Friday 16 January 2009

What a pile of Kaka

So then, its 16 and a bit days into the January transfer window and there is very little to report, for Arsenal and most other clubs, not that you would believe it based on the amount of smoke, piffle and downright tosh thats in the papers at the moment.

However, if there is one talking point that really does catch the imagination, its the suppoosed Kaka deal to Man City. I thought the Ronaldo non-deal to Real Madrid in the Summer was taking the proverbial at an £80m transfer fee and wages of over £250k per week, but that looks small fry compared to the money that Man City are rumoured to have put on the table - an astonishing £107m fee and wages of £500k per week.

From one perspective, these figures are so enormous that Milan might be considered foolish not to accept them. However, from Senor Kaka's perspective, I would hope he would be following the example set by Casillas, Trezeguet and any number of other lesser players by telling Man City to forget it.

Kaka has been one of the best paid players in football for years. He could retire already and live like a king for the rest of his life in Brazil. He is also an extremely religious man who has said he wants to become a priest once he finishes with football. I guess it takes all sorts.

I would therefore be extremely disappointed if Kaka takes the money and goes to Man City. It would be pure greed - Man City are not going to become a top club for years, if at all, whilst Mark Hughes is the manager. They have gone a long way backwards since they sacked Sven.

I would also never want to see Arsenal become like Man City. Its just not real. Supporters want to feel a connection to their club. The Kaka deal is taking things to a level which simply cannot be imagined. For those on an average wage in the UK, Kaka would earn more in a week then Mr Average will in 10 years.

However, the fact that City are in the market will also make it very difficult for clubs like Arsenal to do business. Andrei Arshavin seems a good player, and must be on City's radar. Zenit will know that as well, and will not want to sell to Arsenal for any amount of money until the deadline is imminent and City have not come in.

Chelsea were doing this a few years ago. It is widely rumoured that Shaun Wright-Philips was as good as signed to Arsenal until at the 11th hour, Chelsea picked up the phone to Man City (amusingly, with hindsight) and said, "whatever Arsenal are paying, we will double it".

Who knows if that story is true, but the moral is that SWP was expensive for us at £12m and Chelsea were idiots to spend £24m on him. Now back at City, SWP is not the player he was, but thats what a few years at Chinawhites will do to you.

If we get Arshavin, then it will be for the right reasons - good player at a good price. Likewise, if we don't get him, then it will also be for the right reasons - either he or Zenit will have been greedy. In the meantime, City can try and work out how to play Kaka, Benjani, Jo, Robinho, SWP etc. Good luck to them.


1979gooner said...

well said that man,

City's fans must be gutted, the real ones certainly.

It's just silly to throw that kind of money around, why not be patient?

Obsinho said...

I read that Kaka would earn £2.7k an hour. That will be more than many City fans earn a month.

It's at that point that talk of fans "deserving" more from their team becomes relevant. When the players are normal (-ish) people who you can relate to, it is easy and human to show understanding with them. When they live in a world far removed from yours, and without any real relationship with you, then the bond between fan-player-club becomes very fickle.

We reached this point a long time ago, but fans seem to be realising it now. The crowd at the Emirates certainly channel that sense of angry-jealousy at the team quite regularly. And if the kaka deal does go through, I personally will be quite sad as European football turns its back even more completely on the humble game that over a century of fans have loved.

Obsinho said...

Sorry to double-post again (K-man gets quite the blogging police on this), but I am torn on the Arshavin deal.

I don't want to see Arsenal held to ransom, but I do want to see progression. I don't want the board/manager to lie to the fans through the media/, but i do believe that our dealings should be as secretive as possible.

I ultimately want to know if we have money or not to be honest,

Anonymous said...

benjiani jo

robinho swp

ireland johnson

... richards dunne .... never know man!

Anonymous said...

It is a lot of money.

City wants it to happen.
Milan wants it to happen.
Kaka wants it to happen.

Its a matter of PR now, especially for Milan and Kaka.

Its a lot of money. Money isn't everything, or even half of it, we all know that. At the same time, it would be foolish not to take this deal.

Its not how much money you earn, its how you lead your life and what you do with it. While this is the argument for staying in Milan, it is a very strong argument for going to City.

Kaka wouldn't change as a person. He would still belong to Jesus. If he could open up 2 more schools in Sao Paulo, a childrens' hospital in Santos, and two more playgrounds in Rio, why shouldn't he?

Gods work never ends.

If you are a douchebag, it doesn't matter how much money you earn.

I strongly suspect that Ronaldo would still be a douchebag if he earned 20,000 pounds a week. His earnings don't make him a douchebag, his personality does.

the same is true for Kaka. lets not be hard on him.
Nor Milan.

I love Cesc, but for example, if Real Madrid or Barca came in with 100 million mounds, well, it would be foolish not to consider the offer.

its a team game, no one individual is above it.

the only people at fault, if any, is City. They are mad, and it will blow up in their face, and three years from now, they will be losing to Stoke 1 nil at home. But its their money, let them waste it.

I am glad, and wholeheartedly agree, that the ARSENAL will never be like that, or I hope not.

cheers to everyone.


holte/ender/in/the/sky said...

hey mate. i'm a villa fan and i agree with everything you've just said.
citeh fans must feel more than a little disconnected to their club...i can't wait till it all falls apart for them.

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