Monday 5 April 2010

Karl Henry: you are the disgrace

Having read certain comments in the media from the Wolves captain Karl Henry, I can't help but feel that this is yet another example of just what is wrong with the English game and what is holding back English football from developing technically. Henry seems to want to deflect attention away from his own lack of skill and his appalling tackle on Tomas Rosicky:

“We love Arsenal’s great football but when they are rolling around, getting people sent off, it makes you not want to see them do so well......I’ve nicked the ball, and Vermaelen and whoever else has come flying in, trying to get me sent off."

Karl Henry should watch the video above and have a long hard think about his own lack of self control. Karl Henry got himself sent off, he has no one else to blame but himself, it was an extremely reckless and dangerous challenge from behind. Rosicky had a decent gash to his calf as a result of the tackle, to accuse him of play acting is beyond a joke, Marriner's decision to give a red was no 'joke' as Henry claims, it was a decision that has been vindicated by the video replays. You simply cannot tackle from behind in the modern game, when you tackle from behind in a sliding out of control manner with studs up then you leave yourself open to being dismissed from the field of play.

The way in which the media have given Henry's comments such uncritical exposure basically condones violence, as a result the media have blood on their hands again in my opinion. It is not long since the media made Shawcross the victim after he brutally and violently ended Ramsey's season, Ramsey's sensible comments since have been spun by the media in a way which makes him appear unreasonable for daring to suggest that Shawcross was at all to blame for breaking his leg.

Imagine if William Gallas did a Karl Henry tackle on Wayne Rooney, would we get the same reaction from the media suggesting that Rooney was faking injury despite a decent bloody gash in his calf? Would we see Manu players criticised for surrounding the referee to protest against the violence of the tackle? I very much doubt it, our media are a disgrace and so is Karl Henry. One only has to cast one's mind back to Gallas' tackle on Mark Davies against Bolton, a very mild foul compared to Henry's, yet the media hounded Gallas, strange how Henry gets such a free ride. Double standards by the media, never.


Anonymous said...

Henry'd fouls may not have been a red but to even suggest he won the ballis the biggest joke. It was late a reckless. But don't come out say yu won the ball mate it only makes you look like a prick. Karl Henry you are a prick.

artful gooner said...

Good job, i hope the mug sees this article his comments post match are completely ridiculous. and then you get refs on sky sports saying how its a hard decision to give, nothing hard, the cunt was sprinting into the tackle.

1979gooner said...

It was a yellow absolute minimum, maybe a tad harsh as a red, but really I think it's hard to argue if you go in that dangerous from behind with your studs up.

I bet you if one of our lads had made such a tackle people would be labelling them a thug.

It's about time the refs starting giving players some protection from the likes of Henry and Shawcross.

1979gooner said...

ps remember the Gallas tackle on Davies (vs Bolton)

The media and Coyle was calling that a dangerous red card tackle, it was very mild compared to Henry's, yet look at the way in which the media have reacted to the two.

There's a clear bias here.

Anonymous said...

It's a terrible tackle, you can't go through the man to take the ball and he doesn't even take the ball ! His feet are on the ground which is the only respectible thing about it ! He was unlucky to get red, but he took the chance !

Anonymous said...

It was a red card. And there have been many like htis one that only get a yellow. But its a red in any league, in any language.

Henry is damn lucky he didnt break Rosicky's leg. He well could of.

Anonymous said...

Karl Henry's intentions were clear much early on when he trampled on another Arsenal player's calf (can't remember whom) and left his foot in there for some time.

If this is English football, God save England.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Arsenal fun, but love to watch them play. And I have to say, the media's approach to Arsenal is absolutely shocking. No matter what the issue, they'll take an anti-Arsenal agenda. If Shawcross had snapped Rooney's or Gerrard's leg in two, just imagine the response. Talksport is the worst example of this. And I think I know why: Redknapp talks to Talksport, so they give him an easy ride; Ferguson talks to Talksport, so they give him an easy ride; Moyes talk to Talksport, so they give him an easy ride; Wenger doesn't talk to Talksport......Mmmmmmmm!

It's a pile of commercially driven nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Henry is actually trying to defend this tackle! Is it because being English he knows that the so called expert pundits will never criticize him in public?

I applaud the ref for sending him off, its about time more of them did the same for such reckless tackles! That way we might be able to stop some of these career threatening tackles going in!

Anonymous said...

I was amused at the irony of Wolves' supporters chanting Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, when we were witnessing what looked more like a herd of elephants than a pack of wolves, tramping around kicking people. If we are proud that players of such poor quality represent England, then it is no surprise that England fair so poorly on the international stage.

Anonymous said...

He took a risk sliding from behind like this and the ref saw how dangerous was the tackle. Rosiky is lucky he did not suffer a very serious injury. Henry says he got the ball even if this was true it's because he took out the man first. If this red card was against Rooney , lampard or gerrard neither he nor his manager would have been that vocal.

Rhinogooner said...

It's a straight red for me. Ref got it spot on.

An Arsenal players leg doesn't have to be broken to justify a red card...

John said...

Typical mentality and attitude of a a man, take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming everybody else. You got yourself sent off, you let your manager down, you let your fans down and you let your team down.

Regarding the tackle, you went through the back of the player with your studs up, the cut marks on his lower calf and ankle are there for everyone to see. It was a dangerous and reckless challenge that can jeopardise a players career and you deserved your red card and more. It appears, even though you’re a professional footballer, you don't seem to know the rules regarding challenges from behind. You could have broken the players leg or severely injured him, luckily and it is luck rather than judgement, you didn't.

There are only two reasons for a challenge like that: 1. You’re such a poor quality player that your timing and judgement is very badly off and therefore falls into the "accidental" category. Or 2. Your challenge is deliberate and meant to hurt and take the player out, which falls into the malicious and nasty category.

I think we all know which category your challenge falls into by your attitude then and now.

Whatever the reason it should not be acceptable at this level in the premier league. The second category should not be acceptable at any level in football and in my opinion should result in a lengthy ban for the offending player, if not criminal charges. Also their club should be made to pay the injured players wages for the length of time he is out of the team and any loss in transfer value of the player.

If you or your team are not talented or good enough for the premiership you need to go back to the level that you came from, hopefully before you do damage or threaten the short careers of those that are.

Anonymous said...

god help half of todays players if they'd have played in the 60/70's I just have to laugh at yrt another sky 4 club's set of fans moaning & groaning about a tackle, Arsenal used to do it often enough & I will say as much as I like watching them sometimes they can be naughty too like all players. I think you arsenal fans ought to grow up & stop thinkin the world is against you when in reallity it's only the other 19 clubs in the premier league, you're reputation as fans is just like your manager - whingers, maybe you ought to come down to league 2 & see what it's really about !!!! Oh I forgot - just like your manager again you only see what you want to see, you're what makes the lower league fans not bother with the prem, nancy boy diving whingers

Anonymous said...

Idiots. It's a contact sport. Why don't you go and watch basketball. What about the physical stuff you dealt out to Barca cecause you were chasing shadows.

As for your players, as bad as Man United. The ref bottled it because he was scared of Wenger's post match comments.

We had you in our pockets and you hated it. The only way your team could win was to seek an unfair advantage. Who wouldn't? However, you ran scared and you had to gain an advanage any way you could.

How desperate against such a lowly, small club as Wolves.

Basically you are hypocrits, you can dish it out, but you can't take it.

Anywho, another season without silver beckons. So you will finish with the same sucess as Wolves.

BloggerWolf said...

Gallas' tackle was much worse than Karls. Instead of even a yellow card, Arsenal got a goal. Real bias, hey?

Karl is spot on with everything he says. Arsenal play great football and everyone likes that but they aren' liked because they are whingers and the slightest contact leaves them rolling around on the floor.

I think it's a foul, maybe a yellow definitely not a red.

well played, you deserved the win but they way it was won (because we had ten) made it worse for Wolves fans.

Unknown said...

mugs - the tackle was from the side, look where Rosickys back is, look where Henry comes from - Rosicky turns as Henry goes to ground.

Rich said...

Boo hoo, how dare we attempt to tackle one of your sissy boy foreigners. And actually he did win the ball, maybe you should look again without your Wenger spectacles on. So he caught the man afterwards, so what? It's a man's game, get on with it and go back harder yourself. And to say it was worse that Gallas on Davies, that's the biggest joke yet. Never read so much rubbish

GlancingHeader said...

Karl Henry did not even touch the ball - even looking at slow-motion video; what do you mean he won it?

Rich said...

How is it then that nobody else apart from Arsenal fans think it was a red card? Of course, the whole world's against Arsenal.

Uncle Mike said...

The "Anonymous" of 14:15, like all Arsenal-haters, doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. Arsenal "can't take it"? We have BEEN taking it for at least the last 2 years and change! You could fill out a good chunk of a starting XI with the Arsenal players who've taken red-card-worthy tackles SUCH AS HENRY'S ON ROSICKY over that stretch!

Face it, the world -- or, at least, the British Isles media -- are against us. Never mind Millwall: No one likes US... so why the hell should we care? Like the song goes: We are The Arsenal, so screw all the rest -- or words to that effect!

Drew said...

"mugs - the tackle was from the side, look where Rosickys back is, look where Henry comes from - Rosicky turns as Henry goes to ground."

This is the best point that has inadvertently helped the "Henry deserved a red" argument.

Rosicky was turning to shield the ball from Henry, as the pass was a little short. Players do this all of the time. Rosicky was expecting Henry to stay on his feet and challenge by trying to muscle Rosicky off the ball, because that is what most clean players do. Instead, Henry "came in from the side" with a horrendous sliding challenge, because Arsenal "don't like it up 'em."

Another small point: if Henry had won the ball, would his team obtain an advantage in the run of play i.e. would his team have obtained the ball? The answer is no.

1979gooner said...

all those sissy/nancy boy comments are beneath contempt, grow up

henry was walking a tightrope with some of his challanges, it was a bad tackle,

actually for all those wolves fans who are accusing us of moaning, actually it is your manager and captain who can't seem to handle the ref's decision, does that make you the moaners?

of course not, you're hard traditional English men who never whinge!

The whole world Rich? most importantly the ref gave a red! d'oh

The tackle was not from the side, it went straight through the back of Rosicky, it was most definitely the back of his calf that was nailed!

Dish it out?

Actually this is another disingenuous and weak argument, we actually don't dish it out, we don't snap the opposition's legs as they do to us, we are a very clean side, obviously we are not 100% clean but generally we take a lot more stick than we give out.

Rich- f*ck off. Come back to discuss like an adult when you don't indulge in xenophobic nonsense that borders on racism.

Anonymous said...

aww bless him did he get a little boo boo f**k off aresnal all ways pretending to be hurt when your not ( not eduardo or ramsey )all of the other puffs god sake it was a yellow not a red and have you noticed that rosickey was fine after the challenge little drama queen puff end of rant

Anonymous said...

look at this karl henry's tackle on walcott. noone talks about this one. it should have been a red, in the first half.

Anonymous said...

I have had enough of people trying to defend a bad tackle. It does not matter which team he plays for, it cannot be justified.

I have read posts about Gallas, who cares! We are not talking about him, yes his tackle was late and bordering on the dangerous, he should have seen red for it. I have seen the tackle a few times and it did not look to me like he was out to hurt the player, he was however very late and dangerous!

Karl Henry is on a different level though, he started the game by ¨letting Theo know he was there¨ by going in from behind and leaving his foot in with considerable force, he should have gone for that!

Karl Henry was intent on hurting Walcott, and then Rosicky was felled by the same player later in the game. On both occasions, he was out to inflict damage to the players.

HE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED FOR A CONSIDERABLE TIME! He was not playing football, he was being a thug. he showed intent to hurt the apposing player instead of getting the ball.

It is a times like these that the FA need to step in and say, Oy, Henry...... Shaaat your cake hole and learn to play football. You do something as cold and calculated as that, you take flak like a man.

To go to the media and say they were faking it is really an insult to every person who spends hard earned cash to watch their team come rain or shine. We pay to watch football you idiot!

A tackle like that would earn you a smack in the mouth in the lawless leagues on any given Sunday!

Disgrace disgrace disgrace, If i ever see you in the street Henry, I think I am gonna let you ´know i´m there´ in the same subtle way and see your reaction.


A depressed Liverpool supporter.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ...Dumsy,dumsy.

Did we foul a little (french) cockney - Then he went down like a sack of shit.But "there was a miracle !!!".He got up seconds after the "sending off" - Like i say,a miracle --Praise the lord !!!.



Anonymous said...

The likes of Paul Robinson, Karl Henry and Nigel de Jong are talentless thugs and should not be allowed anywhere near a football field for the rest of their careers.

And oh, i am not a Arsenal fan by the way but i 'm hardly the only one to support Wenger when he calls for more protection to be given to flair players.

Remember van Basten having to retire at 32 after his legs gave in to many whackings from hooligans, sorry, i mean professional defenders?

We dont need that and we dont need thugs like Karl Henry and de Jong around.

That said, can some hooligan on the streets volunteer to shatter their legs for good if you see them out on the streets? Let them have a taste of their medicine