Wednesday 20 April 2011

Guts and some Looney tunes football

What an insane game of football. An incredible tempo and pace that saw both sides throwing the kitchen sink, washing machine and dish washer at each other for the whole ninety. There was controversy, there was frustration, but I don't think anyone can really complain about the heart shown by the players today, they fought and gave their all, and in my opinion they were more than a tad unlucky not to come away with all three points.

Walcott scored before some had taken their seats, a slick finish having been slipped through neatly by Cesc. Tottenham then struck back through Van der Vaart, Diaby let him run free and his touch and finish were pretty damn clinical. Nasri then struck a cracker, Gomes didn't even see his stunning twenty five yarder. RVP then gave us a cushion, his initial header from Walcott's delightful chipped cross was acrobatically saved by Gomes, the rebound was dispatched with interest.

The pivotal moment for me was Tottenham's rather fortunate second goal just before half time. The ball broke outside the box and Huddlestone hit it first time, it could have gone to row Z or the corner flag, it flew towards the bottom corner, possibly taking a small deflection on the way through. There was technique I know, but Huddlestone could hit another ten of those and not score a single one. The loss of the two goal cushion before half time was pivotal.

Having said that we could and probably should have made the game safe after that, with the score at 3-2 we looked dangerous on the break and there was plenty of space to exploit. Theo came close and was always a threat, but we never quite had the conviction to bury the game. So when Lennon was played through in the inside left position and Szczesny charged out, I feared the worst, Lennon was barely touched and went down like a sack of spuds, Atkinson duly awarded another soft penalty against us. Van der Vaart made no mistake.

The game could have gone either way after this, both keepers made some fantastic saves, RVP had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside, it was particularly annoying that Van der Vaart was offside several times but the linesman let him get away with it. I have to mention Martin Atkinson, he is just not a very good referee, it was the little decisions that he got wrong time and time and time again. Tottenham players were consistently not playing the ball and obstructing Arsenal players, Atkinson just couldn't see this all night long. At least Atkinson didn't get sucked in by the pathetic Modric's blatant diving. Arsene's substitutions were poor, Bendtner and Arshavin did little, I would have left Theo on.

The league was not lost tonight. Tonight we saw an excellent performance from a side that worked terrifically hard and played for each other. There were also some much better individual performances. One has to give a lot of credit to Tottenham as well, they never gave up, although their approach was rather direct, they showed a lot of character to come back from two goals down. It was a great game of football all round and we should concentrate on this. There's no doubt if we had played this well against the likes of Sunderland, Liverpool and Blackburn, we would have quite a few more points than we do now.


ausernal said...

As you say its not games like these where you win and lose the league. What an awesome display of football from both sides.
Although you can fault szczesny for the third spuds goal I thought he once again showed the kind of top class keeper he is. The collision with bale shows the kind of character he is; no whining or play acting after being smacked in the face, he just got up with a wink and carried on. The only player I didn't really think had a great game was Clichy.

Max Burman said...

Couldn't agree more, why fans are trying to manufacture some collapse out of this is beyond me. Watch the match, not what you assume it will be like.

Anonymous said...

You mean Spurs were unlucky not to take all 3 pts...there should of been a pen after the foul on Modric. (Even Alan Smith said that at half time) Your keeper should of been sent off after the foul of Lennon. Then at 3-3 we had a couple of chances that somehow stayed out. Spurs could of easily won in the end. Arsenal were better first half but Spurs gave them the run around 2nd half. 4pts off you lot this season will do for me, should of been six though.

GoonerForLife said...

I was ready to take this article seriously until you started up with some ridiculous excuses. Lucky strike from Huddle stone!?!? Soft-penalty!?!?

Come on Gooners! That's our biggest problem, we don't accept responsibility and nor does our manager.

Anonymous said...

Well said is an insult to read such nonsense. Lucky strike from me a favour.

Also no mention of Wenger not shaking Harry's hand. He really needs to grow up. Harry just laughed at him.

Anonymous said...

It was a definite pen - you're worse than Wenger.

The problem again was the amount of time we keep a side out after scoring - 82 seconds for Spurs first and about 2 minutes for their second.

Is 3rd a trophy Arsene?

library2.0 said...

Can I ask one thing? What happened to the team that beat Chelski in December? All season thats are standout result? Oh well, 3rd spot is all we deserve

Anonymous said...

Two definite pens and a sending off! You got away with it big time.

Anonymous said...

After the comments cesc made about this arsenal team I can't see him staying, I am with him 100% with his comments, we are becoming a complete joke, how many times are we going to keep throwing games away? No leadership, no defenders, and no manager who doesn't give a toss about winning trophies just as long we finish 2 which now seems very unlikely after Chelsea winning. Personally I think its time for a change, New owner, mananger and a team of winners, because this team along with this manager will never win anything. WENGER OUT NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did I not see the managers shake hands?

Also, Sczezny was not sent off for the simple reason that his foul did not deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity. There are criteria which must be met for that to be the case.

Hector said...

I get the feeling that "anonymous" is a Sp*rs fan. Even Sheddy Terringham said the first one shouldn't have been a penalty (note; shouldn't 'have' not shouldn't 'of' you twat), and for the second one Chesney should have left him alone as he had knocked it far too far to have caught it, so was definitely looking for the penalty.

Obviously van Persie being called offside when blatantly onside makes a huge difference, but somehow isn't a surprise given the general standard of officiating.

At least we showed some fight tonight. If we'd given that much at the weekend we'd have slaughtered the Bin Dippers...

Anonymous said...

This website is an embarrassment. Nasri's strike was a stunner yet Hudd's was fortunate.

Hudd strikes a ball very cleanly. No luck in that whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I was proud of our lads last night, and should they play the remaining games of the season with such heart the Bear would be absolutely satisfied.

I feel sad for our lads - because for they did indeed won the game, as RvP goal, the best strike of the night should not have been ruled out.

Thank you Arsenal, more of the same please to the very end of the season. Just a few areas in the defense needs to be ironed out. But don't lose heart - grow stronger.

Anonymous said...

Lots of lame lame spuds banter that makes me chuckle.

Pen on modric, modric was diving all game, a disgrace, never a pen.

The huddlestone volley clearly involved a lot of luck, great hit, but hitting on the volley like that relies on a fair bit if luck.

The penalty was soft, lennon had lost control of the ball, would never have got onto it, the contact wad minimal.

If you lame spuds fans want to come here, at least make sensible points, not the deluded shite you are indulging in.


marcus said...

Hey spuddies, how about that talented diver Modric, huh? Gee, I thought only Arsenal dived!

I'm amazed at the positive almost triumphalist buzz among gooners from last night's game - as if it was a victory to see this team come out and FINALLY play like the talented pros they're paid to be - as if it was a victory to lose a 2-goal lead at WHL. Not too long ago losing a 2-goal lead and getting a draw at WHL would be viewed as a defeat.

So the team FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY comes out and plays like the determined pros they're paid to be after a string of pathetic, gutless, ponderous displays and gooners are gushing over it. How our standards & expectations have lowered.

It's criminal how we've handed the title over to an incredibly uninspiring, mediocre, forgettable Man Utd team as a gift.