Thursday 19 March 2009

A poem for Phil Brown

It's a great shame that the whipping of your dour football team,
has been clouded by the imaginary events that have been vented from your spleen.
Sometimes it is much harder to take defeat like a man,
even if losing was not part of Hull's great world dominating masterplan.

The match itself saw your team fight with all their might,
even if some of the delaying tactics were somewhat less than being polite.
So why not concentrate on what you and your team have achieved,
rather than flying off the handle and subjecting the public to a lunatic on heat.

I know you see yourself as the headset wearing big daddy of the world,
but criticising the opposition's fashion sense does seem more than bit absurd.
While it also appears that your memory may be playing tricks on you,
next you'll be saying that Fat Sam is a slim altruist who comes from Timbuktu.

All that has passed your lips in recent days smells distinctly of sour grapes,
in contrast our 'whinging' Arsene has behaved with a great dignity and grace.
Whatever the motives are behind your transformation into a deranged freak,
I hope you learn the valuable lesson that it pays to think before you speak.


Anonymous said...


BTW, last year Arsenal Football Club lent our training ground to Hull City so they could prepare for their playoff at Wembley. Our staff helped their players and staff to prepare for a game that got them to the PL.

Yet Phil Brown turns around with an insulting smear against our manager, captain and club. He said "that's what their club is all about."

Well we were worthy enough to help you get to the PL, Mr. Brown. Don't come crawling around our club next time you want any kind of help (like loan-out players for your team, or the kind of help Wenger gives to guys like Steve Bruce when he steers players like Palacios over to other clubs).

Also, Hull advanced to the 6th round by beating Sheffield United with a goal THAT DIDN'T EVEN CROSS THE LINE:
That’s a report on Hull’s 5th round win over Sheffield United. The referee incorrectly allowed an own goal, the ball didn’t cross the line, and SheffU should’ve gotten a penalty. That is, Hull advanced in the FA cup with a goal that was worse than our winning goal. But you won’t hear Brown complaining about that.

Obsinho said...

The whole thing is getting entirely out of hand.

The fact that press and FA credence is being given to spurious acusations (to which the only witness has changed hos own story multiple times and is clearly unreliable)really gets on my tits.

When the case is thrown out, when will Brown be charged with bringing the game into disrepute. When will the Mirror issue an apology for claiming its bakpage shows evidence of Fab spitting, when Ballack himself categorically denied it happened. When will the radio pundits who have spouted such bullshit as (not-)spitting is worse than breaking someone's leg be sacked.

The sheer waterfall of morons and their bullshit that the smallest Arsenal related crisis breeds is exactly why Gooners feel there is a vendette. And exactly what we need as a club to drive us on this season. Fuck 'em all.

Anonymous said...

BTW, apparently Horton was swearing and jeering at Wenger throughout the game, everyone in the dugout, the bench and the seats nearby saw it. Cesc was sitting very close by and saw it.

He deserved to spat at.