Friday 9 January 2009

Bolton preview

So we continue to be linked to players that I've never even heard of, that's not saying much given that I've not a student loafer who can spend all the hours of the day watching obscure foreign leagues on the box anymore, and Andre Arshavin. There have also been some rather cryptic hints on the Arsenal website, for example on Upson:
“I like personally Matthew Upson, but there again I would not like to come out on that. "

If he didn't want to stir at all then he wouldn't have released this little juicy bit onto the site, would he? He's also staying quiet on the Arshavin front;

“The situation from Arsenal's perspective is to keep everything quiet and secret and not to talk too much”

And once again he promises some intelligent action on the transfer front, as opposed to some stupid action like Tottenham? Basically what he's saying is that he will bring in some real quality if he can get it at the right price, what a breath taking surprise that is.

Both William Gallas and Mikel Silvestre are out of the Bolton game, leaving room for Mr Kolo Toure to return alongside Johan Djourou at centre back. Maybe this is the chance Kolo needs to prove he can recover some kind of decent form. I really hope Vela starts on the left with Nasri on the right, but I'd put more money on Eboue continuing his mediocre performances on the wing (cue a goal please Emmanuel).

It's good to see that Arseblogger has rediscovered his sense of humour, the past few weeks haven't been the most uplifting to be an Arsenal fan but we should remember that there have been many worse in days gone by. I would like to second him by describing Megson, Davies, Nolan and all of Bolton FC as being a despicable bunch c*nts. If Kevin Davies elbows his children, I'd hate to think what Kevin Nolan gets up to, it really couldn't be written on these pages without myself facing some rather annoying legal action, but you know what I mean, the man is not pleasant. The perfect day would see twelve reds for Bolton, eleven for the outfield players and one for Megson, maybe 145-0 to Arsenal and maybe one goal for Arsene just to help him fight off a bit of the media criticism. Come on you Gunners!

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