Thursday 13 August 2009

Goodblog and quiet before Goodison storm

There are blogs and there are blogs, undoubtedly one of my favourite reads is Goodplaya and he has just recently revamped his site, it looks rather impressive and I suggest anyone who hasn't checked it out does so. There is so much dross out there, so many people just repeating the same old tired rumours and made up stories, that's why I think I find Goodplaya so refreshing. He offers balance, insight and logic in a climate of so much frenetic and thoughtless rambling. Keep up the good work Goodplaya.

Here at anotherarsenalblog we try to refrain from becoming yet another clone of the rather shouty and brainless sites out there. I am sure we fail miserably at times, but we do our best and are always open to comment, unlike some who seem rather resistant to any feedback at all.

It's quite amazing just how many sites have emerged in recent years, I remember the old days when there was just Arsweb, that was my bible for quite a while. There was another site written by a rather snobby music critic that I read from time to time, but over time I realised that this chap seemed more obsessed with himself than the Arsenal and I lost interest over time. As more sites flourished some of the old ones including the music critic's slowly died. I then became more of an Arseblog man.

One can even make a living blogging these days, a lot of income can be generated by advertising. Even anotherarsenalblog has had several offers of cash for advertising, I'd prefer to keep the blog looking smart and tidy with no adverts in site. Maybe I'll change my tune should any offers above £1.50 come in. The number of sites around these days is unbelievable, in fact there are many excellent Arsenal related sites, I would say that the more commercial sites tend to be of lower quality, merely designed to get hits and generate revenue via traffic.

Anyway enough rambling from me. The England game was pretty decent last night, it's rare I say that, but Capello really has sorted things out. England were by far the better footballing side, 2-2 flattered the Dutch in my opinion. Strange how much better the England side is now that ten years ago, all those foreigners in the Premiership don't appear to have reduced the quality of talent at the top at all, the reverse may well be true. Fabio Capello has made a massive difference, a man with tactical skill and discipline that was so badly needed to take control of team England.

The banter here on the squad and the formation over the last few days has been interested, however I don't think any definitive conclusions have been reached other than why on earth did we buy Silvestre? This question seems to recur rather frequently. Overall I think people are more confident than last season but most of us can see who tough it will be to improve upon 4th spot. The addition of Vermaelen is positive, Arshavin starts his first season and Eduardo is back, while many of the younger lads are a year more experienced and stronger. Ade will not be missed either.

The storm comes this weekend with a trip to Goodison. It seems our injury curse has struck again, we have already lost Nasri, Rosicky, Fabiansk and Djourou, it now appears that Diaby is touch and go with a groin niggle. Lescott is still at Everton despite having handed in a transfer request, so times are rather uncertain for the hosts. It will still be a very tough place to go and get a result, here's hoping, come on you Gunners.

Post scriptum, this would be my line up for Goodison:

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Song Cesc Diaby
Bendtner Eduardo Arshavin


Rhinogooner said...

So what is everyone's starting XI (when everyone is fit)? I'll take a crack at it. Assuming we're going to line up in a 4-3-3 this season, here's my XI:


Sagna Gallas Vermaellen Clichy


Cesc Rosicky

Van Persie Arshavin


That leaves out quite a few players with alot to offer like Walcott, Bendtner, Nasri, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Vela and so on.

For me Eduardo, Cesc and Arshavin have to be the first names on the team sheet. Eduardo is so clinical and quite a good team player. I really think he's our best forward. Ahead of RVP for me.

K man said...


Ted Gallas Uncle Mike Clichy

Fabregas Marcus K Man

Rhinogooner 1979 Obsinho

I reckon that's pretty much unbeatable. Certainly better than the Invincibles.

Drew said...

I agree with Rhinogooner on the team selection. Rosicky would absolutely be in the team if fit. I would go so far as to say he would be the answer to our problems; great on the ball, sharp in the pass, not afraid to throw his slight frame around, dangerous from distance and a great free kick taker. It was his injury, not Eduardo's, that derailed our title challenge two seasons ago.

While Eduardo is the better finisher, RVP is a match winner, so my vote goes to him.

It's great to support a team in which I have to argue which of these two tremendous talents are better.

1979gooner said...

I agree Eduardo should play.

Also why not rest RVP for Weds.

A midfield trio of song/cesc/rosicky is too lightweight with three attacking players up front.

I'd play Diaby/Song/Cesc in the middle.

This does show our lack of strong combative midfielders though, we really need one more before the deadline.

Drew said...

My line up for Saturday:


Sagna Gallas Vermaellen Clichy


Cesc Diaby

RVP Arshavin


No RVP for you 1979Gooner?

Robby said...

Sagna Gallas Vermaellen Clichy

Cesc Song Wilshire

Eduardo RVP Arshavin

Denilson or Diaby can come on if Wilshire isnt playing well and Bendnter can come on if we need some height. Clichy should play better with Gibbs breathing down his neck. Our biggest weakness is if Gallas or Vermeallen goes down we leave ourselves exposed to the travesty that is sylvestre. One more center half who is decent at the very least would be a great deal of comfort.

Obsinho said...

Ted said...


Lauren Adams Keown Winterburn

Parlour Grimandi Vieira Pires

Ted Bergkamp

Oh yes.

K man said...

We seem to be having a nightmare already with injuries!

Fabianksi, Djourou, Diaby, Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri...

Surely we have to bring in one or two extras before the transfer window ends. We never seem to have a fully fit squad - why does this keep happening??

marcus said...

Bendtner does pretty well in away games, far better than at home, so I'd like to see him start. There are a LOT of Arsenal blogs out there now but there are only a few I visit regularly. Yours is a daily or almost daily visit for me. Others are VitalArsenal, arsenalinsider, arseblog, goodplaya, eastlower and goonerholic. I occasionally visit youngguns and goonertalk. Also arsenalcolumn is a fantastic blog dedicated solely to analyzing tactics, team selection and players. The guy frequently does an enlightening "scouting report" on prospective players the club is looking at. Arsenalanalysis has interesting stuff sometimes, incl. bits about Arshavin you don't see others do. I used to visit aculturedleftfoot regularly but the comments section deteriorated into a stalinist-type atmosphere, like le grove only with the reverse mentality. If Le Grove are the epitomy of Wenger hate and doomandgloom, ACLF's comments section is the epitomy of blinkered and delusional AKB-ism.

We have an incredibly tough start to the season with 6 players out already. I try to be optimistic but I just can't see us ever winning anything until we get some relief from this persistent injury plague.

Anonymous said...


Sagna Gallas Vermaellen Clichy



Walcott RvP Arshavin


Anonymous said...

thats just for Everton

Ted said...

walcott is injured.

its time for grimandi to come out of retirement.

Rhinogooner said...

Nice one K man! I feel honored to have made your line up.

However, I don't think you'd give me a second match after you saw me play up front ;-) I'm more of a CM (though at my age, CB is probably more my speed).

Uncle Mike said...

Thanks, K man, but I'm afraid I cannot accept. I'm not even close to being fit. I've got an arthritis-like condition in my legs that renders me as slow as Tottenham in April.

Also, I'm about 48 in Wenger Years. Yes, I know, Stanley Matthews played first-division football 'til he was 50. And you've got me as a back, and even when I could play, my defense was awful. I've never smoked, so it really is the crapness.

Maybe I could come on for Rhino in the 75th. He should have a brace by that point and could use the rest, and besides it's a better position for a right-footed player like myself. (My left foot is neither effective nor cultured.)

Rhino's lineup seems more fitting, especially if my new favorite, Gibbs, is fit and can come on late. And Vela didn't get hurt in that U.S.-Mexico debacle, so he and Bendtner can sub in the 80th, which is Bendtner Time.

I'm thinking 3-1 to us. (Unless the lineup actually is "us.") Everton are good but there's plenty of reason for confidence, and beating last year's 5th place team/FA Cup Finalists on the road would be a nice boost, particularly with the next opponent being a Celtic team that we dare not overlook.

Obsinho said...

See no reason why we can't win today - the back 4, though "new" are solid, and a front 3 of Arsh, Eddy and RVP should be terrifying. Cesc & Song will deliver and so it depends on what we askDenilson to do,or which Diaby turns up (if fit). On his game Abou could be the match winner in a game like this.

I point you to 2 articles worth a Saturday morning perusal. Data o'Briain has taken over Russell Brand's (surprisingly good) column in the Guardian sport. Daras a
gooner, and a long-time one with no pretensions to being a twat like Piers "I'm a huge gaping twat" Morgan. Secondly James Lawton in the Indy. he's one of the journalists who has something to say,not something to sell & in this world of MONEY FOOTBALL CELEBRITY MONEY tabloid bollocks, that is to be commended.

Fianlly, it's great the season is back - genuinely woke up excited this morning. But I am already fedup with the hype. For me football is just a game, and as all games is something that brings enjoyment but can be just as worthwhile in losing as in winning. What it is
not is some quasi-religious cult of sporting demi-gods without whom my life withers in the cold summer months. And I certainly do not miss the cod-acolytes rubbing their faces so deep in the arses ofthe footballing deities (predominantly Money, Wealth & Fame) that an imprint of anus is left on their little puckered faces. So a quick list of pre-emptive fuck-yous for a season of bullshit;
- andy gray "fuck you"
- Lawro & Hansen "fuck you"
- The Sun & The Mirror "fuck you"
- jamie fucking redknapp "fuck you"
- anyone not right behind every member of our squad (including Fishface until he givesus reason to berate him again) fuck you.

So welcome back my favourite past time, I have missed you but not so much I need Ian Wright's
opinions on it.

Si said...

Just heard, this very minute that Hull are 1-0 up, which has made me rather happy even though Brown is a total cock smoker.

My team for today...

Dicko Bouldy Donkey Nutty Boy
Ginger Rocky Romford Pele Arshavin
Smudger Bergkamp
on the bench Liam Brady, Me, Henry, Alex James and pie and chips all round.

FLovely boink...all over my tits.
Tally ho!

1979gooner said...

I think it's a toughie as to who would work best together up front.

Personally I don't think RVP and Eduardo are particularly suited to playing together, they both like to drop a bit deeper and play off someone else.

That's why I would go for one of RVP/Eduardo with Bendtner.

I think obs' pre-emptive fuck yous are quite a good idea.

RayParlourJr said...

Hey, I read your blog regularly and agree with what you've said today. Too many blogs are too crap and oddly popular, the main stream media is the main stream media and only occasionally delivers something worth reading, you may enjoy my blog

RayParlourJr said...
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Rhinogooner said...

Disappointed to see Eduardo not in the starting XI. He provides that confidence that he will finish off any decent chances we create. And it is so useful to get an early goal or two against teams. Especially away to Everton.

RVP and Bendtner seem to require several chances at goal in order to tuck one away. If we create chances and aren't able to score from them, we will struggle the longer it goes on and Everton will gain confidence from that.

I think Bendtner, Eduardo and Arshavin up top is our best option. But I'm okay with Mr. Wenger swapping RVP for Bendtner. It's just that Eduardo is essential for me.

Back after the match to admit I was wrong :-)!

Rhinogooner said...

HT and we're 3-0 up. Beautiful! Keep it up lads!

After a bit of a slow start and some loose passing from us, Denilson curled in a terrific one time shot off the square ball from Cesc.

Then Vermaellen and Gallas both headed goals in from set pieces. Very nice to see that!

I have to say Vermaellen has really looked stupendous. He's been winning headers and getting stuck in. He certainly does seem to have good timing and read the game well. Could be the next name I get on the back of a kit ;-)

Not even counting the goals they've scored, Gallas and Vermaellen have both looked very solid defensively. I've been impressed.

Song has been solid in the middle and his close control and passing has been good as well (I still think we need to sign a DM though!).

A mention for Bendtner as well. He has worked his socks off and gotten up and down the line. He's worked back defensively to cover for Sagna and has given Baines a difficult time.

The ref has been decent so far as well. I was a bit unnerved when I saw it was Cerebral Halsey in charge of the match. But he's been fair thus far. Though Cahill is walking a tight rope in my opinion.

I have a few concerns about our performance so far, but nothing major, and I'm not going to be pedantic right now. I'm a sad bugger, but not completely daft ;-)

Back to the second half and hopefully more of the same.

K man said...

Any complaints Rhino? I think we'd have all taken 1-6!! Unbelievable.

Well played lads, fantastic start to the season.

Rhinogooner said...

I always have constructive criticism K man, but I'll keep that to myself today. ;-) Don't want to spoil what was a very impressive and dominating display.

I love when we absolutely thrash teams I have to admit. I want us to develop that reputation for being menacing and dangerous so that teams are intimidated before we even step on the pitch because they know we'll punish every mistake and run them ragged all game long.

When we play with the level of confidence we had today, there is no team in the world we can't beat. The players just have to believe they are winners so that they are not nervous when we line up against the big sides. They need to sincerely believe they are better than their opponents and have a go at them.

Full marks for the lads tonight. Looking forward to Tuesday now.

Oh and by the way, is it too early to sing?:

Top o' the league, say we're top o' the league!