Sunday 9 May 2010

Fulham points importance and Redknapp nonsense

As Arseblogger notes this morning, at last Arsene is acknowledging the problems we have defensively as a team, this has been the reason for us falling short this season. Certain players look like they are going, such as Gallas and Silvestre, others have a lot to prove and a lot of fans will feel they should also be moving on. On this list of players who should be worried I'd have Fabianski, Traore, Eduardo, Vela and Rosicky. Today is important and everyone knows why, there's no need to tempt fate by going on about it.

Now, one thing is certain and that is the fact that Harry Redknapp winning manager of the season is a complete and utter joke. The man has spent a lot of money, maybe not as much as City, and they have done what? Yes, that's it, they've qualified for the Champions League, and they have been miles away from the league title.

The media have shown their true baised pro-Spuds colours in the last few days in massively over reacting to this non event. The media have reacted as if the Spuds had won the league title. Redknapp has a very expensive sqaud and what he has achieved is nothing compared to what Roy Hodgson has done at Fulham. Even David Moyes has done a much better job relative to Redknapp with his modest resources. Yet despite this non event, we've been subjected to the endless rambling of various retarded Spuds luvvies about what a great side they are and what a great achievement it is for them.

Funny how Arsene does more than Redknapp without spending as much money and these luvvies never feel the need to show any love to Arsene. It is very strange that the Spuds' English spine is now the reason for their great success, funny that the fact they haven't won the league for many decades is never linked to this magnificent English spine. The Spuds' eleven is lined with multi-million pound players, what Redknapp has achieved is moderate at best. Hodgson should be manager of the year and that fact he is not is an utter disgrace. Several morons in the media have shown their rank bias by reacting in this way to this non event, the BBC and several other media outlets seem to have quite a few Spuds fans in their midst pretending to objectively cover things when nothing could be further from the truth.


Anonymous said...

Redknapp is the Premier League manager of the year you tool. Fulham won't finish in the top half of the table, that's why Hodgson didn't get it. Like it or not, Redknapp deserves it for an excellent season with an predominantly English team.

Mark Thompson said...

I think the reason Redknapp won the award is because he's managed a team which has broken the top four monopoly (which the rest of the nation is probably glad of). He's done it having taken on a team in real trouble and turned them into a team which turned over Arsenal and Chelsea in the run in this season and which, to be honest, is the only one of this years top four which won't require major reconstructive surgery this summer to challenge next year. The future for the spuds is looking brighter then it has in many years and it's getting harder to look down on them.

And boy oh boy, whining like toddlers who have to share toys is clearly showing we're rattled.


Anonymous said...

Right on, Rednapp is manager of the year due to breaking the top 4 monopoly, but that is mainly due to l'pool having a shit season.

Anonymous said...

We see if the scum can do it for the next 14 years like we have done. We have been in it without fail and been close to winning it.

Yids fucking make me laugh, for the last 5 years all I have got from yids is 'no tropy in 5 years, 4th is not good enough, champions league means nothin' etc etc etc.

Now the cunts have qualified for it, they are going on like they have won it. Welcome to our world, the world you have bene slagging off by saying 4th is not good enough etc etc etc. Fucking hypercritics. Lets fucking hope they are like Leeds or everton and just a one season wonder in the champions league. Or better still, draw a team like we did last season (Celtic) and get spanked.

As for the Twitch getting Manager of the year, what a joke.

The prick has spent the 2nd largest amount of money in the last 18 months in the EPL and he can only just scrap into 4th. If Wenger had spent what that cunt has spent, we would win the league.

Mark Thompson said...

Spurs won at home and lost away to Liverpool and still accumulated enough points to achieve top four position in all but one of thhe years that the Pl has existed.

So it's not down to Scouse incompetence. Tis on merit!

Mark Thompson said...

Redknapp's after ONE special player. If they can pick up a top drawer striker in the mould of Klinsmann, say someone of the quality of RVP or Rooney, how do you think they'll do next year? Where are they weak?


Anonymous said...

spuds fans,

you are the tools,

Hodgson achievements are far greater than Redknapp's, that's the point.

Whining doesn't show we're rattled, it's just because what Redknapp has done doesn't deserve the merit.

Judd Launder said...

Are these the comments of a thrusting confident Gooners?

These posters sound rattled to me!

Geir said...

Why is everyone getting at Rosicky. Contrary to what everyone else says, I think he has been trying his best and doing a good job, but gotten little help from Denilson, Nasri and Diaby. Rosicky is still a great player, but we would have seen more of the greatness if Fabregas had done anything for the team after Christmas. Some players make greatness, some become great alongside others. Rosicky in my humble opinion belongs in the latter category.

Russ said...

Much as I detest Chelsea (not as much as Sp*rs but not far away) I think Ancelotti deserves to be Premier league manager of the year. They beat us, Utd and L'pool home and away + have been the best team in the league this season (it was painful writing that)

I'm personally not worried about Spurs. They've flattered to deceive in the past and ran us close to 4th before. We all know the story after that. They get off to a poor start and sack the manager. They've finished the season strongly and fair play to them. However, it wasn't that long ago they stumbled past Leeds, Bolton and Fulham in the FA Cup only to lose to bloody Portsmouth in the semi! They blew their best chance of getting to the final in 20 years! Like a previous poster said, let them have their momenent of glory buts lets see if they can be top 4 consistantly before they starting harping on about the 'glory days' returning. Last time we finished outside the top 4 was 95\96 season.....

Anonymous said...

Rosicky WAS a good player.
Sadly not for us.
As for the Yids, just because we have an opinion doesn't mean we're rattled.
As somebody rightfully pointed out, we get fuck all credit for finishing 3rd or 4th on what is a non-existant transfer budget,and with what is in all honesty, an average squad with the exception of 2, maybe 3, genuine world class players.
The season has finished appallingly, but let's be honest, it's been a miracel getting there while carrying the likes of Silvestre, Diaby, Almunia, Fabianski, Eduardo, Rosicky etc

Anonymous said...

fulham wud av finished in the top 4 if u give roy the funds that spurs have spent. they're 3rd or 4th highest spenders in premierleague since it began. they only qualified coz liverpool had a poor poor season, otherwise it wud av been same top 4 like every year!

Anonymous said...

Ancelotti shd be manager of the year. He has just moved over from Italy and to win the title in his first year is exceptional.The red faced took seven years and after spending billions ,repeat billions ,before he could win the title.
Redknapp has spent more than Arsene and no doubt the media are excited that he has broken into the cl.let's see how he fares in the cl.

Anonymous said...

Redknapps true managerial credentials are there for all to see. He has taken a string of struggling clubs managed them on a shoestring with a number of shrewd quality signings, pissed away a golden generation of young players at West Ham (Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard) and bankrupted every last fucking club he's been at. Manager of the Year? Wonder what fans of Pompey, Southampton, West Ham and Bournemouth think of him. With any luck HMRC will get him put away for a year minimum. Its the least he deserves.

Unknown said...


say what you want about getting rid of guys.

the team really needs to add guys, its a thin squad.

of course, a few will be gone, but a clear out is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Spuds 'turned us over' eh? First time that's happened in the league by my count in ten years. And, didn't they get a serious spanking against us at our place?
Redknapp's got a twitch to go with his dodgy award. Moyes, Hodgson, and even Ancelotti achieved more than he did this season given their resources and what came of it. I'd even wager that Tony Pulis did more for the Prem this season than old twitchy did with his millions and his collection of English players.
Without Liverpool's giant suck of a season, Citeh's managerial swap, and Villa's horrible run on the back end of the campaign, Spuds would be languishing in seventh.
Have fun failing to qualify for the CL next season!