Wednesday 24 September 2008

Platini, Pogatetz and double standards

Firstly what a fantastic performance last night, it seems unfair to highlight individuals in what was a magnificent team display. Even the youngsters on the bench are great talents, it really does demonstrate what magic Wenger has done over the years in developing our youth. Those who like to blame Wenger for England's woes would do well to notice the fact that Wilshere, Gibbs, Hoyte, Randall, Lansbury and Simpson are all English.

Moving on to other controversial matters, the lovely selfless Platini has been spouting yet more manure without engaging his brain. Platini is either very jealous or has a remarkably small wanger:

"I like to talk about football, him (Wenger) about business. We must stop with Wenger and all that," Platini then said he hoped video assistance would never come into football, adding: "It would make me happy that Arsene Wenger never sees it."

Later in the interview, Platini again targeted Wenger when asked about his thoughts on Romanian side CFR Cluj's unexpected victory over Roma in the Champions League last week.

"That is what makes football so great," Platini said.

"It is what people like Wenger do not want, little clubs beating the big clubs, because they want their business."

The LMA have quickly stepped to Arsene's defence, quite rightly, it is quite appalling that someone in Platini's position should stoop to such a level in launching such a bitter personal attack, not only are his words irresponsible, they are also completely inaccurate and lacking coherence. The LMA rightly point out that a majority of people are for the use of video technology and the likes of Platini in their ivory towers are the ones losing touch with reality. Arseblogger nails Platini as only he could.

Amazingly the Sun has hit the nail on the head in pointing out the completely pointless pretence at action that is the FA's 'respect' campaign. Not only have their been numerous shocking examples of violence and ill discipline to far this season, but the FA have yet again failed to act and punish these incidents retrospectively, all they have done is let John Terry off a red card for a rugby tackle. Kevin Nolan's words are a disgrace and make Megson's denial of intimidatory tactics appear nothing but a blatant lie:

“I have never seen anybody as quick as Theo Walcott in my life. I said to Jlloyd Samuel ‘Give him a little kick and see if he comes back at you!’

“At the end of the day, it is a physical sport. We don’t want to be like basketballers. We are in the gym four or five days a week to build ourselves up to try to stand up to challenges like that.

“We are in danger of losing that side — the roughing up of people.”

If we are in danger of losing that Kevin then I am not upset at all, because it is precisely this kind of medieval approach to football that enables donkey-like thugs like yourself to prosper. I really wonder why England struggles to produce skillful technical ball players, it couldn't be anything to do with this routine thuggery that we have yet to stamp out.

Pogatetz was guilty of committing a very bad tackle last night against Manu, it's interesting to note the media response to this and compare it to their reaction to Davies' very similar tackle on Clichy from the weekend. Contrast the reaction of Gareth Southgate to that of Gary Megson, Southgate must be commended for not attempting to defend his player, while Megson is a disgrace. I'm sure we won't see Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson laughing at Pogatetz's challange in the same way that they guffawed at Clichy's injury. Double standards me thinks.


Anonymous said...

Davies comments and Megson's support of that type of tackle is a discredit to sport. Davies and Megson should be censured and fined for bringing the game into disrepute. I don't go to games or watch them on the telie when I see tackles like that, I turn it off.

Davies tackle was all all menace laced with ill intent. You can't hide behind 'won the ball', or 'touched the ball' if the opposing player is completely run through with cleat markes the length of his shin. Davies was clearly frustrated and made a bad tackle and the refs need to look at intent. And looking at intent it was a straight red. This is the kind of thing Uefa's Platini should throw himself into rather than holding the game back like a donkey with his views of technology.

Anonymous said...

it was a bad challenge and davies should see red. there is no place for that kind of challenge in the game except to entertain monkeys like shearer and lawrence.

Anonymous said...

yes i saw the tackle as a question of reasonable force,
davies could have one the ball easily but instead put his full weight into clichys leg - could easily have ended up the same as eduardo's incident
the challenge on the man utd player looked worse to be fair but not by much

blewlimbs said...

Phil Brown of Hull says about the Davies tackle "We have got that tackle on our side - they have got the technical side of the game on their side.If they are allowed to express that technical side without tackling, without physical contact, we might as well not turn up." This kind of nonsense demands that referees take decisive action to protect players from injury and to apply draconian punishment for dangerous tackles and managers, captains and players who encourage them. The first step should be the sin bin with automatic ten minute suspensions for a yellow card offenders.