Tuesday 6 January 2009

Ho hum - transfer window not fun

I am already amazingly bored of the transfer rumours, this transfer window thing is not a good idea, personally I'd go straight back to the old system where transfers could be carried out all the way through the season. One day it's some useless player who can't even get into a mid table premiership club's side, the next it's a player who would never be leaving their club for a number of solid reasons.

It's all about as exciting as being locked in a room with a compulsive liar for weeks on end, even the compulsive liar will guess something correctly by pure chance every now and again, this doesn't prove their mercurial talents. I reckon we'll sign Franny Jeffers, seeing as the spuds are signing one of their failures for big money, why not slap in a big money offer they can't refuse for Franny? There I've said it, unfortunately making up bizarre rumours of swaps and transfers doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.

In the 'actual' news department, the good news is that Jack Wilshere has signed a long term deal with the club, there's no doubt he has the ability, he just needs time and patience. There are rumours that Kolo is on his way out, I must stress they are but rumours at this stage, however although I'll be sad if he does leave, his performances in recent seasons will not be the reason for my sadness. Emmanuel Eboue's contract is up this summer, so could well be on his way out, it would be a little sad to see him go on a free, he is a pretty handy right back as things go and that would not appear good business to me. I have to admit this did cheer me up amid the tedious speculation.


Ted said...

Isn't it amazing that Inter, Barca and Real have all made enquiries about Eboue?

On present form, it beggars belief. However, it also shows the complete lack of seriously talented footballers out there at the moment. Although Barca, Real and Milan have a couple of top paid players, all the over-paid dross has migrated to the Premiership.

When shit-kickers like Defoe and Parker are worth £15m, the latter apparently being offered £100,000 per week by Man City, then you know the world has gone mad.

1979gooner said...

Parker is very very average indeed, does anyone remember how he looked even worse than Sidwell did at Chavski.

Same goes for the likes of Defoe and Heskey, who some clubs are going made over at the moment, they are mid table standard players and no more than that. They have found their respective levels at Pompey and Wigan, they will realise this when they turn out to be shite for their new clubs if they move.

The illusion of the grass being greener still fools some very experienced people who should know better, for example bung boy arry.

Obsinho said...

Don't know if you guys read this in the paper, but the banks have provided a holiday to Liverpool in repaying the £340m debt held to July.

If the debt had matured in January as per original contract, it is highly possible Liverpool would have become insolvent.

We now have to wait for July and hope that the recessions is worse than we feared........

1979gooner said...

interesting obs,

could liverpool be the new leeds?

Obsinho said...

It's a case of wait and see in the summer now, but it would have been an interesting situation on 24th January if the banks hadn't caved in.

Given current market conditions internatioanlly there are few people with the wealth to buy the clubs from Hicks/Gillet (look at the total lack of interest in Lady Nina's shares at the Arsenal). So if the banks do not roll over the debt, or at the very least increase the remarkably low 5% interest, Liverpool will be in a tricky spot.

I really hope so.......

K man said...

Liverpool is an interesting one because the yanks may have to sell on the cheap.

I love that Spurs have spent £6mn-7mn more on Defoe than they sold him for a year ago. Levy is a complete joke.

The Toure rumours are gathering again. If he goes my prefernce is for Hageland - tall, strong and good in the air. He should also cost less than Upson.

Good to see Wilshere sign a deal. Next we need to sort Walcott's contract out.

If Eboue's contract is up in the summer then surely we should cash in now. Can't imagine he will want to sign a new contract.

Obsinho said...

It does seem odd that there are players with less than 18 months on their contracts given the lessons we should have learned with Flamini.

But then again the failure to learn lessons is something that is starting to define the latter stages of the Wenger regime.

Obsinho said...

Given the volume and density of the Arshavin "smoke" it does seem likely that he is our #1 target at the moment.

Ignoring the Wenger double-bluff, I am really not sure I want to sign another attacking player at this point in time. Signing him and playinh him wide left may give Nasri the chance to play centrally or "in the hole", but this doesn't adress the fact that there is a gaping hole right in the middle of the pitch right behind Nasri where a midfielder and centre-back should be.

Still. I guess it would keep a few moron fans onside for a day or two, until Song hits an errant pass in the 90th minute against Bolton having not put a foot wrong all game and instantly becoming a greater plague on this earth than AIDS.

Ted said...

I think Arshavin makes sense if Rosicky is finished.

However, I grow increasingly disillusioned that Kolo is going to Man City. The fact that Kolo and Senderos have been made the scapegoats by Wenger for our defensive failings is simply ridiculous.

Gallas is useless in the air, was an appalling captain, and makes at least as many mistakes on the ground as anyone else. He does score a few goals, but thats it as far as i can see.

How Wenger can decide to keep Gallas over Senderos and King Kolo is quite beyond me.

Anonymous said...


No need to get excited about the banks calling in the Liverpool debt in July - any signs of them intending to do so will see the wheels of their Bentleys quickly confiscated and death threats against their children. It persuaded Stevie G to stay and it'll work for some poxy bank manager.

Thta's real fan power.


P.S. Gooners bid £35m for Pennant, Upson, Bentley, Parlour and Christopher Wreh. You heard it here first.

Ted said...

If the Scousers have rolled over the loan to July, then they are only making the problem bigger for themselves.

The Sky contract is being renewed this year and its widely expected that Sky will want a big reduction on what its previously been paying.

Most clubs were running at a loss already, so if the Sky money does go down next season then a whole bunch of clubs are in the shit, not just Liverpool.

Obsinho said...

Does that Wenger is a genius again?

Phew, I was starting to believe Le Grove were right and that he was a clueless moron, and all you need to do is buy players and you are guaranteed bot success & glory. Not bankruptcy.

Ted said...

Its still no excuse for selling King Kolo.

1979gooner said...

If the Sky money goes down then Wenger is going to look like a genius again.

When is it up for renegotiation?