Sunday 11 January 2009

Random Gooner thoughts

There was some cheer today when Wigan struck late to defeat Tottenham by a single goal that keeps the spuds rooted in the relegation zone, my fingers remain crossed. Elsewhere Manu beat Chelsea by three goals, again Rooney was allowed to get away with murder, it really is pathetic how the despicable chav is allowed to get away with this kind of deplorable behaviour on a weekly basis. A draw would have suited us better, we now sit only four points off Chelsea whose recent form must be alarming their fans.

Reflecting on yesterday's win, it was undoubtedly deserved, however I reckon if we'd have started with Vela and Nasri on the flanks then it may well have been a lot more comfortable that it ended up being. I don't dislike Emmanuel Eboue, he's a decent right back, however (for the zillionth bloody time) the man is not a midfielder and he is showing no sign of improving in this regard. I cannot see why Arsene persists with him at right midfield, there are also other options open to Arsene, he could sling in young Jack Wilshere, he could stick Diaby left side and bring Ramsey into the middle with Nasri switching to the right; all of the alternatives would be better than persisting with Eboue in my opinion. Possibly Arsene should concentrate on getting our team up to it's incisive best rather than claiming it's the league's fault, I don't think Eboue would have been incisive in 1996 and he isn't incisive today either.

The Arshavin saga runs on, no prizes for predicting that it will run and run and run. Apparently Zenit have turned down out opening bid of 10 million, it is also rumoured that we are to tease the Russians by upping this to 12 million shortly. Man City are rumoured to be entering the race and I felt like having my say in this regard. If Arshavin fancies going for more money to City then they are welcome to him, we do not need another player who is focused upon money and not success on the pitch. However if he wants to develop himself as a player under one of the greatest coaches in the game and if he would prioritise his playing success over money then he will choose Arsenal every time ahead of the likes of City. Therefore if he comes we want him, if he doesn't then we don't, that's self justifying logic at its best for you! Come on you Gunners.


The Gooner Daily said...

We have quite the united front on Arshavin I believe. I have linked you from my page and I hope you will do the same

Anonymous said...

Nice to see scum get beat like that and it seems the pundits praise of redcrap has blown with the wind.chelsea,well,has shot there bolt all the papers must be eating words from the start of the season of how it well be there season etc...(laugh).rooney and ronaldo still getting away with,basically ,it's called CHEATING!and emperor ming benitez tells the truth about the fa and ferguscum, it's not been a bad week.Reference arshavin i don't think we get him as he be too expensive as city with throwing money at any tom,dick or ivan!any mercenary player would go for them but i think we don't need another attacking mid-fielder we got plenty already but we do need a defensive 1 but the problem is price once we interested in a player city are mentioned so the price soars but as said in post if there want to inprove footbally come to us but as shown before most go for money, unlike Ramsey who wanted to inprove and came to us.We have to wait and see but it has shown we can grind a result if needed and hopefully this will give them confidence for the final furlong all we need is moaning o'neill luck,man u ref's and belief and we get there?

Anonymous said...

I thought Howard Webb gave too many yellows in the game, as he did in the Liverpool game, when Adebayor went off.

its a great race, we're only 8 back, thats not too bad, anything can happen.

i would love to see chelsea drop like a rock out of the top four.


Anonymous said...

agree on the Arshavin comment as well.


Ted said...

Interesting one on Eboue, Vela etc.

Maybe its wrong, but my perception is that Wenger's current midfield is shipping less goals, and less early goals, than the beginning of the season. How many times did we have to come back from 1-0 down? It felt like every week.

Everyone loves wingers, but most wingers don't defend very much.

Instead, Wenger is using a tighter midfield to grind down the opposition, and then is releasing more attacking players from the bench for the last 30 minutes.

It seems to be working. I also have doubts whether Vela is ready to start games yet. Its much easier to come on for 25 minutes and sprint your heart out than grind through 10 km over a full game. I like Vela, but lets not get too carried away on him just yet.

However, one player who is beginning to impress me is Nasri, who played really well in the middle when Vela came on. Again, Bolton had virtually given up by then, and I don't think Nasri is big or strong enough to start games in the middle against thugs like Bolton. But we are now on our most consistent run of form this season, so I say lets stick with it.

Obsinho said...

Arshavin chat embargo is now in operation - until he signs or Arsenal release any official statements let's leave it for now.

On the Rooney front, it got to the point of blatant favourtism in the first half where Rooney got 2 or 3 talkings to, went in late on tackles then disputed every decision. A Bindipper caught him quite inncocuously and got a yellow straight away. Same with Lampard's booking in the first 5 minutes.

Rafa looked a fool, but it is good to hear managers standing up against Ferguson and the FA. I'll bet £10 that we get a blatant penalty not given at Old Trafford. Any takers?

1979gooner said...


I hope you're right,

have to say the media's coverage of the benitez/fergie thing has simply shown how promanure they are

Anonymous said...

eboue red is a blessing in disguise