Sunday 29 March 2009

Passing the time

So Ade has scored for Togo after some cracking Cameroon defending, RVP also got in on the goalscoring act with an unchallenged header against the mighty Scotland, England managed to defeat the mighty Slovakia, I can hardly contain my excitement, what a fine weekend of international football, who needs the Premiership? If only the Premership was run as nobly as the international game is run by the highly honest and reputable Sepp Blatter:

"He is working to make a lot of money and I'm working to have football as a social, cultural event around the world, being a school of life, bringing hope, bringing emotions"

Enough of the sarcasm, the above statement by Blatter is a huge steaming pile of festering turd, dishonest and stinking to its core. The Premiership does bring in a lot of money because it's bloody excellent to watch, it's the most exciting football around, the same can certainly not be said about the international game these days. The international footballing calendar is full of meaningless games, and even the major tournaments are full of weak sides and more meaningless games, even the best games are nowhere near the best Champions league game quality. The only thing FIFA have helped produce under your command is a never ending stream of tedious mundane football, sort our your own house before you start insulting your neighbour's superior mansion.

The Poos of the Turds have been generating more Cesc headlines out of nothing, simply magical journalism from them again, Arseblogger has it spot on with his analysis. The pathetic spitgate flobs on, with Sky trying to dig up more cat turds every week as they have nothing else interesting to talk about. Cesc was interviewed the other day and the annoying hack interviewing him kept asking him rather stupid leading questions about Hull's accusations, Cesc sidestepped all of them very nicely but this didn't stop Sky trying to spin it out into another lame story. The fat Hull chairman Paul Duffen has been rather too keen to comment on events in the media recently. Given the number of times Phil Brown has changed his story already and Hull's failure to submit their 'evidence/lies' on time, it does appear a bit rich that this fatty seems to think the FA's inquiry is sure to find that 'something took place', whatever that means. I think I'm just a bit too angry today.


K man said...

Easy mate. Paul Duffen is a very good man and not particularly fat at all. He's also one of my key clients so tone it down!

pig said...

bunch of arse mate. the NOTW article, not you dude. All the comments were attributed to an 'arsenal insider'. insider my arse. notw murdoch insider wanker.

wether paul duffen is a good man or not, he is backpeddling as fast as his chubby little legs will let him. he reckons there is nothing personal, that it is the fa who want the inquiry and that he would like to see it resolved quietly by the two clubs.
the 'thats the kind of club they are' quote would seem to be pretty personal, phil brown started this, not the FA, and of course he would like to see an amicable aggreement between the two clubs, he is gonna get a lot of egg on his face when the inquiry is finished.

Obsinho said...

The Hull City chairman is behaving like a moron. I know from a little birdy how impressed they all were with the decency of the Arsenal hierarchy after Hull's win at the Emirates, and have had a very good working realtionship in the past. By all accounts there has been a lot of mutual respect between Hull and not only Arsenal, but many "long-term" Premiership sides.

The fact that he is allowing a manager who has lost the respect of the dressing room, sections of the the support and the media, drag his club through all this does not reflect highly on the man, and certainly suggests his judgement has been compromised.

Arseblog's copy of his letter to the FA may not be so far from the mark......

Ted said...

I agree. If Phil Brown was complaining about offside goals, then he would have a fair point. But he is not, and Hull FC have chased a story that is vindictive against a player who probably did very little wrong, and certainly did no worse than the Hull staff. This makes Hull look petty and rather stupid.

Having thought quite highly of them before this, I have now changed my mind. They can fuck off and get relegated as far as I care.

Obsinho said...

Anyway, the goal could easily have been given on-side.

It did come off the keeper to Gallas - so then ref and linesman's decision was not that bad. It was an error of vision, rather than an error of judgement or bias.

To react like they have done based on this, shows appalling lack if judgement. When no charges are brought, will Brown then be accused of bringing the game into disrepute? Could Wenger come out and say that Terry spat at Pat Rice with no evidence to back it up? No he'd be a whining-french-sore-loser who should go back home.

Can't believe this story is dragging on.....

Rhinogooner said...

Evening gents. I've just read reports that Van Persie is broken. Groin this time.

He was doing so well with his fitness. Isn't this the second time this season he's injured himself on international duty?

We need a new rule if from FIFA that allows us to forbid countries from playing certain players when we've lost others to injury. For instance, Bendtner and Van Persie have gotten injured during this international break. Now we're down to Eduardo and Adebayor. If one or both of them now get injured while with their international team, Arsenal are left with a scarcity of fit starting forwards and a huge medical bill. We ought to be able to tell Croatia and/or Togo that they are not permitted to play and must be sent back to Arsenal immediately. I know this won't happen. But clubs are being robbed of expensive talent during the run-in. What would the FA do if Ronaldo and Berbatov were injured last Saturday? Do you think Capello might be persuaded to exclude Rooney?

Ted said...

thats really bad news for RVP. Lets hope its not serious.

Rhinogooner said...

Diaby is crocked now.

Little whinge here, but are our players made of taffy, paper machete or are they just nancy boys?

I don't follow other clubs closely but it does appear to me that we suffer substantially more injuries than other clubs do. It seems inordinate in the proportion that our club ought to be investigating this phenomonen.

Just about the time we get hopeful because of players returning from injury and an embarrassment of riches for Mr. Wenger to choose from, we are beset by fresh casualties.

When was the last time we had a fully fit squad?

Whoops, rant over, I've strained me index finger while typing ;-)

1979gooner said...

If people get lots of injuries, then they are likely to carry on getting more injuries.

For example Rosicky, then Eduardo after his major injury keeps getting little set backs.

In my eyes players play too many games these days, it's often two a week and I think if a player isn't rested regularly injuries are pretty inevitable.

Obsinho said...

I'm bored of internationals.

I think all international teams should include at least 6 foreign based players, to ensure that talent is not held in one nation.

Also, did you see that Bolivia beat Argentina 6-1. Maradona for next Chelsea manager please......