Thursday 17 June 2010

One line rants and musings

Why at world cup time does every Tom, Dick and Harry feel the need to pretend to be a footballing expert and comment on things about which they know sod all?

Why do so many idiots seem to think that cup competition are always won by the best side, by their nature knock out competitions are very random and luck always plays a massive part.

Why have FIFA changed the ball yet again? Is it because they want to see as many points scored as in basketball?

Who released the killa bees? But seriously why are the tuneless vuvuzelas not being banned, they add nothing other than to aspirin sales.

Why is Joan Laporta such a c*nt?

Liverpool away is a trick first fixture next season.


Anonymous said...

you're right man!!! but facing loserpool in the first game is at the same time exciting!

Uncle Mike said...

To answer your questions:

* Because everybody thinks that soccer is their game.

* Because they're blinded by flash and think that the flashiest side is the best, forgetting that the Dutch have never won, the Germans and Italians have won 7 between them, and that the Brazilians usually have a good defense, too.

* Because they're FIFA and they think they can do whatever they want because no one will call them on it and be able to make it stick.

* Because the horns make people think about how their heads hurt, and not about being hooligans and making other people's heads hurt, thus it's safer.

* Because he's Barcelona and they think they can do whatever they want because no one will call them on it and be able to make it stick.

* And don't worry about it, because Arshavin is still with us, and that's the one team he can beat, and as I've said before, he owns Anfield, and at the rate both he and they are going that might soon literally be true.

If we don't beat Slovenia tomorrow, we might as well pack up and go home.

Anonymous said...

spot on Mike!


Uncle Mike said...

Well, now the U.S. has truly arrived as a proper "football" nation: We have gotten jobbed by the referee at a World Cup match.

On the plus side, after coming out of the New York bar where I saw the game, I saw a guy in a Barcelona shirt (I guess he thinks Barcelona are a nation unto themselves), and yelled at him, "Forget it, Barcelona, you're not getting Fabregas!" He gave me a look like he didn't know what I was talking about. Or that he couldn't comprehend that his Cunt Club aren't going to get what they want. said...

love it Mike...heckle the idiot Barca fan who doesn't even understand how his team stockpiles such a ridiculous amount of talent. Keep up the good work.

VillaverdeRCD said...

Hello from a Sapnish Gunner ;)