Saturday 3 April 2010

Just when you thought..............

Crikey. I am sure that a lot of us had given up any hope of the title by the time Nic Bendtner powered home that header with just over a minute of injury time left. It is that kind of moment that can change a season, after having two points stolen at the death last week, we stole all three at the death from Wolves.

Chelsea taking all three points at Old Trafford was not ideal, a draw would have been better, although a Manu win would have been worse. Fergie and the arrogant Manu fans pinned all the blame on the linesman for Drogba's offside second, they would do better to realise that Cec barely had a save to make and that their solitary goal was a clear deliberate handball.

Arsene made several changes to the side that had drawn against Barca. Wolves rode their luck in the first half hour, some excellent chances came and went, Eduardo was particularly culpable with some poor finishing. The first half seemed to die a bit of a premature death with Wolves looking more and more comfortable as the half wore on.

The second half saw more and more Arsenal domination, more chances came and went, Wolves picked up several cards for some rather cynical stuff including a red for an overly aggressive tackle by Henry. Then just as our hopes were fading, just as we contemplated being cut adrift from the top two, Bendtner's thunderous late header kept our hopes alive. It's still a slightly outside shot, but if we can win our last five games then that might just make us top of the pile.


Anonymous said...

So short of a striker its not funny. Thank god for Bendtner.
Much as I want it to it cant happen-playing in Barca followed by Spurs away who have a week off-and we have only one fit striker at best-followed by Wigan away-both games we have to win. Good decision to play Sylvester at LB and not to play Diaby.Just hope Rosicky is fit for Wednesday.

Davi said...

Obviously the players should go for the title, but Id be so happy if we could just finish above Utd.
Frankly we've been far better than them for most of the season but as usual, poor officiating kept them in the title race early on and then their form had improved dramatically up until the bayern game.
Arsenal on the other hand have been excellent all season aside from a few games against the top sides. We keep coming back from difficult situations, keep getting late goals and coping without our best players. If we were to win the title this year it wouldnt be that surprising as every time we've really needed to score, to equalise or get the winner we've done it. This team just wont die, and is improving all the time. In a couple of years we will be as good going forward as barcelona and could well destroy this league.

Lowy said...

dont you just love how campbell was right in there celebrating like a maniac

Anonymous said...

Sol really does love to celebrate. But he is a winner a team with very few of them!! I almost gave up all hope infact I did only to find out Nick was just in time again!

But the lack of fire power now is really showing. But if we have to eek out 5 1-0's then I will take it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (17:32) It is not Spurs who have a week off before we play them. They have the FA cup semi final on Sunday week. So we have an 8 day break before we go to WHL and they have a 3 day break.