Sunday 6 June 2010

All talk and no action

One gets the feeling that Barcelona are making a hell of a lot of noise because there is not much to back it up. For all Laporta's talk there is no money, and for all his noise he may well be losing his job shortly. Laporta's recent comments make him appear an even more repugnant c*nt than previously imagined:

"It's a price that we consider to be his market value. Arsenal have rejected it. Now the sporting director [Txiki Begiristain] must decide what should be the next step. We are in negotiations and we'll see how they turn out. At times, these operations are resolved at one speed, and others at another. We have to do everything we can to convince them [Arsenal] that the best thing for all is to reach an agreement...The club have full confidence that Arsenal will end up understanding the situation"

Firstly saying 29 million pounds is 'market value' is beyond a joke, Xabi Alonso went for the same amount and he is getting on a bit to say the least, Man City are willing to pay about the same for James Milner, enough said frankly. Secondly Barca are not in negotiations, Arsenal will not negotiate on this, come up with the money or f*ck off, no amount of Barca's hot air will change any of this and convince Arsenal to accept a piss poor price for Cesc. The only thing I'd disagree with Arseblogger about is that one needs a few extra words in between the stupid and the c*nt to describe Joan Laporta, 'motherf*cking', 'cretinous', 'heinous' and 'degenerate' all spring to mind.

Joan Laporta needs to understand the situation, Arsenal have no obligation to sell, the player has recently signed a rather extensive long term contract at the club, if Barca don't have the money then no amount of his cretinous arse breath will change that. Laporta is not only a c*nt but he is also a liar, he has claimed that Cesc has openly stated his desire to leave in the press, this is quite definitively not the case. At least Marca is reporting Arsenal's firmly worded club statement to Barca. My personal opinion is that Arsenal should report Barca for their illegal conduct throughout this affair, enough is enough.

Anyway elsewhere I'm of the opinion that Theo Walcott's exclusion from the World Cup squad will be a good thing for him in the long term. He hasn't been good enough to merit a place and there has been a touch of complacency creeping into his game, this blow could be just what he needs to get some real hunger back. There are lots and lots of transfer rumours around, 99.9% of them will be rubbish, so I'll just wait to see what happens rather than wasting my summer speculating.


Anonymous said...

if we give in to this bunch of nou camp prostitutes then i give up completely on football, 50millat least is required

jay said...

True thats why mourinho made them spread wide open.

Anonymous said...

Yes Barcelona are disingenuous nationalistic arrogant arseholes. But the pressure to leave comes from Cesc himself not Barca's joke newspaper mouthpiece.I would not like to teach Barca a lesson over Cesc- who seems a very decent person as well as a great player who has given us 7 years. If he wants to go-sell him for a fair price which is 60m- double their earlier derisory offer. Then the gloves are off with Barca. We should apply the kind of policy that Man U does with Liverpool- no trade- not ever. Weve had years of them tapping up our players and coach.

JamesRaz said...

As I've said to my fellow gooners, Cesc needs to go. If his heart and head are no longer with the club then it's best for all to see him move on. Granted we should be looking at a minimum of 50million but once it's offered we must accept. As we've seen over the years, our best players struggle when they leave, and their replacements are more than equal to the task.

Uncle Mike said...

May I suggest adding the word "weaselly"? As in acting like, or resembling, a weasel?

Seriously, let's offer them 29 million pounds for Xavi -- after all, he's desperate to play alongside Cesc next season, let him come to The Arsenal. If they won't accept 29M for Xavi, then we should tell them to go to hell and offer Cesc to RM for 80M. Hey, they might pay it. Then Barca would really be... how do you say "screwed" in Catalan?

Anonymous said...

I say let feb go provided Barcelona are prepared to pay 60 million gbp.The blame for him wanting to leave shd be directed at AW. The Fm was supposed to get the players to strengthen the gunners.
What kind of a message is he sending with Canpbell and Silvst?and what about the goalie?
I think Feb has got enuf of the antics of the FM. I don't blame him.

Unknown said...

why blame the gents at barca , the fault lies with ourselves, the players and the coach. the froggie idiot has cocked up big time with the team by his selection of frenchie and for the most part african rejects ie. diaby,eboue.clichy,etc. players want to win trophies and as we stand now we are well behind the rest. how can one blame a player for wantingb to be a part of a siucessful squad. we have players who DO make the mark in ternationally ie. Vela , who are benchwarmers at Arsenal , how can you blame them for wanting out. Sucess breeds contempt, doesnt it!we seem to buy and sell all the realy promising players while holding onto the average joes- merida for one!

gadis said...

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marcus said...

LaPorta is desperate because his presidency will end on the 13th of this month. He has wanted to bring back Cesc as part of his legacy for a long time. His successor, while certainly interested in Cesc, is equally (maybe more) interested in getting Fernando Torres. So it'll be interesting to see if the Barca media campaign will lessen once the new guy is in. Also, Barca's media campaign started as a result of Cesc's comments in a press conference a month ago in Spain.

It's Cesc who started all this and alerted Barca by saying (out of the blue) he wanted his future sorted before the wc and the only place he'd go to is Barca. It's on video. Since only recently signed a longterm deal, but all of a sudden he comes out with a comment like he wants his "future sorted before the wc."