Saturday 29 August 2009

Rooney a saint and Eduardo is scum

I am fuming. I will keep this brief and come up with something more in depth tomorrow, but the manner of our defeat today was incredibly cruel. Watch the replays of the Rooney 'penalty', it's a very soft decision indeed, he has lost control of the ball, he throws himself down before contact is made, the contact is also not great, Almunia does largely pull out of the challenge. It can go down in the list of incredibly soft penalties we have conceded at Old Trafford in the last few years alongside the Rooney dive past Campbell's non-challenge and Gallas' inadvertent handball two years back. Just now on the Radio I heard an Arsenal fan being shouted down by the disgraceful Alan Green when he dared suggest that Rooney had won the penalty, Alan Green's behaviour was like that of a toddler 'No, no, no, you are wrong' and he then cut the caller off, that's good debate isn't it.

Rooney did not cheat, he did what all strikers would do, he made the most of not much, it was an incredibly soft penalty and it was not dramatically different to Eduardo's going to ground against Celtic the other night. The media's massively different reactions to the two incidents shows a lot. Dean's overall refereeing display today was also woeful. The rub of the green was with the Mancs, a clear penalty denied for an awful Fletcher lunge in the first half, Gallas booked when Evra threw himself at him, several other soft bookings while quite a few cynical Manc fouls were ignored. Either way I digress, we were very unfortunate today, we defended well other than the own goal, we created some great chances, with a bit of luck we would have won convincingly today, even without the luck but with a decent referee we would not have lost. The media reaction to the Rooney 'penalty' says more than I can.

I hope we can bounce back swiftly from this injustice. We were excellent today, we outplayed the opposition for long spells, they barely tested Manuel over the ninety minutes, Manu were average at best and deserved nothing from the game, we now need to show that we can bounce back from adversity and this will be a real test of our young side.


Anonymous said...

what i find funny is how after our 2-0 vs celtic the media would not stop saying how lucky we were. when we only lose the game to a one-off own goal that wasn't exactly set up by great attacking play but just a total one-off inexcusable mistake it's just a man u goal and nothing is said.

there was only contact with rooney because he left his legs there because he was desperate to win a penalty (knowing that he wasn't playing well enough vs our defense to get a goal for himself). don't get me wrong, it's no different than eduardo's, but at least if the media reacted the same it would not feel so stupid. of course england's goldenboy would never be a dirty little cheat. and yeah i remember that dive from him vs campbell those years back too.

Anonymous said...

without regard to any specific call, Dean is and was a terrible referee. way too many yellow cards. referees want to steal the show sometimes. i don't know what his deal is, he should have let the teams play.

arshavin's goal was great, RVP needs to get lucky.

i thought defense looked great, and its just bad luck, but as with Celtic, it happens, and is part of the game (difference being, overall Arsenal were the better team, whereas Celtic didn't out play the arsenal.

ramsey looked nervous when he came on, some really bad passes, but that happens.


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