Saturday 2 April 2011

Football's shameful corrupt face

On the day of the Cricket World Cup final, there could not be more of a stark contrast between the excellent use of video technology in this sport and football's pathetic refusal to do anything to wipe out the routinely useless decisions that change both games and seasons.

India and Sri Lanka are taking part in a great game of cricket and it is being supported by technology, in the same way that many other sports around the world have embraced technology for the better. Errors are reduced, although nothing is perfect, using technology sensibly is a massive improvement on what went on before, no one could deny this.

On this same day Manchester United are helped on the road to coming back from 2-0 down against West Ham by some appalling refereeing decisions that surely would not have happened if football's corrupt authorities had bothered to introduced technology to assist the officials. Vidic somehow stayed on the field when he should not, Rooney scored from a free kick that never was after Noble had won the ball fairly, Rooney's and United's third came from an appalling penalty decision after a clearly accidental handball by Upson.

Football is the richest game in the world, yet it still has not introduced technology in order to minimise error and make the game fairer for all, this is an absolute disgrace and frankly I am losing faith in the game that I love the most because of this stinking mess. FIFA are the chief culprits, a corrupt organisation that is completely unaccountable, one that persistently refuses to do anything that may make the game fairer. For this reason football currently stinks.

For anyone hoping for some decent objective refereeing today at the Arsenal-Blackburn game, think again, it is Phil Dowd in charge, the man who stole two points from us at Newcastle earlier this year. Dowd has a ridiculously dodgy record when taking charge of our games this year. Here's the eleven fighting against Blackburn's twelve men: Almunia, Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy, Song, Wilshere, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott, Van Persie.


library2.0 said...

Man yoo get the decisions? Are you surprise? Win all games and we win the league. Though I was happy at Half time

roy said...

I couldn't agree more with you. As someone who has been following cricket literally from the egg I wasn't exactly in favour of video technology from off. Maybe I was a bit of a purist who felt an intimate part of the game. But with improving technology and other sports embracing technology, I felt it was time for cricket to take the leap as well. And there's no looking back now. The referral system have made the game a lot fairer.

Btw, great blog. Have started an Arsenal blog recently myself. Do have a look, any comments, feedback etc would be appreciated. :)


library2.0 said...

what will u say after that? sod the decisions, wenger could have payed for players BUT DIDN'T. But they'll increase the prices for us to see THAT. Sorry, man yoo (who are NOT THAT GOOD) are better than us.......wenger must leave, we all wanted a goalie and cb at jan, bt wenger said no.....thx wenger

Anonymous said...

how are you proposing a nil nil could have been avoided with a new defender and goalie library?

though i do agree its a disgrace the ticket prices are being raised, players dont win anything, get new contracts, team dont win anything they keep pushing the bar higher on ticket prices, theyll be happy when theyre getting 40 and 50k instead of full houses. though i can see some merit in the new contracts as you cant build a team if youre losng key players all the time but they should realise that boasting one minute about how rich they are and how much they make on a match day and then saying they have to raise the highest ticket prices in football again doesnt wash

library2.0 said...

Anonymous. In response, we bought campbell last yr and he bought leadership. Last year we could have got Viera for a goalie was useless and our c/h r.......come on, wenger needs to at least pay some money for new players and not pay money for denilson? bendtner etc......