Sunday 18 January 2009

Revenge of the Arse & Sunday guff

I'm going to break with blog protocol and admit upfront that this whole post is based entirely on hearsay, speculation, opinion and MoTD highlights watched at 2 o'clock this morning.

So we won, thanks mainly to another display of what a fit RVP can bring to a game. His quality, aggression and vision created all 3 goals for Adebayor, Nasri and Bendtner. I particulalrly liked Nasri's goal - good pas from deep into RvP's feet, quick swivel onto his left peg from his improving chocolate leg, delayed ball out to Nasri on the left corner of the box, one touch, knocked back across the keeper into the bottom corner. There were shades of Vieire, Pires and Henry in there.

As expected Hull put up a fight, but on a day when Utd & Chelsea won it at the death against "weak" opposition, and Martin O'Neill's deal with the devil bought Villa some more luck, I don't think there is any disgrace in a well-gought 3-1 win.

It seems Eboue again offered very little out wide. Methinks Arshavin could slot in there nicely? Or we see if City want to spunk £100m on Fabregas stick Nasri in the middle, the Russian on the left, Theo on the right and let slip the dogs of war on the Prem.

On the Russian, there are more nises that an Usminov brokere deal will complete this week - so I guess we owe the fat Russian pig-man a modicum of gratitude. He's still an odious creature though. Kaka may still or still not be coming to help City win the Championship - good luck to them all. In this day and age what the world really wants to do is watch rich people pissing there money up the wall, then feel grateful to be allowed to drink from the piss-puddle as it trickles into the sewer.

That's it really. Two points of note for the day - 1.) we have hit the woodwork 12 times this season, more than any other team. If they had gone in, I wonder where we would be in the table? 2.) Either way it would certainly be higher than the Spuds - who ARE BOTTOM OF THE PREM. Harry Redknapp can kiss my arse.


Anonymous said...

It was a battle but i think we made it battle as we had control after 15/20 mins we scored first but let them back in in the second half.This team showed it can keep going till the final whistle and with the above teams getting LUCKY wins we gonna need displays like that all season.RVP showed again what great player he is,Nasri played above his station againAde played in fits and starts but at times looked like he weren't interested and Bendtner played like he was possesed but threw the puzzling thought again why can't he do it for 90mins not just sub appearances.Clichy had a bad game and was at fault for there goal even though Toure and Djourou were ball watching.    Our midfield again looked void of ideas and didn't show any creativity maybe Arsahvin is the answer(if we get him)but our tempo of play was slow compared with what we use to!!this is allowing teams to clam up and there was no movement or runs except from RVP and Nas,and we can't keep relying on certain players the rest of team have to start giving as much as they do.    We won and i'm sure villa can't keep being lucky so on this performance and we keep this run going who knows we could get second??.

1979gooner said...

cheers Obs,

RVP is certainly looking properly fit and sharp at the moment, hopefully this isn't tempting fate...

Eboue is adding nothing out wide, I really think Wenger is blundering by persisting with him in this position, anything else would be better.

Simpson's form at WBA makes things interestingt up front.

paddy3000 said...

most people agree van persie is keeping us in the running at the mo so lets hope eduardo returns sooner rather than later and gives robin a breather.

too many games in a row for him will lead to an injury we've all been expecting but hasn't materialised.

So i reckon put him on the bench against cardiff and give bendtner / vela a start.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Wenger persists on using Eboue on the wing as he's a defender and it shows also goes for Denilson he is lightweight in the middle and doesn't create or has not got the killer pass we need maybe he should use song and diarby in the middle.Least that way song could hold the line while diarby pushed forward.When bendtner was brought on and starting running at there left back he was creating openings now if eboue could have done that it might have been a different game instead a struggle.Lets see what happens in the transfer window we never know wenger might find some surprizes that cure some of our problems.

Obsinho said...

We are muddling through with what we have got, and so far is has been enough. Just.

Other teams are struggling too though - Chelsea have no strikers and no wingers fir, Liverpool seem scared of starting Keane and Torres, VIlla have a small squad who now need to play without their star in Young.

All teams need transfers, and it is likely that it will be the new player who settles quickest and best matches the team's need who will won the prem or guarantee Champion's league success.

And to that extent, Wenger is right that Theo, Tommy and Eduardo will be LIKE new signings - fresh blood, change in the way we play and a new threat to the opposition.

Interesting months coming.

Anonymous said...

I hope all the shots which hit crossbars would have gone in.......

Then this stupid Villa wouldnt have been sitting on top of our heads for the 4th spot [ sigh ]

Good win....RVP damn good......i hope he continues same way :)