Tuesday 4 May 2010

Deflated and defeated by dishonest tactics

I think I'm feeling like a lot of Gooners today, I have just lost the energy to get angry about another disappointing defeat. The Holic sums things up nicely and I can't disagree with a word he says.

The game summed up just what we lack to the title this year, even Arsene admitted that we lacked the sharpness in the fight and that's a worrying admission. Atkinson was appalling, he completely failed to clamp down on the systematic violence and cheating from Blackburn.

Both Blackburn goals came after clear fouls on Fabianski. A stronger bigger keeper may well have done better to push the cheating Blackburn players out the way, but still Fabianski shouldn't have had to endure the systematic fouling off the ball that he did.

Blackburn are summed up well by Pedersen. On one hand they will dive and cheat at one end to win free kicks, while on the other they will try to break your legs quite deliberately and injure maliciously. Sam Allardyce is what is wrong with English football, this is England if you like, long ball hoofing, diving and cheating, combined with some disgraceful thuggery and violence. Blackburn are nothing but scum.

Having said that we were lacking in several departments. We need to be more physical and strong at the back to resist the assaults that the likes of Blackburn will launch upon us. We need to fight the battle better all over the pitch, not only in defence but in the midfield and up front, we need more commitment and more desire. Arseblogger summed up what we lacked nicely, it is particularly depressing that the likes of Vela and Traore do not show more hunger when they come into the side, if they cannot show hunger now, will they ever?

This season is in danger of completely falling apart, defeat to Fulham could result in the unthinkable. What remains clear is that some big changes are needed in the summer, and this may well be the last chance saloon.


Anonymous said...

Arsene has nobody to blame but himself.Arsenal have played against SA many times in the epl. He shd by now know how the walrus teams plays.It's no use blaming the referee.
I am afraid Arsene is shifting responsiblity from himself to others with regard to the current malaise affecting Arsenal.
Arsenal have not beaten any top team other than Liverpool in the second half of the season.
For a team going to challenge for honours next season this is simply not good enough.
Btw I am glad Arsenal have been beaten by Barca in the qf.If the gunners were to progress further it can only result in defeats and more heartache.

1979gooner said...

I agree to a degree.

However yesterday the referee had a huge part to play.

We were looking comfortable at 1-0 up and there was a clear foul on Fabianski for the equaliser.

These kind of refereeing performances change games as well.

Anonymous said...

They were not fouls, the world knows Fabinazki isn't good enough why doesn't he see it. These Wenger lovers are really getting to me, the scum will come above us unless they draw

Harris1985 said...

Blackburn have not used this tactic against any other team this year and if they have it did not work...This just shows Fabianski is not good enough.Its not his fault either of course he wants to play for a club like Arsenal, he takes all the stick but he probably knows himself he isn good enough but is he ever going to reject playing for such a big club. It is all wengers fault!! What ever small purchases he has made in the last 5years are terrible. The only reason Arsenal are getting champions league football is beacuse he is such a good coach of football. But he is not buying the right player to play this football. Bottom line he has to stop being stubborn and buy players that will make a differnce! Villa Diarra Frey etc

Anonymous said...

I think Arsene needs to shout at each and every one of these playesr when they play like it don't matter. I mean WTF would your boss do to you if you were paid 60K/week and didnt even 'look' interested in the work at hand.
These guys are overpaid..we may not spend a lot on signings but our wages are way too high for a bunch of underachievers..

king tony said...

i believe song was injured for this game,so we only had one physically strong player,slow sol,and it least he shows commitment.But why not give manone a runout,hes only had one poorish game,whereas fabianski has been a calamity every time.Also why not bartley or eastmond?even against barca i woulda played one of the kids.they can't be as bad as silvestre or traore,and nasri,walcott,rosicky are just skillfull powder puffs.