Saturday 12 June 2010

World cup thoughts and other musings

So the World Cup is underway, it's pretty exciting overall but I can't say I'm that inspired by England for a number of reasons. Firstly most of our players are utter c*nts and secondly we are about as entertaining as Garth Crooks is intelligent. I am sure I am not the only one who has difficulty getting behind the likes of Terry, Gerrard and Cole, they are nothing but scum. If that makes me anti-English then so be it, frankly I am not proud that these players play for my country.

The first game saw a fair bit of entertainment, Vela looked a bit lightweight as he always does playing centrally. I thought the France-Uruguay encounter was a decent game of football, Uruguay were solid, France lacked a proper leader up front with Anelka looking toothless. Diaby was France's best player, strong and combative, solid on the ball, showing how much progress he has made in the last twelve months. In contrast the highly rated Gourcuff was ineffective and very powder puff. The grass does often appear greener, but if Diaby played for Bordeaux and was highly rated, we would not stop going on about him after a performance like that, as he already plays for us I am sure many people will just ignore how talented he is, that's life.

Overall one has to fancy Spain, but if Torres isn't fit then they will struggle without his cutting edge up top, David Villa is a lightweight cheat and nowhere near the player that Torres is despite what some may say. Brazil will be solid, but not as creative and spectacular as previous sides have been. It's going to be pretty open and a slightly unfancied European side could well surprise a few people I reckon. Anyway leaving aside the tedious transfer gossip, enjoy these few weeks of endless football and sink a few cold ones while soaking up some summer sun.

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