Sunday 2 August 2009

Jack in the box? Bullet points

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the whole of the Rangers game yesterday, some of us only managed bits of the game and were interrupted by pesky work related problems, damn it. I happened to stumble upon Goodplaya's review of the Emirates Cup and agreed with most of what he said. As I'm exhausted having worked all weekend I'm going to sum up my thoughts in lazy bullet points, please feel free to add your own in the comments section, humour is not tolerated by the way:

- Andrei Arshavin is awesome
- Mikel Silvestre is not
- Jack Wilshere has immense potential
- Cesc plays much better in his normal deeper midfield role
- Eduardo is the best finisher in the land
- Our only physical presence was in the form of Song and Djourou, this is not enough for cold rainy away days up north when being assaulted by uneducated primitive northerners
- Ramsey, Merida (especially so) and Watt all showed some brightness
- Denilson is decent but is he anything more than that?
- Mannone looks dodgy and has no natural presence
- Rangers are even worse than Tottenham
- Would it be worth trying to repackage Mikel Silvestre as a striker and selling him to Harry 'the twitch' Redknapp?
- The poll has concluded that Ashley Cole is a c*nt, so who am I to argue with this

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

agree with everything, i really prefer fabregas playing deeper.
just one thing to add: song is a pretty good defensive midfielder, i am not so confident with him as a central defender.
wenger has probably arrived to that conclusion as well and will get another defensive midfielder and another defender.
bernardinho, from london.