Monday 21 June 2010

Koscielny and the case for videos becomes concrete

So it appears Laurent Koscielny is close to signing. He can score:

He can tackle:

And he can also get sent off for cynical fouls, interestingly here it was on a certain Mr Chamakh!

It seems likely to happen, so maybe I've jumped the gun, who knows. Meanwhile the World Cup grumbles on and FIFA look more stupid by the day foir refusing to introduce video technology in assisting referees. Brazil - IVC was a good game, but there was a lot of feigning of injury all the way through, particularly from Brazil. Then there was a shocking tackle that escaped a card which could easily have broken tibia. Then Kaka was sent off after some shocking cheating from an IVC player who went down as if shot in the face. Add this to a double hand ball helping Fabiano score his second and you have the perfect case study into why video technology is needed in today's game. There simply is not decent argument against it.


Uncle Mike said...

If Koscielny is so good, why isn't he playing for France? Oh, that's right, the team is run by Borat.

Seriously, somebody on posted a picture of a card from Domenech's PSG days. It's spooky how much he looks like the Sacha Baron Cohen character, and that was 25 years ago.

Come to think of it, Nasri isn't playing for France, either. And you know what? With what's been going on with Le Sulk Anelka and the rest, he and Koscielny are probably better off for it.

Athlon said...

Koscielny will improve, but there is still an issue that how many time he'll get from Wenger if even i.e. Jagielka comes.
Currently there is a big chaos at the French squad, if Koscielny shows his true potencial and game knowledge, he will be at the national team as well.

Davi said...

I certainly hope jagielka doesnt come. Just another overrated englishman imo.
Chamakh took a bit of a dive on that penalty. If he does that for arsenal it could get annoying. I dont like it when any player does it really, but it's noticeable how gerrard and rooney can dive all season without commentators or pundits batting an eyelid, but if eduardo does it once it stays in the news for weeks! So, chamakh had better be weary of that.