Wednesday 24 September 2008

The Kids are Back in Town

Great news last night with the Gooner Kids putting six unanswered goals past Sheffield Utd.

However, when you bear in mind that Gallas and Almunia practically double the average age of the rest of the first XI, and that Bendtner, Vela, Song, Ramsey and Djourou are already full internationals for their countries, its clear that these kids are a class act, and are very close in standard to the other kids who play for the first XI.

Still, its good to see players like Jack Wilshere, Kieren Gibbs, Mark Randall , Fran Merida and Carlos Vela get a proper run out for the team and do well. Its a massive feather in the cap for AW and allows us Gooners one of those nice days when you can gloat at anyone you see and say something condescending about why Arsenal didn't need to replace Flamini, Hleb and Senderos over the summer because of the talent coming through.

And for today at least, its 100% true.


1979gooner said...


outstanding team performance,

vela and bendtner were terrific up top,

ramsey and wilshere brilliant in midfield,

one player i'm really pleased for is djorou, he seemed to really command the game last night and with his new contract, he seems to have convinced Arsene he has what it takes, fingers crossed

K man said...

Let's get his name right at least - DJOUROU. He's a class act.

Good to see another top notch left back coming through in Gibbs. Vela looked class - poor old Eduardo is going to a have a tough time getting back into the squad let alone the team!

Ted said...

ohhh. isn't K-Man touchy..

Obsinho said...

Has anyone actually seen pogatetz's tackle yet?

I know it is off topic, but I am interested to see it to compare to the "fair" challenge that us "jessies" complained about this weekend.

It won't be an indication of any bias against us, but would show the horrible amount of inconsistency in referees and the hypocrisy of most pundits.

1979gooner said...


I was thinking exactly the same thing,

it does perfectly show the rank double standards that a lot of hypocrites in the game have

can you find a link to a video of it?

Ted said...

Try this:

For my money, it is far worse than Kevin Davies.

Si said...

Get in, a barmy result of nut nut proportions.
What a fuckin' player Vela is.