Thursday 29 April 2010

Silly season already and one player

The silly season is already upon us, given that our chances of silverware are gone and the last two games are pretty much meaningless, I am sure the speculation will be here to stay for a few months. Arsene has been speaking of transfers and he has said that a maximum of three players will come in.

The player who will arrive before the world cup will be Chamakh, I don't think many people have doubts about this news. I hope the other two will be a centre back and a goalkeeper. We will see, and I reckon we will be linked to a record number of theoretical signings, it gets more stupid by the year, Arseweb used to record the player links, nowadays it is almost impossible to keep up with the sheer quantity of bullshit.


07011047 said...
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07011047 said...

he better not be talking about chamak I hope he is talking about actually buying someone before june 11 not getting someone for free then saying ha told you I would sign someone especially when everyone knows we are going to get him, come on wenger surprise us for once it is getting so boring supporting arsenal nowdays because its the same crap every year. Wenger also needs to buy more than 3 players come on we need a keeper two centre backs another midfield and a natural winger I mean wenger we cannot keep going into every season without the fundementals its as if wenger is forgetting the bascics and dont shot me down for saying this. For example going into the season with only two good cb and no cover just silvest and then rvp gets injured but we dont bring in a forward its just like what are you trying to prove wenger we know your great but you dont have to handicap yourself before every season just to test yourself but please think of us fans and excite us like you done in the past I want to see arsenal lift the champs and te prem agen.

perrygrovesworld said...

Wenger won't buy more than 3 players, never has never will. More than 3 top players and you disrupt the balance of a squad and problems occur as they all settle in. Its well known among managers... however he will bring back players on loan like Wiltshire and Jay Simpson.

Anonymous said...

Three maximum, that's unfortunate, I count a need for 4 (Assuming Gallas leaves).
1) Goalie (Sell Fabianski, keep Almunia as backup and develop Sczesny)
2) Center Defense - replace Gallas
3) Center Defense - replace Silvestre
4) Holding midfielder
and possibly
5) Chamakh...

That would leave the squad
Goalie: Signing, Almunia, Sczesny
Center Defesnse: Vermaelen, Signing, Signing, Djourou, and maybe Campbell
Wingbacks (left): Clichy, Gibbs
Wingbacks (right): Sagna, Eboue
Defensive Midfielders: Song, Signing, Denilson, Ramsey
Creative Midfielders: Fabregas, Nasri, Wiltshire, Diaby
Wings: Arshavin, Walcott, Rosicky
Center Forwards: Bendtner, Van Persie, Chamakh

26 players, and could count Sczesny, Wiltshire or Ramsey as youth players.

Anonymous said...

Arsene has been linked with several high profile young players.I hope he will go for more experienced players. Yeah I know these kids can help the gunners but having been fed a diet of youngish players i have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

it's Chamakah he is gone about.

How think does he thinks us fans are, we may have fallen for your "2 WC" summer signings & I will buy a CB/ST crap before, but not again

Anonymous said...

If Arsene Wenger excludes Chamakh of the two or three players he will buy, then most Arsenal fans would hope at least a dam# good experienced goalie must be one of them!! Otherwise next season I cannot see how Arsenal can win anything with the present No.1 & 2!

Anonymous said...

Wenger will NOT buy a goalkeeper....fact! it's not going to happen. he believes in fabianski....

Harris1985 said...

Buffon wants to come to England!!!He is only 32!! he still has 5 years top class goalkeeping left in him and experience? There isn't another keeper in the world with better experience to match his abilities! If wenger doesn go for him Wenger should step down as Arsenal manager. I'm sick of his age policy!! it's bullshit. Fergy bought Van der Sar at 35 and he is still class!. He needs to bring in apart form the obvious goalie 2 centre backs 1 of world class ability and another of good quality eg Stephen Taylor to use as back up. Def Mid eg Inler/Melo/ Winger eg Wright Philips/cole Strikers Turan & Chamakh. So that's at least 6 players!! Where is Wenger going with 3!! PLayers that need to be sold Denilson( just cause he is shit) Diaby( talented but french attitude0 Vela( good player but doesn suit EPL more spain)Walcott( i laugh at him when i see him play..Brutal)Bendtner( we are Arsenal not Stoke not good enough)