Sunday 18 January 2009

Kaka keen on Arsenal

Three points against the mighty Hull, and the transfer rumour mill rolls on. I particularly enjoyed a couple of recent Kaka quotes that I thought I'd share with you. The most recent quotes reveal Kaka's admiration for Arsenal and Manu:

“Arsenal and Manchester United are different from the other English teams. They play a bit more and are more open. "

One has to say that moving to Man City for money would be a foolish move for Kaka to make. The remarkable change of morals of Man City fans is also something that amuses me, one minute they were criticising Manu for buying success, not they claim everyone is just jealous of their newly found wealth, you can't have it both ways City fans. The other great quote concerns the mercenary Robinho:

"Ricky [i.e. Kaka] would like a strong side. He would never do something like Robinho, who, just to earn more, contented himself with a solution that was not a winning one."

This one came from Kaka's agent and fair play to him for it. I really think that it nicely demonstrates the problems football clubs can come into if they start throwing the cash around willy nilly. The best players who are motivated by more than money are hard to attract, however the money grabbing mercenaries will be drawn to you as bears to honey. It is therefore very easily to fill one's side with lazy unmotivated mercenaries who will not win you a thing.

Hence the moral of the story is beware of splashing the cash, never let people know if you have money to spend, while if you are prepared to miss out on the occasional signing for financial reasons then it may well serve you well in the long term as you will avoid the money grabbing mercenaries.


Ted said...

Well said, but its sometimes a hard line to draw. Arsenal have fought many battles with players who "love the club" asking for their wages to be doubled. Adebayor got a very hard time for it last summer, but he was just joining a long queue behind Henry, Vieira, Anelka etc.

The comments made by Henry, in particular, about how much he loves Arsenal, were made after David Dein had just given him a £10m deal for his last season at Arsenal.

Its also a bit rich for Kaka to claim the moral high ground when, according to press reports, he is already on about 9 million euros a year at Milan, or about 170k quid a week.

The class players are the ones like Bergkamp, who made very few comments in the press about transfers or money.

1979gooner said...


it can be hard to know where to draw the line,

I blame the agents who try to get as much cash fast rather than thinking of the long term interests of their players

Andre said...

Following the money is a tough act to justify for people elike Robinho, but you can't really expect people to ignore that kind of cash either.

I'd definitely move to a new country and work for a different University it they were to double or triple my salary. Loyalty is great, but everyone has a price.

Players are thinking long term when they follow the money too. They know they could get injured and their carreer could end tomorrow so they want to make as much now as they can

Obsinho said...

Kaka would be an idiot to turn down the money.

Milan equally would be out of their minds to turn that money.

It's not greedy, it makes sense. Safeguard the financial future of your club, secure the future of your family for who knows how many generations and allow yourself to extend your charitable work.

City are entitled to have a crack and signing these players - they have the money.

And as an Arsenal fan, I am happy that we are in a position to not panic too much if the market goes a bit Pete Tong. We do have a lot of great prospects in the club, and I am sure we could survive quite happily for a few years as some big clubs gamble huge sums to compete and pay a much higher price than simply not winning titles.

Ted said...

Kaka is already a rich man, but his time at Milan has brought the Champions League trophy but not much else. Surely at this stage he would prefer to move somewhere where he will win something?

Contrast someone like Maradona, who set two world record transfer fees - £5m to Barca from Boca Juniors in 1982(where he wone a couple of trophies) and £6.9m to Napoli in 1984, where he won the Scudetto twice. The English record at the time was £1.5m which ManUre paid for Ray Wilkins.

Of course City are entitled to have a go, but I don't see a Napoli story in the making. If Kaka moves, it is for money not footballing reasons and that smacks of greed.

1979gooner said...

I don't think Kaka would be an idiot.

He's already on over 150k a week.

What will the extra money buy him?

Happiness? Joy? Trophies? Legendary status?

Arguably it could none of the above and make him richer, would it therefore be worth it, I'd say no.

There is much more to life than money, of course money is helpful and can provide security and peace of mind, however Kaka has that already, the extra money may just bring trouble.

Anonymous said...

agree with obsinho.

its just a job.

they're just people.

why do they have to live on a higher plane then the rest of us.

if someone offered me a job at 5 times of what i was making for doing the same thing, I would probably take it, I think most people would take it,

Kaka would still be doing what he loves, kicking the ball around.