Saturday 10 April 2010

Barca, Fergie the racist and general pondering

The Barca dust has settled and frankly I haven't changed my mind that much about the mechanism of our defeat. Goodplaya summed things up nicely with an article titled 'Neither humiliated or heroic', also the majority of Gooner comments here were pretty sensible and balanced, most people seemed to be fairly pragmatic in defeat. Barca played well, Messi was outstanding, our injuries played a part, the lads who came in did pretty well, it was a pretty tight contest despite the 4-1 scoreline, undoubtedly the Barca theatrics and systematic fouling also played a big part. Having said that we took the lead, surrendered it with some poor defending, and then had some excellent chances to get back in the game at 3-1, if one of these had been taken then Barca would have been made to sweat.

In truth the absence of Gallas and Song was probably key, Silvestre is past it and struggled throughout, it also meant that Vermaelen had to play out of position on the right of the centre backs which didn't play to his strengths. The lack of defensive cover in the midfield meant Song was badly missed, Diaby played well, as did Denilson, but neither are defensive midfielders and never will be. Even with a full strength defensive line up, it would have been tough, Messi appears unplayable at times, his pace and close control are something to admire. Overall it was perverse that we lost this game 4-1, the team performance was far better than in the first leg. We should learn from our defensive failings in this game, if we can then with a stronger side I could see us beating Barca next year, we really weren't that far off.

Alex Ferguson's recent comments in defeat have been truly pathetic and demonstrative of what an unpleasant bully this man is. Firstly he chose to blame the Chelsea defeat on the referee when in truth the big decisions went both ways and the offside goal was balanced out by Manu's clear hand ball goal. Then after losing to a very average Bayern side he chose to blame this on the 'Germans' in a unacceptably xenophobic manner which was very close to being overtly racist. The reason Manu lost was because Rafael is a stupid temperamental fool, his second booking had to be given, it was a cynical shirt tug when Ribery was breaking in a dangerous area of the pitch. The silence from the mainstream media has been deafening, Ferguson has sunk to new depths with his inability to take defeat, while his comments about Germans are beneath contempt. Has Sir Alex ever seen Manu players surround the referee or dive on the football field? Strange how he seems to encourage some things from his team but criticise it when it happens against his side.

Finally it seems that a few long term absentees are close to returns, Gibbs, Djourou and RVP may have vital roles to play in the final weeks of the season. This clip highlighted to me by a reader shows that the scum who goes by the name of Karl Henry was lucky not be sent off much earlier in last week's game against Wolves. Interestingly it's funny how some people seem so incensed by Arsenal's reaction to Karl 'clogger' Henry's appalling tackle on Tomas Rosicky, certain teams such as Manu and Chelsea have made a habit of intimidating and surrounding referees. It's fine to call for some consistency but Tony Pulis' words are nothing but stupid, there's a big difference between intimidating referees and complaining to the ref that yet another of your players has almost had his leg broken.


Ralph said...

Try not to use the word racist so wastefully as it lessens true racism.

Xenophobic maybe, bigotted certainly, but how on earth you can claim racism against the same race which, no matter how much you may want to think of the Germans as a different race, they are.

Anonymous said...

Great post today fella... Agree about the performance and result.

Personally, I would be gutted if we had gone out to bayern! Going out to this barca team, missing 5 of our best players or losing to a pretty crap Bayern team??? Hmmm

1979gooner said...

A lot of people would call it racist and this argument has a certain validity.

Racism can refer to the discrimination against different nationalities, actually.

Based on your logic, as one human race, there could be no such thing as racism and this clearly makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Whether its racism, xenophobia, discrimination, bigotry, or a combination of all the above... It was disgusting and the complete apathy from the media towards the comments and fergie, shows the hacks, editors, media's priorities and their support of such shite...

1979gooner said...


The media are generally completely pathetic, they are quiet on certain issues because they are afraid.

However they are all too happy to nail the nicer people of this world.

If Arsene Wenger had said 10% of the stuff Fergie had said over the last week he would have been slaughtered.

Fergie is the biggest whinger of the lot and he is a very unpleasant individual.

It is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

can you imagine if Wenger said the comment about "typical germans" ?

everyone would make front page story how our manager is racist, etc.

fucking double standards.

Anonymous said...

we were terrible. but so was Real Madrid today.


Anonymous said...

Racism can only "refer to the discrimination against different nationalities, actually" if you're a fucking idiot who can't use the English language properly.

You've been reading too many red top tabloids.

Anonymous said...

So referring 'dago' or 'wop' for example would be acceptable as 'Italians' are the same 'race' as 'us' are they? The point is, (in case - Ralph in particular - you've being living in a dark cave the past 40 years) every western European country is now multi-RACIAL in its make-up and so saying 'Typical' [fill blank - e.g. Germans, French, English, Italians, or, dare I say it... Scots] is at best as absurdity as there is no homogenous racial group in any of these countries. Ferguson therefore is lumping together a disparate group of people from different ethnic backgrounds from a particular country and labeling them as all having the same stereotypical chracteristics... this is racist (this is quite apart from Bayern Munich the team being made up of a group of disparate nationalities and representatives of various ethnic groups). The term 'typical Germans' then doesn't work on so many levels today and would only work in a scenario where Germany was drawn from a single homogenous ethnic group (which even despite the best efforts of a certain Herr A Hitler it never has been) and that the biggest football team from the city of Munich was drawn from precisely the same homogenous ethnic group. So, therefore, as you can see, that does indeed make Sir Alex Ferguson a racist cunt.