Thursday 20 August 2009

Half job done, morale and spirit

A lot has been said by various pundits about lucky Arsenal's win against Celtic, I would suggest that these idiots listen to what Pat Nevin had to say on events, he clearly wanted Celtic to win but was freely able to admit that Celtic had been utterly outclassed and that Arsenal thoroughly deserved their victory. There's not much more to say than that really, we didn't need to climb through all our gears, Celtic were dead on their legs by the end of the game, they had been chasing shadows for so long that their fuel supplies had almost run out. Song was simply awesome, strangely those who criticised him so harshly in recent years have become rather quiet. Vermaelen is settling in quickly, seemingly adding leadership and organisation where there was not much.

The team spirit seems to have transformed dramatically since last year, while it is easy to be happy when you are winning, one can't help but think that the loss of one rather annoying greedy Togoan has been instrumental in this. Manuel has spoken of this better spirit and he makes the excellent point about defending as a team from the front, something that we stopped doing in a lot of games last year. It's still early days but the signs are rather encouraging.

This still hasn't stopped certain people from indulging in some rather pathetic negative ranting. Old Leopold Mendacious has been as unhinged as always, what an immense tool this man is, he spoke sensationally of the Celtic game as if our whole world would end if we didn't win, he then wrote an incredibly sarcastic and offensive piece reviewing the win against Celtic. He is clearly in trouble, reader numbers are dwindling, his numerous plugs for his super average book continue to send people to sleep, while he appears more obsessed with his own ego that anything Arsenal related. The man should hang up his boots, personally I am fed up with people who appear to want to see Arsene fail just so they can say "There, I told you so". We could do without Gooners like you, in fact you don't deserve to be called Gooners.

The impressive Sczcesny looks set to get a few Carling cup games this year, I must say I have been much more impressed with his goalkeeping than that of the dodgy Mannone, he commands and looks solid, maybe these will be famous last words, but he just looks a natural. It will be very interesting to see how Arsene juggles the pack over the next week or so. Not only do we play Celtic next week, but we also travel to Old Trafford to face Manure. I am sure we shall see the likes of Eduardo, Diaby, Eboue, Ramsey and Gibbs come into the action as the squad is rotated. I would be surprised if we see quite a few changes for the Pompey game, as even though we are 2-0 against Celtic it would be foolish to take any chances when so much is at stake.


Rhinogooner said...

It's not strange that people have stopped criticizing Song. It has everything to do with his performances.

When people were chastising him it was because he was poor. Not just poor, but awful. Yes, he was young and yes, he was thrown in at the deep end. But he wasn't Arsenal quality and he played a position that we desperately needed a top notch player in. Teams like Arsenal, that are competing for silverware with the top teams in all of Europe, need to have top quality players in CM. All of these issues caused many disgruntled Arsenal supporters to voice their discontent. And rightly so. Not by booing at the ground. But grumbling to mates at your local or on a blog is fair play.

That said, I am very pleased with his performances so far this season and and the end of last season. Clearly, he has grown and improved immensely. In fact, I feel completely calm with him patroling the midfield now (still think we need to buy another DM though).

But let's not exaggerate or consider him to be a world beater after 10 - 15 good performances. Great performances even. Let him have a solid full season and then we can consider him to have adequately replaced Flamini.

And yet, neither of these players has reached the level that Vieira was at. And that's what most Arsenal fans are craving again. Perhaps Song will develop into that. I certainly hope so. But he isn't there yet, so some caution should remain.

With that said, can I declare Vermaelen to be the next Martin Keown that we've been desperately needing for several seasons :-)

Drew said...

There is a rumor on 101greatgoals that Arsenal have made a formal approach for 22 year old PSV winger Balazs Dzsudzsak. I know it's all speculation, but it kind of feels like the Vermaelen signing, where everything was heard from the player and not Arsenal. It is out of the blue and very Wengerish. My question is: another wide man? We already have Walcott, Eboue, Arshavin, Nasri, Wilshire, and Rosicky. Even with the current injuries, that leaves us with plenty of options. That said, I won't be surprised if Wegner snatches him up before the transfer window closes.

K man said...

I agree Drew, another winger is not what we need, particularly given the new 4-3-3 formation that we are playing.

Another really sound performance against Celtic. Song, Gallas and Vermaelen were extremely solid. I really like Vermaelen - he's quick, shouts at the other defenders, is good in the air, tackles hard and is happy to boot the ball out if needs be - I'm trying not to get my hopes up but he could be a superb signing. Gallas also appears much more at ease - the team have really celebrated his goals and we all know that he is much more comfortable in the right CB position.

If senderos goes I'd like to see anohter CB come in - we don't want to have to rely on Silvestre and Djourou and Gallas are injury prone. Otherwise some back up for Sing would be good but I've given up any hope of that - Wneger does not seem to want to sign another midfielder.

One big gripe - DIABY! Brilliant turn when he came on against Celtic setting up the 2nd goal but he then proceeded to give the ball away at least three times in our half putting us under huge pressure. He's soooo annoying as he has all the talent but lacks any decision making skills. I just don;t think he's going to learn but then Arsene has proved us all worng on many occasions!

Uncle Mike said...

A fantastic performance against Celtic: They were good but they were totally outclassed, even dominated, by a better side.

I read one of Dougie Brimson's books where he called Scottish football "a piss-poor imitation of English football." After seeing the only two Scottish clubs that matter lose 0-5 on aggregate to Arsenal, which wasn't at full strength either time, within the span of three weeks, I'm beginning to see his point.

There was an old baseball pitcher named Lefty Gomez who said, "I'd rather be lucky than good." Arsenal was both against Celtic. Celtic fans can't blame the refs (who were fine), or the weather (which was not a factor), or the home field (which they had): Their team, which might be the best in their land, got smothered.

Clichy was fantastic. Song continues his amazing improvement. Denilson is finally becoming a good player. Vermaelen appears to have been a spectacular pickup. Fabregas controlled this game from 1st to 92nd minute. And Gallas, well, what can I say, but he seems to be both better and happier now that a certain Number 25 has gone off to the bank -- and I don't mean the North Bank.

My only complaint in these first two games is the relative silence of the little Russian beast. I know he put one in, but it was offside. Maybe a visit from the de-Sol-ified Pompey will wake him up.

K man said...

Agreed, Arshavin has been quiet, but I think that is the type of player he is - he's just as likely to score a hat-trick next game.

Looking forward to our first home game of the season. Hopefully we can carry on the good form in preparation for the two big Manchester away games.

P.S. Uncle Mike, no offence mate, but please don't call a football pitch a field!

Uncle Mike said...

Sorry, K man, forgot to speak English there.

On to Portsmouth, which is garbage. Excuse me: On to Portsmouth, who are rubbish.

Mak said...

It's been said that the second goal was lucky but I think that's unfair, to an extent. The question is, why did Caldwell make the error? Because there were three red shirts in the box pressuring him. Arsenal don't do that often enough, and the more they do it, the more chance there is of something good happening.

Gangster Nerd said...

Arsenal will shock their crtics and clinch the Premier League title this season.

It is also a victory to clubs which don't spend big money and focus on beautiful attacking football.

Just saw a good analysis of why Arsenal is going to end their trophy drought here.