Wednesday 18 March 2009

Let Phil Brown do the talking

It's never a bad tactic to let the dust settle before commenting, certainly those who shoot from the hip without thinking are rather prone to making themselves appear first class tits. Obviously this statement is in no way related to Phil Brown's comments following Hull's comprehensive defeat at the Emirates yesterday. Here are some of Phil gems from the last 24 hours:

"Arsène Wenger's got my goalkeeper [Boaz Myhill] booked"

"Our gameplan wasn't time-wasting."

"Arsene never shakes my hand."

At the post match press conference Brown also specifically stated that Arsene didn't shake his hand after the 2-1 victory by Hull at the Emirates earlier this season. This is very strange given that there is rather clear photographic evidence to prove Brown completely wrong. Brown's untruths have also been excellently exposed by Arsespeak here. Goodplaya's summary hits the nail firmly on the head.

The evidence can be seen and heard directly here from Brown in the post match interview, here from Brown on the BBC today and here from Arsene following the match. Brown's comments on Fabregas today on the BBC deserve a special mention as they give his game away, here are Brown's issues as regards Cesc, directly quoted from the horse's mouth:

"One, being on the pitch after the game, errr, whether there's a ruling against that I've no idea but he had no right to be on there......"

"Two, dressed in the manner in which he was dressed"

"Three, ummm, pictures in the national press verify the aggression he was showing towards players and staff after the game"

"I could go on but I'm not one for crying over spilt milk."

I don't have time to point out every single error in Brown's words, but it is clear that the man has lost the plot completely, God, he's even commenting on Cecs's dress sense. At the post match interview he didn't look up, he was looking at the floor and away from the camera, then today he came across as being rather agitated and manic, he has lost any degree of composure. He also didn't know who else saw the alleged spitting incident, surely something he would have known if he had genuinely witnessed it?

Brown also became very very aggressive on several occasions when being interviewed, listen to his deranged rambling for yourself here. He was unpleasantly over aggressive at times and asked the interviewer how dare he question his integrity? This kind of aggression is often defensive when someone knows they are close to being caught out. In the interview today Brown had also forgotten details of what he had said in the heat of the moment, the man has lost the plot.

This story is fast becoming a mountain when it should be just a mole hill. Even if one assumes that Cesc is guilty of spitting on the floor, what a massive over reaction this all has been. The headlines should be about Arsenal deservedly beating a Hull side that employed some rather dubious unsportsmanlike tactics. Phil Brown has not taken defeat well, one can't help but think that if Arsene Wenger had spectacularly lost the plot after a game in such fashion he would get nailed in the media as a 'whinger' and as a 'sore loser'. Phil Brown has covered himself in the opposite of glory, he is behaving like a man that should be caged in an asylum, as a Hull fan I would be deeply embarrassed. Congratulations to Arsene for rising above Brown's level and showing his genuine class as a human being.


Anonymous said...

Brown is a cry baby......cant take defeat in respectable manner..thats why he is makin all these balant excuses !

Ted said...

This whole episode is bizarre. Before this I had an ounce of respect for Phil Brown. Sadly, no more.

Anonymous said...

I like Brown, he's done a really good job. he's just frustrated. i agree its all very stupid and he doesn't look too good. (but even AW and SAF look pretty bad every now and then)

cesc is a brat though. my favorite brat, but he has a devious personality. but he's just 21 or 22 or whatever. just get back in their and win some games.

i really don't care what anyone does off the pitch.


Anonymous said...

just a pathetic attempt to cover his lack of tactical skill.the blatant time-wasting,the kevin davies act of falling down when hit by a feather and niggly little fouls,but the best of all is the crowd round the ref to complain about time-wasting by hull in the last 10 the letter of the law galla's goal was on-side,i know it was dubious,but it's the interpretation of the rules that go our way for ONCE.the accusations by brown is unfounded and i believe that is to cover his lack of skill as a manager and as son of fat sam he has inherited the ''we're a small club,we should get all the luck''attitude and of course fat slab's tactic's as don't let them get you to play football just go out there and spoil the game and aim to hurt them.brown your just abad loser get over it.