Monday 9 April 2012

Balotelli scapegoated as it turns sour for City

It is interesting to see the emerging fallout from yesterday's game, is Mancini giving Balotelli a final warning or is he actually going to give up on his temperamental Italian striker?  Either way, it does appear that a certain Italian striker is getting a disproportionate amount of blame for City's poor recent run of form.  Sadly and unsurprisingly the media focus has largely been on Balotelli, just as Mancini would have hoped I would imagine, it is just weak that the media get sucked in by this and continue to ignore that there were ten other City players on the field yesterday, who were comprehensively outplayed by their Arsenal counterparts managed by Arsene Wenger.

City fans and the media would do well to notice that Balotelli was actually one of City's most dangerous players, and although he should have been sent off in the first half, his red card at the death did not affect the outcome of the game, there were another ten City players on the field who also deserve their share of the blame, as well as a manager who seems to be rather keen to dump the blame with Balotelli rather than at his own door.

Hart, Lescott and Kompany were all solid in my opinion but that was about it in terms of positives for City.  I was particularly unimpressed with their midfield, but then I have never rated Barry or Milner, both great examples of how over hyped and overpriced English players can be, they both try hard but are not great footballers, Milner is particularly average.  The manager Mancini must also take a good share of the blame, as City died in the 2nd half, he did nothing, his multi-million pound bench was of no use to him.  The lack of media criticism of Mancini is strange given his obvious failings and his complete failure to try to win the game in yesterday's second period.

It is amusing to see some of the bitter City comments on yesterday's blog, one fan didn't think it was a defeat because Silva was injured, while another felt we shouldn't celebrate victory because it didn't reflect well upon our 'once great club'.  I have to say there are many great City fans out there, but this bunch of bitter idiots are not covering City with glory, rather the exact opposite.

I haven't done the maths but from what I've heard City's bench was not far off triple the cost of our starting eleven, that certain breed of bitter City fan should put that in their pipe and smoke it, certainly before moaning about their own injury woes.  Wins like yesterday are great moments, and for me they are just as good as winning titles, after all we should know, we have won several titles in recent years, and I be savouring yesterday for at least the rest of the day!  Well done Arsene and the lads once again!

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Rhinogooner said...

Remember earlier in the season when this Man Citeh squad was being compared to the Invincibles?

Some even had the audacity (read stupidity) to say they are better than the Invincibles were.

Look at how Citeh has fallen apart. I won't even muster a hearty laugh about the way they have caved.

All I will say is, Invincibles? Pffffft....