms of possession etc.

Your mention of certain soft pens we have had is part of the same problem, some of them have indeed been soft and a better system that used technology would minimise these kind of errors and reduce the inherent bias in the system.

One will never eliminate error and bias completely, this is obvious, however it would be piss easy to improve the shite system we have at the moment where shite decisions are routinely changing games.


Anonymous said...


if the ref gives either side a dodgy penalty at a key moment I'm not going to refuse to admit the refereeing had a big impact on the game! this is the point!!!

Anonymous said...

I have done deep research and I can now reveal that there is a vast conspiracy against arsenal to prevent us from winning any silverware. It involves the FA, FIFA, British Intelligence, the CIA and MOSSAD. All the officials chosen to officiate in our games have been subjected to bribes. On the occasions when bribes have not worked, secret mind controls devices (sourced from the CIA) have been used. This is the reason for the outrageous decisions that have occurred not just recently, but in EVERY game that I can remember. The decisions that go in our favour eg. our goalie bringing down a player in the first few minutes which would have resulted in a sending off, messi not getting a penalty when clearly fouled etc are just ways of camouflaging the corruption (they cant make it too obvious,can they). Its the only way any team can beat us, we never lose to a superior team because no team is superior to us. Makes sense.
Another thing, I am sick and tired of so called supporters questioning the genius that is our manager AW . All these people that keeps rabbiting on about needing a reliable goalie, strong dominant CD, A good holding midfielder, strong leadership, what do they know. OK,I know that some of these voices are also respected ex players, Merson, Smith,etc and also distinguished writers, Paul Hayward,etc. But what the hell do they know. I'm with AW. And when we look back to this time,we will not be remembered for the number of titles we win, or any cups, we will be held up as a perfect example of how a football club should be run. Economically sound,strong boardroom, great manager, entertaining football. Who could possibly want more.

Thank you for patience and taking time to read this comment. Anon.

Ted said...

I don't know what the original point was anymore !! If you are talking about "did the ref have a big impact on the game" then I agree the answer is yes.

What I don't agree with is the idea that we would have won with 11 men, that the ref is bent (either consciously or sub-consciously), or that the undemocratic systems at the top of UEFA and FIFA have anything to do with it.

Its almost impossible to have a level playing field. For instance, why do more teams win at home than away? Its inherent in the game and people should stop whingeing about it.

What's the alternative - play all matches at neutral venues with exactly 50/50 ticket allocations?

Anonymous said...

Well, fair enough.

I think you are wrong on refs and bias, numerous studies have shown that even though people don't think they are being affected by various circumstances, they are, there is a lot of bias in refereeing.

I don't blame refs for this, but I do blame the governing bodies for doing sod all to help refs, introducing video technology would go a long way to increase objectivity and reduce bias.

The corruption in the game has been well documented, you just need to take the time to research it.

It is quite clear that the vested interests at the top of the game do not want to increase the fairness and objectivity of the decision making, hence it is quite clear that the corrupt vested interests at the top are having a significant impact upon perpetuating bias in the decision making by referees.

What are the motives for this? Who knows, one can only speculate.

Again you try to make a point by using an extreme, it is nonsense to suggest playing all games at a neutral venue, obviously!

However to suggest we cannot reduce bias, for example bias induced by a home crowd/atmosphere, is nonsensical; we can and there are easy ways of increasing the objectivity of decision making!

The current system is shite and broken, carrying on is an option, but a shite one.

Arguing that one should not bother trying to improve the current situation because one can never have a completely level playing field is nonsensical. By that logic one should never bother trying to make anything better, as it will never be 100% perfect! It's almost a FIFA argument, it has to be 100% or we won't use it!

We could easily make the playing field more level and there is simply no good argument against this I'm afraid, all other top sports have done so with success?

Why the hell not football?

Probably because the governing bodies are stuck in the dark ages, again this shows that it's all inextricably linked, the failure to reform the system is because the governing bodies are so stuck in the mud.


ps anon 1119, very funny, but how about you make some sensibale points? If you bothered to read the reaction to the match here then you would have seen I have never said we would have won but for the ref, i have criticised Wenger's selection and squad weakness. But your conspiracy theorist argument is silly, the referee had a big affect on the game, your pretence that the ref's poor decisions did not also have a big role in our demise are ludcrously silly.

Ted said...

Whatever the status of subconscious bias affecting football referees, that does not change the fact that Diaby is shite and will never lift a trophy in his professional career.

Anonymous said...



erratic, frustrating and inconsistent, yes

defensively indisciplined at times, yes

shite? no

the lad was decent against Barca for me

he was way better than cesc/rosicky

not great or brilliant, but he did some good things, made so good tackles, strong on ball, reasonable distribution, he was involved

denilson has genuinely been shite this season

cesc has had some appalling games, same for rosicky

the former never seems to get the criticism he deserves, when we don't have the ball cesc is useless, when he gets the ball he can kill the opposition, he can be very frustrating indeed


Anonymous said...

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