Monday 3 May 2010

Injuries, Blackburn and non commitment

Just looking at our injury list it does strike home just how many players we have been missing at times this year, it's quite incredible really. We've so rarely had a run of playing anything like our first team that it has made things tricky, I do hope that we are very careful to avoid buying any injury prone players in the future though, this would be suicidal.

Blackburn will not make life easy for us, in other words they are a typical bunch of Allardyce thugs, they will dive and cheat to win free kicks in the final third, they will try to injure us when they have the chance, they are very much a fat Sam sculpture like his old Bolton side, the longer he is there the more his team will come to resemble a group of cannibalistic convicts. Maybe that's a tad harsh, but I have never had much time for fat Sam, he sums up a lot that is wrong with English football with the way he sets his teams up.

Fabianski is running out of time, I think Arsene is being a tad optimistic by calling his performance against City a good reaction, he didn't have much to do, and invariably when he has had much to do this season, he has been found badly wanting. He'll get a proper testing at Blackburn today given that Mikel Silvestre is likely to be in front of him at centre back.

There has been a lot of gossip about Andrei Arshavin in recent days, I suspect a lot of it is utter nonsense, however if we do have any players who are anything less than 100% committed to the club then I want to see them shipped out in the summer. We cannot be doing with anymore slacking from uncommitted players who want to be elsewhere.


Unknown said...

"they will dive and cheat to win free kicks in the final third" funny im sure your team are the ones infamous for doing that. oh and you must have a short memory because before wenger your play for a century was the big sam way. now get off your high horse and write something better than this pathetic drivel

Anonymous said...

remember the pedersen dive last season i think haha disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Paul why are you even on this site? Are you an Arsenal fan, I hope not... and if not, who do u support?

Rhinogooner said...

Stiff competition running for the worst referee in England.

Atkinson might have taken the lead during the first half here.

Roberts barging Flappy while he was trying to catch the corner. Which, of course, led to a goal.

A couple of naughty elbows to Van Persie's head in the first half leaving him on the floor. The second being irrefutably deliberate. Grella taking a look at Van Persie before jumping and throwing his elbow into Van Persie's chin. No call. natch.

A card was actually produced after a foul on Eboue. But several more card-worthy fouls were then committed on Eboue without discipline. I suppose enough foul play hadn't toted up at that point....

Intriguing how Blackburn players play overly physical and question obvious fouls given against them. But are quick to throw themselves on the ground and cry to the ref when The Arsenal give them a bit of taste of the same back.

Rhinogooner said...

The manager needs to ask some hard questions of his players.

And the board needs to ask some hard questions of the manager.

It is time for a change of philosophy in our style of play. Some skill and flair needs to be sacrificed for steel and grit.

The balance that Chelsea and Man U have is closer to right amount.

I have some complaints about the fouling that the referee allowed in the match today and about the way Blackburn played.

But our players shrunk in the challenge today. They hid, rather than stand up to the physical challenge. And not for the first time.

If things don't change at the club, it will be more of the same next season. The youth policy has failed. We've all known what was needed for the last 5 seasons and have pleaded with Mr. Wenger to make the necessary purchases and adjustments to our team. We cannot allow his stubbornness to run its course.

There has been some improvement this season. But not enough. The balance in our team is wrong. The mentality is wrong. The tactics are wrong. And the mollycoddling of our players is wrong. Too many are on holiday at Arsenal.

We need a few players in the side to go. And we need at least 3 solid, proven players that know how to win to come in. I would prefer more players than that even. And I don't want to hear about upsetting the balance. It's already off kilter.

Any less than that, and it will be dereliction of duty from the manager.

I do not trust Arsene Wenger anymore. His decisions are baffling and bemusing. His comments after matches and about his players are piss takes. And his tactical ineptitude and inability to change a game with substitutions, is below the required standard.

I would like to see him given one more summer to perform the required surgery. Then, if he has taken appropriate measures, give him next season to prove he still has the ability to manage a team at the top level.

If he cannot do these things. I feel it is time to bid the great man adieu.

1979gooner said...


I think the way Blackburn played more than demonstrated the point.

Scum and thugs. Typical Allardyce I'm afraid.