Sunday 23 August 2009

Hart attack and Pompey demolished

The squad was rotated as many of us had expected, the 4-3-3 formation showed it's considerable versatility as Eboue, Diaby, Gibbs and Eduardo slotted into the side. The beauty of the 4-3-3 is that when it is going well and the players are moving for each other, it is so hard to defend against as players can roam around and pop up where you least expect them, midfielders can join the attack easily and it can look very fluid. I won't get started on when it goes wrong but if the team stops working hard in terms of movement and defending as a unit, then it can look very bad.

Overall I'd find it hard that anyone could believe that Pompey deserved to take anything away from this game, other than the stupid deluded Pompey manager Paul Hart. They were second best throughout, two Diaby goals looked to have the game wrapped up in the first half, however a rather contentious goal from the grotesque Kaboul gave Pompey hope where there should have been none. I have to say that having studied replays it appears to be a foul on Almunia, Kaboul makes a lot of contact with the keeper before he headers the ball, his knee goes rather firmly into Manuel's chest before contact with the ball, I think most referees would have disallowed that. Almunia should have attached the ball a bit more aggresively,but it is hard to do this when you have a huge cretinous lump of turd tried to break your rib cage with his spastic limbs.

Either way in the second half the great claims Pompey had for a Gallas red card were nothing more than utterly pathetic. Utaka was running alongside Gallas, who did everything right, Utaka tripped over his own feet and then the moronic Pompey appeals started. If that's a red card David Bentley isn't a rat faced tosser and we all know he is. Hart's pathetic rant after the game smacked somewhat of a manager in denial, he'd rather blame the officials than admit his side were completely outplayed. Gallas had time to rub salt into the stinging Pompey wounds with an inelegant third, while Ramsey slotted home calmly for the fourth.

Overall job done again. The 4-3-3 has worked so far but it will be interesting to see how it goes in the tougher games, we won't have to wait long for this with Manure being our opponents next weekend. The strength of our squad was obvious, while it was good to see the erratic Diaby playing some good stuff. I know it's a big if, but if he can stay fit then I am sure he will find a bit more consistency and he can then be a big player for us; Arsene said as much in the press conference after the game. Who knows if any more signings will come, Andrei Arshavin is clearly keen for them but a lot may depend on the movements of other players and whether this sets off a bit of a transfer merry-go-round. It's a good start for sure but there is still a very long way to go.


K man said...

Sound performance. The midfield played well - Diaby was excellent (not just the goals), Denilson and Fabregas. Ramsey did a superb job when replacing Fabregas - he's a classy player.

It may have been a foul on Manuel but he should have done much better. It looked pretty poor from where we were sitting. Arshavin was extremely quiet, again. Not sure what's wrong - I hope he sparks into life soon.

A small shout out for Eboue - he played superbly - going forward to provide width and tackling back - 2 fine interceptions in the first half. He's breathing down Sagna's neck. As is Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

Pompey are a club in turmoil and didn't give us any problems only those we made our selves with lack of concentration and a bit of complacent thinking.

Diaby played very well and he must be more consistent this season as it's make or break time really for him ,and a few others,so have to wait and see?

I think the players are still getting use to the new formation but so far so good and hopefully at manure we can nick a result!!!

All in all a good performance and hopefully Cesc's injury not a bad one.

1979gooner said...

Indeed. Hope Cesc's hammy is only a minor one, annoying injury though the hamstring.

K, I think Arshavin is still very effective because he occupies defenders and creates space even if he doesn't do anything directly himself.

prav said...

Good win to get before another big week with Trafford at the end...good performance but can't help but feel that the players were a bit lethargic compared to at Everton. Defending was abit sloppy to concede. We must be able to shut the door on our opponents when holding the lead...especially at home.

Arshavin showed a few flicks and sprints but overall looked pretty tired and flat. Hope it gets ironed out soon!!

Rahul Sethi said...

Arshavin will come through. its nice to see the goal scoring spread out.

I thought Van Persie had a pretty good game too. hope he stays healthy.

hopefully Andrei and Robin will knock in their first goals at old trafford...


marcus said...

Almunia may have done better but he had no protection from the defense, Gallas or Song were ball-watching, I forget which. Also, the sun looked to be very much in Almunia's eyes. I'd also love to understand the logic of playing Cesc--KNOWING he's still struggling with an injury--in a game he could've been rested for, ahead of two crucial games. We can risk him not playing on Wednesday but we need him for United and now that looks like to be impossible. Great start to the season but sometimes AW makes such boneheaded decisions, it beggars belief. All last week gooners all over the net were saying Cesc should be rested for Pompey so this isn't hindsight griping.