Tuesday 11 May 2010

Aren't Spuds fans bitter?

In response to this rather low brow piece of writing from a Spud, I thought the obvious question should be asked. This is because in all my years as a Gooner I have never really noticed Arsenal fans being bitter towards Spurs, it has been far more the other way around.

In fact I would hold very little against Tottenham if their fans were modest and they had some vaguely realistic expectations at the beginning of every season. Over the last few close seasons we have never heard the end of endless Tottenham talk of the great season ahead, why not have a bit of modesty and keep your predictions in perspective? Is it any wonder that Arsenal fans are fed up to the back teeth of these tiring delusions of grandeur. Like the boy who cried wolf I am sure Spurs will finish above us eventually and then the Spuds will never shut up, forgetting the umpteen times they have got it wrong in seasons before.

Why should we congratulate Spuds as if they have won the league title when they have not? They have never congratulated us when we have achieved far more than 4th spot in the league, in fact why are they not congratulating us, we finished above them with a significantly cheaper squad?

This is the classic double standards of a foolish Spud. If you live by the sword then you shall die by it Sir Spud. If you never praise the others that you so love to criticise, why expect these people to praise you when you have done so little? If you always arrogantly boast of how well you will do and it never materialises, why expect respect and dignity to be shown to you when you show it to no one else?

I recently wrote to criticise the Premiership Manager of the season award going to Harry Redknapp, what a surprise that numerous Spuds replied ignoring the clear fact that Roy Hodgson deserved the award far more than Harry Redknapp. I was not criticising Redknapp or his achievement, I was just putting it in perspective as it should be, interestingly the Manager's Manager of the year was Hodgson, at least someone got it right. Pot calling the kettle black, Spuds calling Gooners bitter? I think so.

In summary I'm not trying to knock Spurs achievements last season, they have improved and deserve a lot of credit for this. However their fans would do well to realise that their bitter behaviour over recent decades has not gone ignored. Many other smaller clubs' fans have managed to act with much more decorum and grace in Arsenal's shadow in recent years, Spuds fans would have done well to have followed their example. Suddenly jumping on a high horse at the first opportune moment and trying to knock others is rather typical of them I feel.


Gooner4life&beyond said...

Lol, now now. Let's not stoop to their level. They are revelling in their moment of triumph, thought nothing has been achieved yet.

We've been in it for years, so just being in it means nothing. Plus they haven't qulaified yet, so leave them. Let's wait and see what they are really capable of, safe in the knowledge that Arsenal are capable of a lot more.

Congrats of course, but not good luck. Can't stretch that far, you've already played against Almunia, I think that's enough luck.

dennis said...

what a good reply. well done!

daniel said...

You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of them.

Their only claim on us is that all we do if finish 3rd or 4th and haven't won a trophy for a few years yet when they go without a significant trophy for another year but finish 4th, their players, coach and fans celebrate like they won the league.

So us finishing 3rd this year, 4th last, 3rd the year before.... ALL whilst getting to Champions league finals, semi finals and quarter finals and we're supposed to be disappointed but them finishing 4h and doing fuck all else is AWESOME.

Bendtnersdad said...

Unfortunately I happen to know a lot of spuds fans and with the exception of only two they are the most deluded mob I've ever come across. Give them the slightest sniff of success and they're in your face giving it large. Without fail. Incredible. Invariably they come unstuck and end up taking no end of stick. The one thing you can guarantee is the next sniff of something good and they'll be at it again. They're fascinating to watch in their natural habitat. Fascinating.

moonlight said...

You'd know the season was over!

Had a look at that blog entry earlier on, my gosh its hideous. Well in blogger.

daniel said...

Not only that but why does Redknapp get the manager of the year when he's spent more (net) in the 18 months he's been at Spurs than Wenger has (net) in the entire time he's been at the Arsenal (13+ years) but finished below him and didn't play an extra 10 games in the Champions league.

Anonymous said...

I love the way he finishes it with "I'll go off an quietly lament our highest placed finish in the Premier League".

Oh, if only they would..

Anonymous said...

I think you are being a littlw unfair unfair painting all spuds as being exactly the same ... There are 'mashed spuds, fried spuds, boiled spuds, baked spuds and chips. All cooked, but many different variaties

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't compare Arsenal and tottenham , it's different , For some Clubs , the premier league is about winning it , for others it's getting 4th place , for others , it's going to the Europa league and for the last ones , its to not go to the 2nd division .
You can't compare clubs like that .
You can compare Chelsea with ManU
and you can compare Manchester City with Tottenham , but don't go comparing clubs like that .
And plus , Spurs fan are extremeley happy because they never go to champions league and there never as high on the table . For Arsenal, it is a habit , there is no big achievement .
It's like if Man would have won this season , everybody wuld have been like " Oh .. ManU won .. AGAIN"
But this time Chelsea won and that was an achievement .

DidierDrogba said...

And plus , Spurs fan are extremeley happy because they never go to champions league and there never as high on the table . For Arsenal, it is a habit , there is no big achievement .
It's like if Man would have won this season , everybody wuld have been like " Oh .. ManU won .. AGAIN"
But this time Chelsea won and that was an achievement .

Uncle Mike said...

Spurs finish 4th and their fans are ecstatic. Arsenal finish 3rd and their fans are disappointed.

Really, that sums it up, and shows the difference between a small club (Tottenham) and a big club (The Arsenal).

It's like Away Girl Kayleigh says: "Those muggy Spurs fans are so f---ing lemon. Why are they so bitter?" (Because they don't have girls like her supporting Spurs, for one thing!)

Cescwolf said...

Yeah it is not like we have not won anything in the last 5 years or so...jeeze

Spurs cant even come close to us Im really going to let them have it now...

We have cleaned up all the trophies on offer over the past 5 seasons.

We played Barcelona off the pitch in our recent meetings.

We have the best goal keeper in the world.

We have the second best goal keeper in the world.

Our stadium is the loudest in the world.

Smoothbum keeps mouthing off about us, to the whole world.

Silvestre plays for us.

So does Theo.

I could go on and on but it wouldn't be fair))


Anonymous said...

The acid test test for spurs will come next season. The last time they ran us close was when they only played 40 competitive matches in the whole season.
Next season will see them have a shorter break because of players returning from the World Cup and the need to qualify for the champions' league Assuming that they make it, they will then have to play and additional six games that could involve long trips to the far side of Europe. With European qualifiers also making demands on their players, Harry will find it much more difficult to field his best team on a regular basis.
In addition, as soon as they look like they are doing well in Europe you can guarantee that the agents will be all over the media telling the world that Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. are going to buy their players.
Don't forget that they still have to develop the new stadium. It's not as easy as some of the fans believe. As soon as the plans are registered you can guarantee that a pressure group will launch objections and demand an enquiry.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. The behaviour of Spuds towards our team and AW recently was typical-Spuds - and I am not talking about a few hooligans-hate us with a bitterness that approaches hysteria-they can't talk about us without using the word "scum" and this attitude has never been reciprocated in the 50 years I have been a gooner-then they they whinge about a lack of respect from us- what a joke.
Spurs have spent heavily in recent years as a result their team has played very well at times this season-whether it represents value for money time will tell.

marcus said...

Excellent blog. They really don't get it. They actually think we're looking at them in bitterness and jealousy.

As if we haven't gotten used to the same old spud story season after season. We watch them celebrate like they've won the treble CL because they finished 4th.

I seriously doubt they'll make it past the qualifier but if they do, they'll finally realize what it's like to compete in such a tough competition AND the league AND the domestic cups (no, their Europa cup experiences doesn't measure up to it). Then they'll see how tough it is.

And this belief that Redknapp is some kind of genius! He's a good manager, he's done very well this season. Their performances against us, Chelsea and City were very impressive. They deserve to be 4th, no question. But please! The man has never shown himself to be anything more than a good domestic league manager with tactical limitations, who takes his clubs only so far until they run out of money or until he's run out of ideas.

As our manager has said time and time again, success is based on CONSISTENCY. The spuds have often had great isolated moments but we're all used to seeing them slide right back again into mediocrity. It's MAINTAINING that consistency game after game season after season that's the key. They have yet to show that. They've had so many false dawns.

To believe that because you had a good season means the next one is going to be even better is pure fallacy. Look at Liverpool after their great 08-09 season. Look at us least season after our great 07-08 season.

Also, they gloat about all the players they have on the England squad while we only have 1. Well, all those spud players in S. Africa will come back tired and possibly injured to face an early CL 2-legged qualifier with very little time inbetween to rest.

And it is absolutely unbelievable to see the spuds demanding our respect when for years all I've seen them do is come up with excuses about our success - accusing us of cheating, influencing referees, winning just because of luck, yadayadayada. Not to mention inventing the vilest insult in all of English football against a manager, forcing him to endure it thoughout every season during his entire tenure at Arsenal. Exactly what sort of respect does that merit?

Respect? You'll get it when you learn to show it to your neighbors who've been only 1 of 4 European clubs who've been in the CL for 12 yrs straight, for being only 1 of 2 clubs in the English top flight to go a whole season unbeaten, for doing 2 domestic doubles in the space of 5 yrs, for contributing significantly to a country's world cup victory, etc.