Saturday 6 August 2011

Pathetic Barca continue to insult Cesc

It does not surprise me that Barcelona FC are continuing to take the piss with their courting of Cesc Fabregas. Their first offer was reported to be about 25 million pounds, and now after yet more public tapping up and mincing, their second offer has gone up to only 30million pounds which included numerous hypothetical add-ons:

“Barcelona are offering extra payments which are dependent on all sorts of fantastical things, but we are not interested in that. We want them to pay what he is worth.”

Barcelona FC have yet again been told to stick their pathetic and insulting offer. If I were Cesc then I would feel rather humiliated that the very same club had just paid over 30 million Euros for another player with nothing like Cesc's track record. Barca are also unable to even match Cesc's Arsenal wages. Consider Barca's 30million offer in the context with Ashley Young (20million), Dowding (20million) and Henderson (20million: it is an insult. What a bunch of bankrupt tossers.

We face Udinese in the CL qualifying, not an easy prospect by any means, though it certainly does help that they have lost several of their best players this summer. A 19-man squad travels to Benfica for the friendly tonight and there are some rather interesting absentees. Cesc and Nasri appear to be absent for the obvious reasons, as are Eboue and Bendtner, Vela may be on his way too. It is ominous that are injuries are racking up so early; Gibbs, Kos, Diaby, Jack and Theo are already out. It is encouraging to see Jenkinson, Frimpong, Miguel and Lansbury included.

This makes the introduction of reinforcements even more imperative, our squad is looking thin. Arsene apparently understands our frustration and thinks something is going to happen soon:

“We hope to give you some good news soon. Next week, something might happen.”

Time is running out. I'd be highly surprised if new signings are not made soon, but if they are not then it is hard to see our current squad proving to be strong enough for the challenges ahead. Now is not the time for haggling or penny pinching. We have money and must spend, it is as simple as that. It is Arsene's last chance saloon.


Anonymous said...

i wish it was wenger's last chance but it is not. even if we lose cl play off wenger will talk and spin his way out of it. the man is like a cockroach--indestructible.

Kevvy said...

I'm not sure that Barca are taking the piss, more likely is that Arsenal (Gazidis) doesnt know how to conduct a transfer. Look at how long it took to get the Gervinho deal done. We even nearly cocked up the Arshavin transfer a few years ago.
Alternatively you might say they are doing to us what we do to other teams. We took the piss out of Everton by bidding for Jagielka last year, then offering the same this year. What about the Schwarzer debacle last summer? Bob Wilson said we tried to buy Reina let summer but was refused because the bid wasn't good enough.
Barca don't need Cesc now, he wouldn't be a regular in their team for a couple of years until Xavi is pat his best, they can afford to tease us. I don't blame Cesc for wanting to go when Arsenal have no ambition, Barca know this and will end up with a bargain.

Anonymous said...

I thought the list of complications Arsene gave, prior to the concluding line '... perhaps something next week?', was reasonable enough. It is not just a question of waving a blank cheque at the selling club.
The Mata miss was a monumental cock up, made worse by Nasri's decision.
Jagielka will not move for 18m.
Lukaku was opening the door to Arsenal, but the 28m the club were asking is a lot for a player stepping into the EPL at 19?(Still may prove to be a bargain though).
Some doors are now opening, and the other Mata may not be completely over?
Let's see what this week brings,eh?

Anonymous said...

More like pathetic Cesc continues to insult Arsenal and its fans.

Anonymous said...

in arsene we trust.
cescs stays.
nasri to manshiekty.
with the money, in comes

Daniyal said...

I agree with Kevvy. While I am annoyed with this situation, its not like arsenal ever offer anything more than the least they can pay for any player they sign. So why condemn barca for penny pinching for a player who is so desperate to join them? They owe nothing to arsenal fans. Having said that we don't start a public campaign to sign a player through their players either. The tapping up of Cesc Fabregas will probably go down as the worst ever in history and will be talked about a lot as well. Anyway it is what it is. At the end for the day we will get atleast 30M for him. Its not a bad sum. said...

The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.