Monday 1 August 2011

Reflecting on the angry small babies

Another day often gives one just a bit more perspective and after personally I think those that booed the team on Sunday are looking even more stupid that they did yesterday, time and perspective will do these fools no favours. Arseblogger hit the nail very firmly on the head this morning, there simply is no decent justification for such behaviour.

Some excellent points were made on the blog yesterday by readers. The impact that such pathetic booing can have on player retention was a very salient one. The negative atmosphere at home games is now part of a kind of vicious cycle, the players can't be looking forward to the lack of 'support' from certain sections of the crowd, it really cannot be helping us get results at the Emirates. Of note our away record was considerably better than our home one last season. The 'Gooner in Exile' makes some great points that I would urge you all to read.

One thing I cannot stand is this consumerist attitude of some so called Arsenal 'supporters', they seem to think that paying for tickets means they can come along, whinge, offer very little support and a 'right' to boo the team at pre season games. Frankly we'd be better off with empty seats than having these morons dragging us down. If you don't want to pay the price you are paying then simply don't, it is a free world, but don't come to games if you are not going to get behind the team. Arsenal needs supporters, not just paying spectators who see themselves as entitled consumers. Thinking you have a divine 'right' to boo is a very selfish, short sighted and depressing attitude to have in life.

There are certainly some situations when booing can be justified, for example if a particular player has shafted the club, or if there are clearly players out there not putting in the effort. For example if anyone deserved a booing at the weekend it was Samir Nasri. However booing a team that has given their all is not productive in my eyes. If people have a problem with the management then they would be better off protesting in other ways, but we saw at the end of last season that this bunch of angry small men was pretty tiny, still their boos can be quite loud despite their small minority status.

In conclusion just to reiterate some of the points I have had to repeat over and over again, there was simply no justification for the booing yesterday, it was stupid, divisive and can only be negative for the club we love. That is not to say that we cannot discuss certain problems that the club currently faces with key players on the verge of leaving and in need of significant reinforcements. The manager has to change his approach, we all know this, but for God's sake let's give him the chance to do this and then judge him. If we start to crucify him and his players before the season has started we could be the catalyst for our own demise.


Anonymous said...

THE longer the board stays there asnd does not buy players and pocket the profit , after spending money on the most expensive tickets in World football i will continue to Boo the board need to no we are not sheep who will pay more and more when they dont invest in the team but pocket the profit

Anonymous said...

I thought the Manager had had 6 years to be judged on?Useless piece designed to get peoples backs up!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Disgraceful post. You think supporters should sit there and take whatever shit is shovelled down their throats. They boo because they care, moron. The players need to be big enough to deal with it and the manager needs to pull his fucking finger out along with the board and bloggers like you. With fans like you Wenger will be playing his stupid games for another decade while you sit there like a passive dummy watching out club slip from 4th to 6th to 10th and out of the Champions League. If you want to support Arsenal like a dumb sheep fine, don't expect others to.

Sid said...

Look you oik! I pay good money for my tickets, therefore I am perfectly entitled to have a shit in my seat, throw up on the person in front of me. Its my RIGHT, I pay good money to watch Arsenal.

1979gooner said...

Hello several angry small babies

Amusing responses, very angry aren't you? Is there something missing in your lives?

If you were booing or are now justifying the booing, then you must remember this was booing a pre season game, and only a draw at that.

How were the players meant to know exactly what you were booing for? Ever engaged your brains to think of that?

How does it help? It doesn't for the many reasons stated above.

Plastic? What, so if we don't boo at pre season games we're plastic are we? Do me a favour, that is beyond a joke.

The saddest thing about you sad angry vitriolic hate filled small men is that you are part of the club's problem, this demanding consumerist approach to 'supporting' the club is not helping the players get results at home.

Highbury may never have been the loudest of grounds but a lot worse was served up for many a year without anything like the angry hate from small sections of the 'support'.

Ironically it is Wenger's success that has created this new breed of 'supporter', the over demanding whinger who rarely does anything to help the team by supporting them at games.

I used to mock Manu fans for this kind of behaviour and attitude, now look at yourselves, you have become the Manu fans of the south, it is quite sad and pathetic.

The Emirates is now such a negative home environment that it is affecting our results, and yes, you are probably partly to blame for this, you are helping drag the club down with your pathetic childlike negativity.

Anonymous said...

How else do you let the board of directors and Mr Stan Kroenke know that their excuses are not going to cut it anymore? We are on the verge of losing the captain on whom the present team was built on. And you expect the crowd not to boo? The good players are leaving. But all the overpaid dross is still here. Bentdner, Denilson (on loan but still an Arsenal player), Traore, Eboue, Almunia, Squilici, Rosicky, Vela.

What do you expect?

The only thing worse than fans booing is pretentious fans criticising others for expressing how they feel.

Anonymous said...

Ok how are fans who are frustrated with stupid decisions of wenger for the last 6 years supposed to tell him to change?Do you think we are all morons who still believe AKB? no sir. as fans i believe we have been very patient with him and the board.
If any, the fans have been shafted by the board and wenger by telling lies over and over again.

Now we are not supposed to put up a poster in the emirates( like fans at OT against glazers, but when fans put an anti wenger poster it was removed), we are not supposed to vent our frustration on blogs coz ppl will call us anti arsenal, we are not supposed to hold protests, we are not supposed to boo in pre season( coz it hurts preparations for the coming season), not boo during the season( coz it affects the players and the team's confidence for the season) not boo at the last game of the season(what use is it..lets look forward to the next season) when are we supposed to tell wenger that the emperor has no clothes?To all the bloggers who are against this move shut it...we are fans too and we have a right to express our opinions.Its AKBs who have made pussies of players.these ordinary dross would have been booed off the pitch in italy or spain.but we have put up with crap performances and whinging from players for too long.
All we need is some positive response from AW.Not to be taken for granted.i think some heads will roll before the season ends this time...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jarvis will replace Nasri.

Good Lord!

Sid said...

What the fuck have you got to be angry about?

Get a grip, you are the deluded fools! Martin Keown said it best yesterday;

"What Arsenal do every season is a ninor miracle." Class from a legend.

I repeat, what the fuck have you got to be so angry about?

Some perspective needed.

Look at the clubs above us and tell me how do we compete with their spending power?

You ungrateful, deluded, media fed fools.

You dont deserve to support this club.

Anonymous said...

I boo, because I believe its teh only way to express my anger and frustration at the being lied to by various parts of Arsenal FC.
1) The managers lies to me, a) at every press conference b)regarding his team selection c)at his busy summer
2) The board lie to me - we have values and tradition but Ive just sold at a massive profit to line my own pocket.
3) The players lie to me - they aren't fit, aren't mentally ready and aren't prepared to Win or die for the club.
Until I see some of the above change and I am as a season ticket holder absolutely dying to see it improve - I'll boo who I want when I want.
thanks for listening (which ironically is all I want)

Anonymous said...

Before you criticise the crowd at least we have pride in wearing the shirt that we paid for and unlike the players who get paid to wear the shirt with no sign of passion we seem to care about the club wenger hasn't made the best of the opportunities he has had he has wasted money on second rate players who aren't fit to walk on the pitch representing this club when you have spent 3 to 4 hrs travelling to a game and know you have another 3 to 4 hours travelling back to sit in seats that are more expensive than the league champions you have every right to show anger and frustration at a very tepid performance we are not sheep but clearly you have written this drivel with rose tinted glasses on wise up

Anonymous said...

How many of these whining retards will get upset when Wenger doesn't go for Joey Barton, who's now available on a free.

His knuckles drag as badly as theirs.

Anonymous said...


Stan Kronke and his wife are worth $8Bn dollars.

Usmanov is worth $20Bn dollars.

What the eff are you on about? Arsenal is not owned by fans. It is owned by billionaires who don't want to put their hand in their pockets. Keown is completely wrong. Its a myth that Arsenal don't have money or their under some huge stadium debt.

Frankly £300m of debt on the stadium is peanuts to these people. The club is valued at £720m and it can't keep its best players. Trying to replace world class players with relegation fodder or a kid who suffered a broken leg a year and half ago!

The club has become a joke. And the real fans who actually buy tickets can see it!

MadGooner said...

This is not a 'disgraceful post' far from it, I completely agree with this post. How can such behaviour in a pre season friendly be beneficial to the team? It's the 11 men on the pitch that any DECENT arsenal fan should want to succeed and support and I can't see any way whatsoever how booing them after giving their best in what is essentially a warm up game is going to benefit them, if anything it's things like this that will heap unnecessary pressure on the players and cause unrest. Sure you may say it was targeted towards the board and Arsene Wenger, but i'm sure they're fully aware of the current unrest amongst some of the fans, and although i'm also crying out for some signings (a decent centre half would be much appreciated) lets not forget there's still a lot of time to get the players in. IF, (and i know it's a big IF) we go on to sign 2 or 3 more quality players (eg Mata, Jagielka) and IF, Arsenal go on to do well this season and maybe actually win something, then it will make those early booers look rather stupid, selfish, premature and immature.

Anonymous said...

Oh grow up you cry baby. Oh diddums you travelled a few hours to watch a PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY!

Fucking pathetic pussy! You talk about passion and fight, where's yours you bumba claart? You sound like a faggot FFS

Man up

Until the transfer window shuts, there is fucking no reason to moan or boo, al least wait till the real stuff kicks off.

But that seems so beyond some of the idiots out there who reckon they are Gooners?

My Arse

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a good post. Booing a 1-1 draw at a pre season game IS pathetic. It doesn't acheive anything and is making the atmosphere at home games very toxic. Not a single football team has the divine right to win anything. And being a supporter of a football team means you SUPPORT them no matter what. There are enough fans of other clubs ready to give us shit without our own turning on the team. So grow up you ASB's get behind the team and it might just help this team achieve what it deserves.

Sid said...

anon (usually are anon on here I see

We are not beholden to a sugar daddy you chump. Kroenke is the main share holder for one reason, to keep that fat gangster out. We are run as a business, that means we spend what we can afford.

Those figures you just made up regarding Kroenke and Usmanov are funny though. They are also meaningless. You want us to be billions in debt do you? neither SK or AU are going to fund multi million pound transfer deals.

What a waste of time your post was.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful post. You think supporters should sit there and take whatever shit is shovelled down their throats. They boo because they care,

Anonymous said...

Don't like the booing then?
Suggest you give The Emirates a miss this season - there's a lot more coming.
You AKB's are fast deteoriating into a minority. A lot of fans (like me) who supported Wenger's very successful (CL every season), self sustaining youth project in order to finance the stadium debt have now had enough. When he sold Adebayor & Toure that money should have been spent on significant, primarily defensive minded, purchases. What has happened over the last 2 years is a disgrace. EVERYONE can see the defence is AWFUL. We knew it last summer, we know it now. Every goal conceded should be roundly booed until Wenger and the Board SORT IT OUT!!

Wookie5 said...

WHo the hell do you think you are telling ME how I can react when I pay my hard earned cash to watch my team? The boos were not towards the players but towards Wenger. This guy has killed the spirit of the club. I want my club competing for the title not settling for fourth place. Wenger has lost the plot and he should do the honorable thing and resign. Take your contingent with you Mssrs. Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson and co

Sam said...

Bit of a narrow minded post to be honest. Wenger and the board and even "blinded" supporters such as yourself can not fail to see the massive problems that exist in the squad. We have been punching above our weight for a while now with a very limited budget and a single minded crusade that will soon threaten to make it a decade without a trophy. We no doubt have some amazing players in our squad. But the amount of baggage we are carrying is criminal. Not cheap baggage either. A bunch of failed greedy experiments that will never make the grade at the top level and we are paying them massive wages. People boo because they care. They care enough to devote large amounts of there time both emotionally, physically and financially to supporting
this great club. And as a result they have the right to show how they feel. I don't think booing is a good thing. But I can understand why they are doing it. I've had enough of wenger. His rhetoric bores me, and he's a serial liar, making promises that he rarely ever keeps. He's also lost all his ability when it comes to transfers and I don't think we've landed our "top" targets ever since dein left. By all means bury your head in the sand and pretend there is nothing wrong. But come the end of another barren season we will be revisiting the same arguments. None of which will go away until wenger has departed and we inject some new energy and ideas into the way this great club moves forward. We have a great future and it doesn't include wenger.

Mark said...


You fool. Even Wenger talked about lack of ambition if we lost Cesc and Nasri. And guess what thats exactly whats going to happen. Cesc this year and Nasri next year.

And who do you think is going to put us in debt? The billionaires are not investing a penny while the capital appreciates. They are investors. The price of the club has gone up 10 fold. Thats why the club is valued at £720m.

Kroenke is not guarding anything. Dumbass. He is going to sell to Usmanov next year at £15k a share. That was his plan all along when he acquired the shares from Fiszman. Thats why he is not investing. Everyone in the city knows it already. Its an open secret.

And I have added my name if it makes a difference. I am also a small shareholder and have a box at the emirates. I will ask Gazidis next time I see him who he prefers as a fan. No hope armchair sky subscribers like you from essex or Enfield or genuine fans who put their money where their mouth is. The only way the directors are going to get the message is by REAL fans who spend money on the club, letting them know!

Anonymous said...

Mr Wenger has been in football all his life why does he not come out and tell us arsenal fans why he keeps this absolute dross of so called central defenders on the arsenal books it utterly stinks. He has available to buy cahill,samba jagyelka is he trying to get them no I honestly believe there is a hidden agenda at our club and wenger should respect the fans and tell us what the hell is going on because as it happens Mr wenger we do pay your wages

gooner boi said...

arsene wenger out he is destroying our club he has been lying to the fans all summer where are the signings he promised we are going out of the champions league place this season because of his arrogance

Anonymous said...

Tricky as it was only a friendly but its also a continuation of last season spineless collapse. I believe there were a couple of spineless collapses prior to that too? Something's got to give at Arsenal. I've followed them for over forty years and though I'm sick of football in general, I'm doubly sickened by my own club. Sitting in that characterless stadium surrounded by (sorry) characterless people... I'm fully aware of the adapt or die thing but did the club's sold its very soul in the name of progress and profit. I don't boo the players but I can't really bare to look at them anymore either.

Anonymous said...

I was embaressed with the booing. It was a friendly ffs, a friendly that we drew! Not lost, not got battered, not a cup game where we've lot to a lower league club - a friendly.
Our support is pathetic, we are a laughing stock.
Or home form will not improve from last season with that kind of support. Players will go out there knowing every mistake will be greeting with moans, groans and boos from the stands and they will eventually play within themselves. The young guys like Bartley and Afobe will not have had their confidence increased by the pathetic booing.
A negative atmosphere will do nothing to help the players. I've never seen a player improve when he has no support from his own fans.
Opposition players must love coming to our ground - it's not intimidating and they know that if they keep the score 0-0 for 20minutes then the mugs will turn and start moaning.
We have a good bunch of hardcore fans but sadly we have a large number of twats at the ground who do nothing but moan from the first minute to last.

Anonymous said...

No defence NO chance

Anonymous said...

If wenger was self employed he would not have a business.He cant even tell the between crap dross central defenders and an old 38 bus!!!!

Southern Gooner said...

I don't go the the Emirates that often and i'll admit that, unlike most arsenal who say they are all season ticket holders etc etc...(according to all these blogs and forums it seems as though we have about 3million season ticket holders)

What I don't understand is why there is never any cheering or actual supporting at the stadium...its always doom and gloom, people are quick enough to boo (they pay there money so can do if they want) but hardly ever back the team with support.
They're never the 12th man, infact they probably encourage the opposition to play better. All these fans huffing and puffing after a missplaced pass are a joke.

I kind of wish Wenger was never as successfull, he then wouldn't have created this new type of fan (enhanced by comical internal blogs/forums) that can say what they want about winning trophies every year about we deserve it etc etc bla bla bla

Creating this Arsene Knows Brigade BS, what a great way to split the fans .
If we were not in the premier league top 10 bubble then we would see what supporting a team is all about...through thick and thin, like a religion. Instead of through football manager tinted glasses.

Southern Gooner said...

I don't go the the Emirates that often and i'll admit that, unlike most arsenal who say they are all season ticket holders etc etc...(according to all these blogs and forums it seems as though we have about 3million season ticket holders)

What I don't understand is why there is never any cheering or actual supporting at the stadium...its always doom and gloom, people are quick enough to boo (they pay there money so can do if they want) but hardly ever back the team with support.
They're never the 12th man, infact they probably encourage the opposition to play better. All these fans huffing and puffing after a missplaced pass are a joke.

I kind of wish Wenger was never as successfull, he then wouldn't have created this new type of fan (enhanced by comical internal blogs/forums) that can say what they want about winning trophies every year about we deserve it etc etc bla bla bla

Creating this Arsene Knows Brigade BS, what a great way to split the fans .
If we were not in the premier league top 10 bubble then we would see what supporting a team is all about...through thick and thin, like a religion. Instead of through football manager tinted glasses.

Anonymous said...

To the wit anonymous @20.40 your comments are so on the ball they should be a frame work for future arsenal board meetings

Danish Gooner said...

Exactly what have changed over the last 6 seasons.....I tell you what,nothing !!!! Wenger is the main culprit,his egomanaical project has failed and it failed 2 seasons ago but like any other megalomaniac he refuses to own up taking every decent Arsenal fan prisoner in his Vanity project.Every bleeding year we hear how there is a special togetherness,how they have all learnt from they mistakes how ready they are to conquer the world and every bleeding year they more and more resemble a pub team,no fucking wonder they boo when 95 percent of Arsenals possession is sideways passing into oblivion.You really are a sheep if you cant understand that every or most Arsenal fans are feed up with Mr.Clouseaus extremely bas excuses.Judge me in two years time,they are gone,judge me in May it is August the 1st.These players live in a cocoon created by the likes of you,Wenger and you will always find an excuse for another miserable season.And the man himself have countless of times said that we can compete without money so all the sheep that think it is remarkable how Arsenal have survived cant even use our finacial situation as an excuse.Wenger must go,his vanity project have failed,he cant teach and refuses to teach different outlooks on football other then the now very limited Wengerball.

Justanuvagunna said...

Totally agree with everything you've said! Comments and responses are disgraceful. All this stuff about paying for the tickets gives you the right to boo, I suppose if you feel that way then it does but booing for 2/3 seconds after a friendly game is pathetic. If anyone of you so called supporters thinks that it's going to help in anyway please let me know.

Personally I think all it does is hurt the club in bigger ways then your small minds realise. I would imagine players all know eachother or their mates know eachother. Mata gets told that if your having a bad game while trying to get match fit in a preseason friendly at the emirates, you'll get booed. Not the best way to attract players?.
Young players like bartley who has just scored an own goal, probably feels sick, a couple of mins later the team gets booed off. I wouldn't want to be sticking my foot infront of the goal to try and block it knowing that there was a high chance of scoring an own goal, just miss it as it wasn't my fault as the right back shouldn't have let him in anyway?

Sorry, I forgot myself, ofcourse these are footballers who get paid silly amounts of money and because of this they can't make mistakes, they are robots who do not feel pressure or lose fitness during the close season.
They try the defence splitting pass rather than the simple 5yard ball, they shoot from 30 yards out instead of playing the simple 5yard ball and they take on a couple of players rather than playing the simple 5yard ball.
Ofcourse they don't! They play the simple 5yard ball all the time because if they try any of the above, they think if it goes wrong, they will get booed and they are only human who know matter how much they get paid are only human.

All you boo boys are doing is giving the scum down the road a right laugh, giving top players who might be thinking of joining OUR GREAT CLUB doubts and putting even more NEEDLESS pressure on OUR players it in no way helps OUR club whatsoever so I ask anyone to tell me how booing helps OUR team.

But hey, you've paid your money to watch the game so it doesn't really matter about anything else does it???

Anonymous said...

justanuvagunna you are a fucking idiot prol who deserves the rubbish that is being dished out by arsenal now

Anonymous said...

I dont understand you lot, if your so discusted by our teams performances and feel the need to boo at the end of a game, why go? why buy the tickets?

Arsenal have 40,000 fans on there season ticket waiting list and im one of them, i'll cheer my team win lose or draw as I always have.

MARK1509 said...

I think the point here is having 18 players who care and want to fight....I dont care if they cost 500,000 or 50 million as long as they have the desire to wear the shirt....too many players there have been wrapped in cotton wool for a long long time, protected by excuses when things havent gone our way and now they know no other way..Of course we cannot compete with the 3 above us...But....there are many players who would not cost a lot who are worthy of places in our squad compared to Eboue, Squillaci, Djouru, Almunia, Traore, Vela, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner and Chamakh....the money raised by them alone could be re-invested into other players with more desire and fight...Its his belief in players that are simply not good enough that is frustrating and ruining his once good name at our Club....Its even resorting to our fans turning on each other....He has to take responsibilty for his actions and stop his preaching before he makes a mockery of everything he has ever done for this Club........

Anonymous said...

justanuvagunna your spot on!

Anonymous 21:41 your a fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

old enough to have watched proper arsenal teams you new age fucking berk

Anonymous said...

anonymous 21:55

Seriously thats the best you have, calling me gay.

I almost wet myself when I read that.

Sad little man

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, so you must be about 10 then coz we never had a proper team before arsene arived

Anonymous said...

thats my point you actualy wet your self poor boy ahhhhh

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

anonymous 21:47 well said my friend, these twats aint gotta clue what there talking about

Anonymous said...

silly gay boy speech is spelt like speech not speach you uneducated dope I mean faggot

Anonymous said...

The majority of the news i read from about Arsenal shows negativity. Hopefully and i believe once we come into christmas we should be seeing positive articles!!

ctc said...

RvP says we need better players, Jack says the same. And yet you clowns put the home record down to lack of fan support.

Here's a thought. Stick to lawn bowls. The game goes at a speed you could understand.

Foolishness said...

Yes I agree, sorry for ever blaming you Squillaci, now I know it was the fans who made you do those stupid mistakes; it was the fans who are to blame for your lack of common sense.

Anonymous said...

You underestimate the fans. Are some babies? Of course. But most I would hazard to guess are intelligent supporters, fans who care about the club who would NOT have booed had Wenger and Gazidis "been active in the transfer market," (their words). They have NOT been active in the market. Intelligent people don't like being lied to, made fools of, and most won't just sit there and take it, especially after paying more for tickets. These intelligent fans also know that winning is not guaranteed. What they are most upset about is that Wenger has reduced the once mighty Arsenal to a club with such glaring and obvious weaknesses that even loser division teams do not fear anymore. This is flat out a crime

Ted said...

Far too many cretinous "anonymous' posts. Have the balls to use your name or take your shit elsewhere. The last Anon 15.53 is a prime example.

Gazidis said we would be active in this window. That very same transfer window lasts until 31 August. If we have not signed anyone decent by 1 September then by all means complain. I will probably join the questioning, as a failure ti sign anyone by 1 September would be remarkable.

However, until then, simply shut up. You have not been lied to. Its not a crime. Grow up.

Similarly, to anyone who doesn't like coming to watch Arsenal, or doesn't like the way the manager does things, or thinks is too expensive, simply don't bother coming.

Plus to those who think the board or shareholders are somehow "pocketing the money", thats simply not true. Arsenal Football Club Plc has never paid a dividend on its shares, so there is no direct income for shareholders whatsoever via their holding.

P.s. Arsene (I know you are reading), get a move on and make a decent signing !

Anonymous said...

Agreed Mr Ted

A lot of good comment and a few stupid ones as expected.

Interestingly none of the boo-men can really justify booing at a meaningless pre season match, it is so stupid it cannot be explained in rational terms.

Wait til September and then we can make a more informed judgement.

Even then it won't really help to boo the players turning out for us!


letskicktheball said...

Angry baby..i can see Fabregas making that face at Wenger.