Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thank the lord

It wasn't the best we've played by any means. It wasn't the prettiest of games. But we are through and it's these kind of moments upon which seasons can be turned. Let's use our luck and ride it onto the final in Rome. Come on you Gunners. Anyone for a nice cold Tonetto?


Anonymous said...

thank you lady luck.

they played terrible. the passing was terrible. the first touch was terrible.

but oh well.

onward. woo.


Anonymous said...

Thank God we won !!

Congratulations !!

Si said...

Fuck how we played, we ruined them in the first leg. Overall we deserve to be in the next round...Just.
Get in the N5 ULtras!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1979gooner said...

I agree Si,

over the two legs we were the better side, just!

Anonymous said...

Diaby did play pretty good though.

Roma deserved to lose for all of their flopping yesterday. Vucinic was grabbing his legs every two minutes. trying to slow the game down...

thank goodness.

and Cesc will be back for the next round! we'll have someone in charge again. woo.