Tuesday 30 September 2008

Porto await

A few blades will certainly be sharpened should we not respond to the Hull defeat in convincing fashion, making an important game against Porto even more crucial. Nasri is expected to return, while a hip niggle keeps the impressive Alex Song out of the action.

Wenger has some interesting decisions to make. Does he move Eboue to his favoured right and Nasri on the left? Or does he keep Theo involved and drop Eboue? He could even leave Nasri on the bench but I doubt that. Our lack of strength in the centre of midfield means that Denilson and Fabregas will continue there.

There are also choices up top and at the back. Should Arsene stick with the erratic and lethargic Adebayor and RVP? Or should he plunge either Bendtner or Vela into the mix? While at the back many of us would like to see Djourou play ahead of Gallas, but Toure is the more likely to be dropped, so will Wenger make a change in this department?

Choices, choices.


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