Sunday 9 May 2010

End of season feel

The game never felt like a proper competitive match, with Fulham awaiting the UEFA cup final and our title hopes long gone, the only thing to play for was finishing above Harry Redknapp's incredibly over hyped and rated Spuds eleven, even they couldn't push it to the wire losing a two goal lead hilariously against Burnley.

Fulham were never really in the game, despite Fabianski's woeful efforts to help them into it, if Arsene persists with this Pole then I really do despair at his judgement, he is clearly not up to it. Eboue was magnificent in central midfield, Diaby solid, Nasri industrious, Arshavin and Walcott frustratingly erratic as ever. RVP gave us teeth up front and on another day would have had a hat full. A massive bonus was Johan Djourou's return, he looked fit and strong, if he can stay that way then he can be like a big new signing for us. Lansbury showed some potential with his late substitute appearance.

Like the season, there was good and bad, the stronger and the weak, some players were clearly up for the task, others still have significant question marks hanging over their heads. Obviously its great to finish above the Spuds, but in truth they were very very lucky to have pushed us so close, in reality we have been considerably better then them over the season, in a way that I would acknowledge Chelsea have been considerably better than us. If Harry Redknapp deserves manager of the season, then Lucasz Fabianski deserves Arsenal player of the season, the lame comments from various Spuds fans to try to justify the award were nothing but stupid and short sighted, several other managers have done far better then Redknapp this year, in fact Arsene Wenger has arguably done a lot more with a squad that cost considerably less than the Spuds' squad, something a lot of their cretinous fans would do well to appreciate.

Anyway enough said for this year, the spending starts with Chamakh, it then needs to continue with a goalkeeper and at least one centre back, I'd also love to Sol kept on for another year, I'd also like to see a bit of dead wood moved on elsewhere. Anyways here's to another season of great football and what might have been, we should appreciate what we have got rather than what we do not have because there are many many others who would kill to have even half of it.


The Fan said...


Anonymous said...

Arsene says he is concerned by fans
demand for new players.He goes on to say the squad was decimated by injuries towards the final three weeks.
it is obvious to all but the FM that certain ares need strenghtening this season but from a few years ago. Failure to do so has cost the gunners dearly.he saya we shd go for quality and not quantity.
He shd analyse his recruitment and find out where he has gone wrong bbefore talking about quality.

Ted said...

We get the "what ifs" every May.

We all remember the what if Eduardo hadn't broken his leg? What if we had signed Arshavin at the start of the season?

This year its what if RVP and Djourou had been fit all year?

Well yet again they were not fit, our goal keepers have been poor and we don't have cover for Song in midfield.

Its blindingly obvious that we need a new keeper and at least one player in CB or DM, possibly two. Wenger said 10 days ago that he already had two targets, one of which is clearly Chamakh.

God help us if the other is not a defensive player.

Rhinogooner said...

With Chamakh looking more and more likely to sign. The question for me is: who is first choice in the forward position up top?

Chamakh seems most suited to it, but that means RVP taking up a wide forward role.

Hmmm....but that would 'kill' Theo...

Maybe we should revert to 4-4-2? Or, more likely, 4-4-1-1.