Sunday 25 April 2010

It's a funny old game

With our realistic title chances ending after that bizarre ten minute spell in Wigan, yesterday's game against City was never going to set the world on fire, especially given Mancini's love for a defensive line up and Tottenham's loss at Old Trafford making a point a very decent result for City.

There is always a strange satisfaction in a clean sheet for me, maybe it's because we don't get them that frequently these days. There were certainly a few positives to take from the game. Fabianski didn't fumble one into his own net, Silvestre didn't do half bad, big Sol was solid again and looked as quick as a whippet on speed, Samir Nasri was again inventive and involved, RVP is back and gave Emmanuel Adebayor a good tickle with his legs. One thing that was certainly confirmed by the game was the fact that Adebayor is a total prat and we did very well to get so much money for a rather limited footballer.

There was a real end of season feel to the game, City never really came out of their shell, content to sit with men behind the ball and time wasting from the off. There were only a few half chances, most of them falling to us, RVP narrowly missing with a decent curling free kick, Nasri testing Given with a firm effort in the first half, probably the best effort was Diaby's low crackerjack that looked to dislocate Shay Given's left shoulder as he tipped it wide for a corner.

So another season without silverware, but there's no doubt that we have made some real progress in some departments and with the right additions we will be a real force next year. Although some people think Arsene's time has come, these people would do well to appreciate just what he has established here, we are in a solid third position and will be in the Champions League yet again, this continued success means that our financial position is sound and now we can begin to invest some of our revenues in the new talent that can push us on to the next level.


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Rhinogooner said...

No cutting edge yesterday mate. Citeh played defensively, but we were bereft of ideas.

Definitely need some additions. That doesn't necessarily mean anyone has to leave, apart from goalkeepers.

It just means that there needs to be greater competition for places and some of the younger lads need to get used to not playing as often and have experienced players in front of them to learn from.

Any players we do bring in, have to be better than what we have. And despite what Mr. Wenger says, there are plenty of players that fit the bill out there.

Anonymous said...

bollocks... no progress since last year, on the same points total, and realistically we were out of the title race weeks ago when we played at st. andrews, we are a confidence team, and as soon as almunia bungled the rebound of philips face, we threw in the towel, wolves just delayed the inevitable... wenger and gadzidis both said before christmas and in janurary that this was going to be the year we won a trophy, and that they wanted to be judged in may, well were a week away and our season is effectively over, so hope wenger is being truthful when he says he'll spend some money on new players, as there is clearing a few too many passengers in our squad who either need competition for their place or shipped out

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Harris1985 said...

These players get paid 50 + thousad a WEEK!!!! and thats what they give in return, it was a poor match They are a disgrace

marcus said...

My big fear is that AW has simply forgotten how to win.

He was never a tactical genius but lately his tactics have been remarkably poor.

Anonymous said...


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