Sunday 8 April 2012

Wigan robbed: another game wrecked by the officials

One cannot help but feel Robert Martinez' pain, his Wigan side outplayed Chelsea for long periods at Stamford bridge and were undone by some atrocious officiating.  Chelsea's first goal was yards offside, a terrible error from the linesman, while their second goal saw two offside men interfering around and about the Wigan goalkeeper.  Martinez used the words 'disgusting' and 'robbed', it is hard not to agree with him, Chelsea were handed the points, they didn't deserve the win in the slightest.

It is yet another example of the pathetic joke that the world's richest sport has become.  It is worth repeating that the richest sport in the world is practically the last to introduce video technology in order to help minimise error in the decision making of officials.  It goes to prove that football has one of the most corrupt and stinking hierarchies of power of any sport.  FIFA are beyond a joke, as are the useless UEFA, the latter's limp measure of introducing extra officials near the penalty boxes has been nothing but a gross failure, we need video technology, things have gone far enough.

These decisions do not even out over a season, anyone who knows anything about statistics can tell you that the systematic bias that is reinforced by the hidden and dodgy process of referee selection in the Premier League will make error add up over a season, it will not even out.

Anyway onto today's game against City.  With Tottenham dropping more points yesterday, it gives us a great opportunity to put some daylight between them and us.  The interesting selection will be who plays in the front three with Theo and RVP, I certainly hope it's not Ramsey, I do not feel his recent form has been great, I would definitely plumb for the young and powerful Ox, who can threaten going forward and contribute defensively.  I would not argue with Gervinho or Benayoun starting though, just not Ramsey please.


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree , not Ramsey, he is slow and hid positioning poor. We play badly when he plays, it goes to show he slows down our team.

lancell said...

Wenger picked the wrong team last week. Ramsey should not have been selected to play on the left. If he had played in the middle instead of Song, Arteta or Rosicky he would have played well and the team would have been balanced. Don't blame Ramsey for Wenger's attempt to appease all his midfield players. Hopefully today he will pick round pegs for round holes and we will have a balanced team.

Omglol said...

Why everyone blame Ramsey for QRP lose ? Was it Ramsey who made 2 mistakes for the goals? Or he missed 1vs1 with GK ? Whats next, blame Ramsey for end of the world ?

1979gooner said...


You are typical of those who equate blaming the manager for playing Ramsey out of position with blaming Ramsey

This is utterly ludicrous and silly

Rosicky is playing way better than Ramsey and for me, you cannot play both Ramsey and Rosicky effectively together

I am just saying I would play Rosicky and not Ramsey

How this equates to be blaming Ramsey for anything is bizarre to say the least