Tuesday 19 April 2011

Does anything justify the anger and the hate?

I can understand the frustration, I also agree with a lot of the well reasoned and coherent criticism of Arsene Wenger's failings at the tail end of this season, I am bitterly disappointed that our season looks to be collapsing into nothing again. However what I cannot feel empathy for and what I cannot condone is the tone and the harshness of some of the abuse that is currently being directed at the manager and certain players by certain Arsenal 'supporters'.

If you cannot criticise without spitting venom then you would do better to grow up, count to ten and then come out with something reasoned and polite. Behaving like petulant aggressive adolescents doesn't do one's arguments or reputations any favours in my opinion. I am used to this kind of behaviour from spoilt and unappreciative Manchester supporters, but I expect better from Arsenal fans. As adults we should try to put football into perspective, we should try to behave maturely and not fly off the handle in a knee jerk manner without engaging our brains.

The manager seems to damned whatever he does these days. If he accepts defeat gracefully then he is just too wet and doesn't care, if he gets a bit angry and shows some passion then he should be more graceful. If he criticises his players in public then he's a bad manager and if he doesn't then he's backing incompetents. A lot of the abuse he gets in the media is so unfair it's not true, so inconsistent and riddled with double standards it stinks.

The manager has made mistakes but there's a way of pointing this out that's acceptable and a way that's just plain unacceptable. Certain players need moving on, some just aren't good enough, some just aren't one hundred percent committed to the club. The tactics have also been completely lacking on too frequent a basis, playing a lone striker against a team that sticks ten behind the ball just doesn't work well.

However if it's a 'with us or against us' bipolar situation then I'd rather stick with Arsene Wenger than supporters who will attack each other for chanting a certain player's name, than supporters who will attack each other when things aren't going quite to plan, than supporters who will regularly put more energy into jeering their own players rather than getting behind the team, than supporters who cannot express themselves both reasonably and politely in their criticism of the manager and players, than supporters who always point our what they haven't but ignore what they have. I hope the lads can put a committed performance in tomorrow night and make a real point. Come on you Gunners.


Sion said...

Agree wholeheartedly. These fake fans nowadays are too invested in the media's portrayal of our team instead of supporting them like a true fan.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

fake fans

what a load of crap!.

wenger is a fault with the shit we have, buck stops with him, and it will continue

he should have been fired in 2007, but no the greedy board kept him.

we need a manager can take bold tactical decisions and get rid of shit players .

cesc is saying what majority of teh fans feel

Anonymous said...

If these idiots put as much energy into supporting the team especially at home, we'll be home & dry. Instead the nervousness of the supporters infects the players

Sid said...

I can understand being angry and pissed off in the heat of the moment. I was so gutted Sunday leaving the ground, as I was leaving the hawthorns and St James Park as well as the stadium of Light. Those were just a few of the poor results I have paid money to go and watch my team this season. And I have vented my spleen a lot of times, even calling for the manager's head, along with a few of the players too.

However, that anger doesnt last and it subsies with time. The disapointment takes a lot longer to fade as I think we have had a fantastic chance to win the title this year and who knows if we will get that oportunity again? I do think also that if Wenger had spent a bit more in the summer (Almunia starting in goal was a huge mistake and AW should have either promoted fabianski, or simply bought another keeper. That was a massive fuck up) And in january not signing a CB was a massive gamble as well.

However, the anger goes, or it should, yet I see quite a few sad cases who see constantly in a state of apoplexy! Angry, spittin bile and vitriol 24/7. They are a huge embarrassment to his club and show us up even worsethan those fickle spuds! What hve the spuds doners this season? or the chavs for that matter?

We, apparantly are shit, with a deluded manager, and shit players, yet are still united's only challengers.

I have been fucked off this season, wiull be gutted if it ends tits up and yes, the manager has made mistakes. BUT the venom and shit I have read has been fucking disgraceful and given how piss poor te home support is at the Grove, I miht stick to away games from now on.

Sort yourselves out Gooners, or clear out.

Dom said...

the problem is the amount of plebs that get caught up in the talksport quality of journalism.

freddi said...

I'm pretty sure the people who diss Wenger without putting up reasonable arguments are the minority though, and those who are asking questions after 6 years of continuing failure aren't misguided. In fact, the biggest lie of the media is a positive one, they say we still play beautiful football. Well, we don't, it's just a myth that stayed with us.

Sim said...

Totally agree, very disappointing season but Wenger is still the best option and he is correct that a lot of our downfall has been bad luck (read awful/unfair refereeing all to regularly). The correct signings in the summer and a couple of youthful promotions and we'll win something for sure.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I'm sick and tired of these so called Arsenal "supporters" too.

All they do is whine and complain while conveniently forgetting all that Wenger has done for the club.

Anonymous said...

People are forceful in their criticism because they care. To be honest, accusing people of being disrespectful to Wenger is a bit daft, who is Wenger respectful to? The amount of managers he has had arguments with is untrue, he spends half the matches shouting at 4th officials and treats the supporters like imbeciles. He deserves what's coming. I honestly believe that if the stubborn old goat showed a bit of humility for once and stopped trying to cover his tracks with the most idiotic excuses since football began, people would have more sympathy and back him more. Instead, many supporters feel they are being lied to, which they are.

Anonymous said...

I think AW mis-calculated the goodwill of the Arsenal faithful to be honest. A manager under pressure would not accept Almunia as his starting GK, and not sign a CB in the jan transfer window.

I think post-Carling Cup really and the subsequent reaction have taken AW by suprise. Which is why he's so tense during a game.

I don't particularly feel sorry for him as he earns 6m a year and should be judged on results. He'll probably get a chance to rectify it this summer. Up to him to take it.

But I do hope the home fans get behind the team until the end of the season. Still plenty of games left to leave a good end of season impression.

Unknown said...

Great post...
I'm sick of all this bullshit.
The media has successfully split the supporters in two.
Nothing seems to be good enough for some, and I'm guessing that the ignorant pundits are laughing their asses off, over a pint...
We need to get behind OUR team and manager cause we are digging our own graves here.
In my mind the players must feel the pressure and thats a good thing up to a point, but just imagine if we had all gotten behind them from the first game of the season...
Unity breeds success...
Arsenal for life...

Anonymous said...

what about Wenger sorting himself out and clearing out the dead wood at the club who will NEVER be good enough for Arsenal just like Senderos,Stepanovs and the like,the list could go on and on!It just takes AW 5yrs to realise what everyone else knows...As for better than the Chavs....they will beat us into 2nd place as well...will AW then say 3rd isn't a disaster as well!These fans aren't fakes...they are real fans who want whats best for their club which unfortunately is no longer AW....the guy is simply an embaressment now and is quickly turning Arsenal from a team admired by most to a team vilified because of the bad loser manager

Anonymous said...

Spot on it's as if they believe Wenger is trying to ruin the club on purpose ! I'd have to say we have some of the worst, shouldn't even use the word but, supporters. Lets just remember what Wenger has done in a time where we've had limited resources due to the stadium. Saw an article today which said we're going to axe 11 players one of them koscilney what a bunch of crap. My Season we finished 12th so to be in top 4 for the last few years consitently i think isn't too bad , especially with the arrival of billionaires we still have a competitive team.

CAB said...

There isn't anyone who I'd rather managing Arsenal than Wenger. We all have our pet favourites and hates, but he knows more about footy than I will ever know, and is committed to the club.

Ted said...

Well said 1979. Only a bunch of twats would think a manager should be sacked for coming second in the toughest league in the world.

Unfortunately,'twat' is the nicest thing you can say about a lot of Arsenal fans.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply Wenger is becoming a joke. His endless excuses after the team (his team) drops points (countless games thrown away despite securing a lead) is embarrassing and highlighted rightly so across all forms of media.

Wenger has lost the faith of a growing percentage of Arsenal fans (including me) because he and he alone has spent the past 6 seasons slowing building this team. He (no-one else) has authorised the signings plus the player sales. Wenger is responsible for Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner, Squillaci, Almunia. Wenger is repsonsible for the 'possession' football we have been playing for the past few seasons- the same style of football which is often mistaken for 'attractive' football but which is the reason players are 'trained' to pass out of trouble. The defensive unit cannot comprehend the good old fashioned boot into row Z - like Adams and Dixon would be prepared to do - when required. Wenger is responsible for tactics - such as playing a 6 foot plus striker on the right wing.

Wenger has brought a lot of good to the club but has not shown that he has the presence to demand respect - instead he is brainwashing the players into thinking that they are not to blame for the poor (sorry, shocking results) this season - Sunday's gift to Liverpool another classic example - blaming the referee (again!).

Arsenal doesn't have any right to enjoy success- nor do the fans. That right is 'earned' and players and the Manager alike need to stand up and be counted. Admit to mistakes. Admit when players are not playing well enough. Admit when players haven't worked out and ship them out- not protect them endlessly and improve their salaries.

I for one decided back in December that this team was worse than last seasons. I see that after the same number of games compared to last season, we are 7 points worse off and scored 11 less goals.

MAJOR changes are required. I know I will be slagged off by the IAWT brigade and labelled a 'fake fan' - which is rubbish. I've supported AFC since 1978. I've paid hard earned money to travel from Bristol to matches to watch games over the years and so I am more than entitled to an opinion. For me the time is fast approaching for a change- otherwise, I am afraid further disappointment is going to be on the menu for several seasons. Remember, Wenger said he would settle for 2nd place for the next 20 years- do you honestly want this? Or would you prefer an Arsenal team that can genuinely challenge for the title, not drift backwards and pretend to be title contenders (only due to Chelsea having an even worse season than us)?

Even with Silent Stan making his move for greater share ownership, will not bring about the major changes this club desperately needs.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post I cannot believe some of the comments directed at Arsene amd the players, they do read these blogs and are young and their confidence and belief in themselves can be dented by the crap spouted, nothing makes me more angry than listening to Talkshite, sky and the rest of the arsenal hating media they are out of touch, buy a goalie buy defenders, and as for the prawn sandwich brigade at the emirates they should hang their heads in shame how how can they boo our players. we must believe and we must make the players believe we are still behind them, Newcastle just did us a favour, come on you gunners, 2-1 tomorrow night, we have to get some luck sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

HA ha he he ho ho jokers.... Wenger once said we would go undeafeted all season and the world mocked him ;) We have a strong team when fit injuries hurt every team. We beat Barca we lost one trophy down to a mistake and lost the second leg at Barca due to a back pass by our captain and a pointless sending off. Get rid of Wenger!???? Spurs must be loving this.... they lose 5-0 to real not even one goal and they are the greatest with the best manager?? 6 games and we are in with a shout.... lamers f*%k off

SeattleGooner said...

well said, 1979.

I must point out how disappointing it is to the line that has been drawn through Arsenal supporters. Regardless of your ACTUAL thoughts on the issue, you are either:

(a) A Wenger-loving Hippy, content to aim for second best and fail year after year; or
(b) A fake fan, who would see Arsenal fall to bankruptcy just for a trophy or two in the case.

When did there stop being a middle ground? It's just baffling to me that as Arsenal supporters we spend more time bashing fellow supporters than we do opposing teams!

Personally, I think Wenger's best days of coaching are behind him. Too many questionable substitutions, squad selections, and tactical approaches to games have left me doubting AW is the right man to stalk the sidelines.

However, I fully trust Wenger's ability to build a club, scout talent, and make fiscally responsible decisions for the club.

Personally I would like Wenger to step back from the coaching aspect and become a sort of "general manager" who works between the board and the manager/coach. Not really a realistic idea probably but I don't think Wenger has the ability or the desire to change his tactical approach to games, and I no longer have any faith in that approach or its effectiveness. Something has to change.

Davi said...

@anon 21:56

Some fair points, no doubt, but imo the team/squad is much better than last season. Just look at the way the league is shaped, it's MUCH tougher. We are were we are on merit, and in fact would be a lot higher if we could get a half decent ref every once in a while.


What happened to my earlier post btw?

Anonymous said...

AW is a great manager on balance. It's just that Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho are better. They get the resources and the results that Wenger doesn't. The margins are finer than the aggressive critiques of AW give credit for. ManU have 3 loses and 1 draw in their last 6 premier league games. Both squads are running low on steam.

I will keep supporting AW in the hopes that something beyond his control will finally come good in a big way for him and for the club.

Unknown said...

Hasn't it occurred to Arsene's vitriolic critics that publicly he voluntarily takes the blame on his own shoulders in order to protect his players. Having him slag them off would do little for their morale which is in any case worn down by the appaling supporters we seem to have attracted.

Anonymous said...

Problem is he doesnt take criticm. It's always somebody elses fault. The pitch, the ref, the linesman, fatigue, international games, lack of international games.

Some accountability would be nice. Supporters pay the highest ticket prices in the world to watch dross at home tbh.

Anonymous said...

Its a good article and I agree with a lot of the sentiment in it. However, I do think that the exact same comments could actually be levied back at the Manager, which I think is where a lot of the vitriol potentially comes from. Its thing like the ever diminishing definition of what constitutes success and the absolute dismaissal of any opinions the fans maye have and anyone else for that matter. Then you correlate those two things with the price of tickets and rumoured price hike. So maybe this article could also be levied at the cl;ub aswell.