Sunday 16 May 2010

Wenger a 'deluded dictator'

The title of this piece is not my opinion, they are the words of a well known self anointed 'Arsenal expert' who shall remain nameless. I will not link to his site as he does not deserve the publicity, and I am sure many of you will know exactly who I am talking about. Here are some of his most recent gems of footballing wisdom:

"Wenger no longer deserves to have Fabregas playing for him. Fabregas should leave and win 12 trophies with Barca."

"Arsenal is going nowhere under Wenger, a delusional dictator. I have no more to say about the team."

"So many other things to enjoy : music, literature, art, cricket, tennis, golf, alfresco dining and a million other pleasures and pastimes.On Saturday I was a bit knackered after 2,000 of us had a rocking Friday night with the Alabama 3 at the Forum in Kentish Town.Last Tuesday night I went with an actor friend to see One Night in Turin."

There is much worse, there has been some rather racist stuff, there has been the know-it-all stuff, and over the years it has become more and more sensationalist. The reason for this? Well, I suspect someone is getting a bit desperate, the increased sensationalism is because no one would bother reading it otherwise, it is almost the dying whimper from a rather self obsessed individual.

I suspect someone knows a lot more about art, literature and music than he does about football. I also suspect that someone has never played football at any level themselves but feels able to comment as if a world expert. Writing books does not an expert make, it makes an author, there are many good and many bad.

Maybe I just speak for myself, however I suspect I do not. I think someone would be better off stopping his Arsene Wenger and Arsenal related writing, if he himself admits he has nothing more to say then why does he not just shut up for once and for all. I have had enough of this brash, self obsessed and deeply arrogant man. Everyone is entitled to their differing opinions, however the rank lack of respect he shows to our manager is a disgrace. This individual is the Piers Morgan of the Arsenal bloggosophere, a man who thinks he knows it all, a man who shows very little respect for others, an arrogant and rather repugnant individual.


Anonymous said...

Myles Palmer speaks the truth. stop riding his coat-tails.

Anonymous said...

i notice you cant leave a comment on this site.

Anonymous said...

Palmer is free to say whatever he likes - that's why we live in a democracy. If you don't believe in democracy you might as well bugger off as well. If you don't like it, don't read it. We don't need you to police which websites we should and shouldn't read, and to suggest that we require help is deeply patronising.

Anonymous said...

Myles Palmer is a TWAT!

Big L said...

So you are saying only AKBS have the right to express an opinion?

Long live Myles Palmer and free speech.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 75% of the time about five or six years ago I started reading the pre mentioned blog. I found it entertaining and insightful. Over the years it has changed it is now almost always very negative and cynical. I think these are his own personal changes coming through in his writing. Every now and then there is a really good article. This season he almost reverted to old when we got back in the title race and champions league... Then as we fell at the end of the season the articles got very nasty and petty. I'll still read it on occasion it’s always written well and at least not crap like Truth and that grove crap. I like your blog allot I think you have good views; I like Arseblog and a couple of others..Any crap maybe with old age you just become jaded and mean..........

Vela scores 21 for Arsenal 2010-2011

Anonymous said...

Mr. Myles is a yid scum!

Anonymous said...

You know how goody two shoes is used as an insult despite the fact its an insult to doing good? I mean it's an insult simply because of the saying.

To a lesser extent i find that with the term AKB's.
Personally i don't think arsene knows best (tho most people who are called AKB's dont either anyway) but generally, he knows better than most of the glory hunters who only came for henry.

Anonymous said...

I stopped Myles Palmer because he is a racist. He likes nothing french and thinks that Arsenal would be a whole lot better off with out Arsene. This man is crazy. He is so self absorbed that he does not allow you to leave comments on his site. If he did allow posting on his blog, I would read his blog to counter his claims.

1979gooner said...

Anon 1643- Agreed, it's this change towards some really quite nasty and vindictive stuff that rankles. The sensationalist stuff is also very attention seeking.

Anon1641- I am not denying his right to free speech! I also have a right to free speech and if I wish to criticise something then I will, it cuts both ways. I'm not policing the web or telling you what to read, just pointing out how offensive and sensationalist some rubbish is, that's mr right, it's your right to respond and disagree, fine, but don't tell me I can't speak, then you are a hypocrite of the highest order.

Big L- 'AKBS' is a meaningless term. People have every right to criticise Arsene, but they shouldn't sink to being this disrespectful, that's all I'm saying. The nasty and vindictive streak to some of the criticism is what I'm getting at.

1979gooner said...


Agree, the AKB term is divisive and insulting.

It is used by people who cannot rationalise a proper argument, they stoop to this insult rather than trying to justify their beliefs with logic.

Those of us who dislike the AKB label could have a AKN label (Arsene knows nothing!) but that would be just as stupid and petty as the use of AKB term, I would not sink to that low level.

Plug said...

Mr P is a delusional fuckwit and his site is a cradle of shit. Give him the respect he deserves. None

TonytheGooner said...

from newsnow just click on arsenal news review and click hide publication. i had to do it to save myself the trouble. i dont have a problem with objective criticism of arsenal but that guy iis just over the top. i was just sending him abuse.
i asked him to stop writing his blog but he hasn't listened yet. haha.

Anonymous said...

Back when Arsenal were winning, ANR was a good site. Like someone above said, insightful and entertaining. Hell, I even have an early edition of 'The Professor' on my bookshelf.

But in recent years the site has degenerated into cynical, deliberate Wenger bashing as he fishes for hits. Controversy for controversy's sake. Sometimes I actually agree but most of the time he goes too far and is rightly vilified for it.

I even remember reading a piece where he claimed that he wasn't even an Arsenal fan! Which begs the question why he is so obsessed with Wenger.

James-South Yorkshire said...

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It doesn't mean it is right, nor does it mean it is wrong.

Myles Palmer is cynical and scathing, pompous and arrogant re: certain issues, I grant you that.

But Racist? I doubt it.
Myles Palmer liked Viera. I liked Viera. Viera is black.
The last time I looked Eboue, Silvestre, Diaby, Denilson and Song are all black. They've also got another thing in common - None are good enough to play for arsenal.

Myles Palmer can get up the nose of Arsenal fans.
I hate it when he calls Ronaldo - Christiano or Terry - JT or gerrard - Stevie G or Rooney - Wayne. Very, very gay.
I hate it when he plays the drooling sycophant to Manchester United. i hate a lot of things.

But the guy is also right on a lot of things. Arsenal are top 3 in England and top 8 in the world.
He's right in the fact that we also need 4 signings - not just for the squad, but who are capable of getting in the first 11. He's right about that.
A goalkeeper, a C/D, a midfielder and a forward - all world class.

To some extent he's probably right that Wenger is a 'dictator' or 'meglomaniac' and that he's surrounded by "yes Men".
How else could Diaby, Eboue and Denilson get away with what they get away with? How else could Almunia be a goalkeeper in a world top 8 side?

Everybody is entitled to an opinion and his opinion gives you a better insight than most.

If you don't like what he writes, don't read it.

1979gooner said...


actually there was a comment on Djourou that was overtly racist, he took it down and had to apologise.

there has been a lot of other stuff pushing the limits as well.

I could say to you- if you don't like what I write then don't read it! I do acknowledge the degree of hypocrisy, still I really feel he needs to be criticised for the way he says things now, it's well below the belt.

No matter if you are 100% right, there is a way to say things without showing a complete lack of respect for whoever you may be criticising.

Anonymous said...

@ James-South Yorkshire
Song not good to for Arsenal? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

In response to my earlier comment, you said someone should "stop" Palmer. I'm suggesting if he should be stopped, why shouldn't you be stopped? What makes anything you say more relevant or correct than him? So don't give me that hypocrite crap. Maybe you should think a bit harder before typing such garbage.

Anonymous said...

is miles palmer an arsenal fan?

Anonymous said...

Myles speak from his heart and most of simply garbage and xenophobic, My real worry are you people who are going crazy whenever Wenger is criticised in anyway. The dictatorship bit is true cause put simply Wenger has everyone at Arsenal wrapped around his little finger. These has come about as he is without doubt the man who changed not only Arsenal but English football for good.

It mostly good revolution but if you are English you would he has created a French colony at the most traditional of English clubs and blue blood run deep at the establishment. Team that is Arsenal.

At the moment French football factory is no longer producing world class players and Arsenal are suffering for these. What Wenger has failed to grasp the English or British spine is missing at Arsenal and these mylesbis talking about. On fact many English fans are quite unhappy to see these cause Arsenal no longer has any players in England national team bar Walcott.

Myles is just a bigot but he had some points about Wenger arrogance which is theain factor on Arsenal continuing trophy drought. But you guys are shielding these guy it time he was accounted like everyone else, I mean he blames everyone but himself despite playing weird tactics or downright insult putting reserve side in FA cup. Simply breath taking.but even old red nose could not get away with what Wenger has at Arsenal. Arsenal need to free itself from man domination or fail big time.

Ant1 Gooner said...

Myles Palmer is w*nker!!!

I don't even think he supports arsenal. I just think he has his blog to flog copies of his book. Which I refuse to buy or read on principal because he's a tw*t. I have never seen a blog that slags off the club, the manager and the players with such venom and racism on such a consistent basis. He is a fair weather f*ckwit and should just shut down ANR and go back to writing about music, art or f*ckin rent boys or whatever else he deems more important than the arsenal matchs that he continually states he did not even want/bother to watch.

Toby said...

Man United are towing 700m of leveraged debt behind them and their fans wear a bygone team's colours because of it. Chelsea spend more every season than they generate because they'd win fuck all if they didn't. Liverpool have already collapsed in a heap of debt. Days are numbered for those sides who operate like this. FIFA are cleaning up the game and Arsenal are well aware of it. We run this club properly. Listen to the 3 free Gazidis videos as he faces the Supporters Trust. The man knows his stuff - this is the link . . . . Stand by your club, your board and your manager. Wenger has given you 13 years of successive Champions League football on a fraction of the others budget, and guess who has the new stadium! None of the other 3, that's for sure. Palmer and those like him would have sold us out years ago to the highest bidder for the sake of a trophy. Our time will come again and we'll do it right.

Unknown said...

Whether or not you agree with what he said it's his opinion. I've only just started reading through Arsenal fan blogs and I have to say the petty bickering between / on them is amazing. These should be forums for people to air their views, if you don't like it then don't read it. As for Arsenal fans in general there is a huge schism between those who are willing to put their faith in the current system at Arsenal, the transfer policy isn't just a Wenger issue. I personally think their needs to be some major restructuring especially at the back. If this doesn't happen you will be having the same arguements in 12 months time only it will be 6 years without a trophy at this point.

The Law said...

If Wenger is a delusional dictator, then what is Myles? This is a man who said even Wenger couldn't turn Henry into a striker, and when he was proved wrong, did he hold up his hands and apologise? No. He insulted and sniped at Henry until he left.

I used to read his rag, but with all the racist and xenophobic articles he began posting, it became better to ignore him. Anyone remember when he said Djourou "shamed his African ancestors" for taking a foul throw? Or his constant references to Arsene as being "Phrench"? Or his complaining about "Phrench-Africans"?

It's not even about criticizing Wenger. Arseblogger does that, he's been as frustrated as any of us, and there's a host of other sites out there which engage in constructive criticism of the team, question the manager's decisions, because we're Gooners and we want our team to do well.

Myles keeps saying he's not an Arsenal fan. He's said that time and time again. What his obsession is with our club then, is quite difficult to fathom.

Myles has a right to his opinion, and no doubt about that. I also have the right to tell him to shove it up his arse.

DAF said...

It's REALLY SIMPLE. Palmer is a lover spurned.

I've been reading ANR for years. Palmer was very closely connected with Arsenal when George Graham was there and he still had connections with the club in Wenger's earlier years.

However, despite him writing "The Professor" (I also own a copy), his contact/connections with the club have waned enormously in the past 6 years - Dein leaving was another good contact gone.

Myles is a journalist. Journalists all talk highly of people they have good connections with. It pays their bills - hence Palmer wrote the Wenger book early on.

However, once journos lose those contacts - or if they don't have good contacts with somebody or something in the first place - they tend to criticise. The good ones don't of course, but the mediocre ones ALWAYS do.

So Palmer knows he has no favour at The Emirates and so can only write negative pieces. Sour grapes. He's also getting old. We all get a bit bitter when we're older I'm told. Not as good as it was in my day, etc...

Trust me, I know. I've worked with journalists all my life, often directly responsible for over 30 at a time. I like and respect the good ones and roll my eyes at the rest.

And, i'm afraid he is racist even if he doesn't mean to be (no excuse). He has regularly inferred that lazy black French or African players have cost Arsenal trophies.

Much of what he writes may well strike a chord with many of us, but he isn't one of us - a genuine Arsenal fan.

However, i will defend his right to criticise Arsenal and Wenger all he likes. It's a free country last time I looked. Can't agree with 99% of what he says mind you.

Last fact: When we were looking like we might possibly win something this year, his articles suddenly got all 2004 again. When it all fell apart, he was sticking the knife in again good and proper.

This is another sign of the mediocre journo - always try to play to the gallery.

DAF said...

..btw, Toby @18.36...

...couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!

Ant1 Gooner said...

Lol DAF, u got it bang on, Palmer has gone all Jimmy Hill in his old age. a babbling racist and not sure if the racism is accidental or just doesn't have the marbles left to hide it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Toby 18.36 well said mate.I dispise the branding of an individual an "AKB"as it appears to be the easy way out of a discussion regarding Arsene's achievements against his faults which Iam willing to have with anyone who can reason which these arseholes don't appear to be able to do.

perrygrovesworld said...

Glad to see other feel the same way about ANR. He has insulted Arsenal players in ways that stunned me most recently calling Diaby a talentless cretin the week before he scored a blinding goal. He has always said he wasn't an Arsenal fan and has now used that neutral position to to sink lower than the infamous Sinbad on Arsenal Action, which is saying something.
I've stopped reading him as he has lost the constructive criticism he once had. The fact that people can't make open comments about his views
makes him unaccountable and so merely another, 'Angry from North London'.

His days are numbered.........

1979gooner said...

Toby, The Law and DAF - agree with a lot you all say, the lover spurned is very much the way it appears isn't it.

Raymond- there are lines that shouldn't be crossed when criticising one's own manager and players, I think people who are so nasty and disrespectful in their criticism should be criticised, that's my opinion.

The bickering is because certain people and blogs do not engage in any discussion, some do not allow any comments, while some write off whole sections of our support in a very disrespectful manner. I think you'll find bickering in any group of fans, it's just Arsenal dominates the web with the massive number of AFC related blogs, so it's more obvious. I have no problem with criticism, it's the way that it's done that's important, some people have stepped well over a line of deceny and need to be told.

Anon 1745- you actually completely distort what I have said, almost dishonestly. I haven't said someone should be stopped as you put it, read what was written and see how very wide of the mark you are with your inaccurate quotes.

Anyway overall it seems this has generated some pretty good debate and discussion, something that doesn't happen on all sites!

Anonymous said...

'An actor friend'...., if this guy had his head any further up his own ass, he'd be able to see what he had for breakfast!

Anytime i make the mistake of clicking onto one of the newsnow links to something he has written, i instantly regret it.

He comes across as an incredibly bitter little man, with a grudge to bear against Arsene Wenger.
The boss should not be immune to critique.., but too much of Palmer's stuff seems to be personal.

Personally, i gave up bothering to read anything he has to say a long time ago. Lets hope he really has given up talking about the arsenal.

Anonymous said...

The man (poor excuse for) is just a sad, pathetic, non Arsenal supporting (which makes the vitriol all the weirder), pompous, self absorbed, bitter, impotent old fool. I've also noticed how he loves nothong more than to remind people how awfully middle class he is. He's like something out of a fucking Paul Whitehouse scetch!

Anonymous said...

MP is clearly obsessed with all things Arsenal, he just finds it difficult to express his true emotions

Danish Gooner said...

Myles Palmer is much a racist as i have a 12 inch cock.If you actually tried listening to what he says he is spot on.

1979gooner said...


Check his comments on Djourou, they were overtly racist.

Anonymous said...

Palmers comments about henry after the World Cup qualifier with ireland were obscene and pure racist.

He is a bitter, irrelevant old twat, with no affinity to Arsenal.

Why any Gooner would even pretend to defend him is pathetic.

Uncle Mike said...

"Freedom of speech" is not excuse for twattery. (If that's not a word, it should be.) As the great American statesman Hubert Humphrey said, "The right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously."

I saw New York play Seattle at the new ground last night. Freddie Ljungberg looked good in my first-ever live sighting of an Arsenal man -- unfortunately, it was for Seattle, who won 1-0.

Better yet, Seattle's goalie was ex-Spurs cunt Kasey Keller. I was in the 3rd row behind the goal, and boy did we rip him. We called him a disgrace to his country and even worse than that. That felt real good.

Anonymous said...

TopCat says,
You should leave Arseblogger alone, I agree with him when he calls Wenger a deluded dictator. Just because Arseblogger comes from and lives in Dublin and has never played football in his life does not mean he cant give an opinion. You go Arseblogger and put Wenger in his place.

Anonymous said...

if you dont like him then dont read him. we live in a free society so dont dare tell someone what to say. if you dont like it then you know what to do, his opinion is as valid as yours

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike, are you like 7 years old or perhaps a retard?

Anonymous said...

It wasnt Arseblogger calling Wenger that.

Anonymous said...

Myles Palmer

Racist and Xenophobic

Anonymous said...

Arseblogger called Wenger a muppet, I heard him, plus hes never played football

Sing me a song said...

I agree with Myles alot more than any of the other sites who are afraid to show frustration, and get mad at the situation and those responsible for it. The whole "Arsene Knows" bit has gone way to far. Wenger hasn't done ANYTHING to increase my hopes of us challenging for something since 2006. Every season I feel I have known the outcome, cause we're just not good enough. And we weren't. It's right there, just a couple more names on the sheet, axe those who don't cut it and you have challengers. But no. Myles Knows. Wenger doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Myles is living in the real world... a lot of u would benefit from joining him... the sooner, the better!

Ted said...

The state of Ted does not recognise MP.

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger has colonised North London, the territory where the Arsenal FC is located.

Anonymous said...

Sing me a song and latest Anon.

Actually MP gets things wrong time, time, time and time again.

To suggest this man knows more than Arsene Wenger is nothing sort of ludicrous.

This Arsene knows stuff is also a pathetic argument, can't you do better?

marcus said...

Ok, first off, to suggest that any of the bloggers on this site goes crazy when AW is criticized is C-R-A-P. The reason I read this site regularly is because it is NOT an "AKB" site (a label I also don't care for) like ACLF, nor is it a hate-AW site like Le Grove. ACLF and Le Grove are mirror images of each other and I avoid both.

2nd, Myles Palmer IS INDEED A PROVEN RACIST -- or, if you prefer, a XENOPHOBE.

He despises the French and always trashes AW for filling his teams with French and African players. He routinely sneers at these players. He regularly insults the French and AW's African players. He constantly goes on about the moral superiority of British players. Yes, he was forced to admit that Vieira was a good player because even he couldn't deny that but now that Vieira has declined, he very gleefully trashes him.

What will interest me is this: he declared loudly and clearly that if Arshavin left the club, HE WOULD STOP WRITING ANR! Well there's a good chance Arshavin will leave this summer. Let's see if he fulfills his promise.

I've liked SOME of what he writes, but all those good articles are in the past. I haven't read anything particularly fresh or informative or thought-provoking from in a long time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your view on this self obsessed old hippi. The problem is he is is a good writer and has been analytic and never afraid to offer an opinion. He has thus kept his readers for way to long as the ego pursuit has made his article more and more irrelevant. As he is entitled to his own opinions and have them published (as long he pays his ISP) my only advise is to delete the link from your bookmarks. He actually reminds me a little of bono. Strong and fresh for a good period of time until the ego took front seat.

Unknown said...

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