Wednesday 11 April 2012

The FA: blood on its hands

I shall take you back to October 2010, at this point I had entered into a dialogue with the FA on the topic of retrospective punishment and dangerous tackling.  The FA had been doing nothing to confront this violent cancer in the game, several players had had their legs snapped and nothing much was being done.  The FA continued to repeat the same old tired excuses that they could not retrospectively punish acts that had already been seen by the referee:

"I couldn't help chuckling when I read this for the first time, it is quite clear from reading the above concerning rule E3 that the FA could easily act on this issue of dangerous tackling if they so wished. Their own guidance seems to encourage action on dangerous tackling."

I continued to chase up the FA on this subject and I was amazed at the mainstream media's complete lack of interest.  It seems now that the media are starting to take a little more interest, but it is a year and a half since i exposed the FA's inconsistency, lies and deception; so why has it taken the mainstream media so long to take the FA to task on this?

The FA continues to tell porkies, it pretends there are FIFA directives that prohibit retrospective action, this is a complete lie.  The FA have the power to act, FIFA happily admit this, it is just that the FA are a bunch of cowardly weasels who do not want to act for a reason that is only known to themselves.

Shame on the FA.  They have consistently failed to punish nasty leg breaking tackles like Balotelli's on Song from Sunday, in this manner they are failing in their duty to protect players from career threatening injuries.  The FA are a disgrace to the a game that should be owned by the fans, not a bunch of corrupt cronies who care only for themselves.


Anonymous said...

The FIFA directive dissappeared out the window when they wanted to do a witch hunt on poor Eduardo for going down under minimal contact (doing a 'rooey'!).

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Keep up the pressure. The quality of the Officials this season is again a disgrace. Week after week bad decisions are made, usually in favour of the bigger team Look at Manu against Fulham, Chelsea against Wigan, and as for Balotelli, well the FA view is beyond logic.

Anonymous said...

Totally on board with this! We have to expose the new world order!!! Those evil shape shifting reptilians will never let the almighty invincible Arsenal win a trophy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!