Sunday 13 February 2011

Solid and standard - the title can be ours

That was just what the doctor ordered, after last week's second half Dowd induced capitulation, a display of discipline and solidity was just what was needed. We got that, no more, no less. Wolves couldn't compete, they tried hard, and to be fair to them, kept the ball pretty well when they had it. In the end two nil flattered Wolves, it could have been far more as Mick McCarthy graciously admitted afterwards, but Wolves did have a good fifteen minutes spell at the end and could possibly have nicked one too.

The whole team defended well as a unit, Wilshere and song were supporting the back four throughout, until the former was substituted, while the back four all had pretty solid games. Djourou and Kos combined well, Wolves may have had a decent penalty shout in the first half, I couldn't see it well from where I sat, the full backs were solid, Clichy definitely seems to have tightened up his game defensively in the last couple of months, far fewer errors than he was making last year.

The rest of our work was based upon our solid pressing defensive platform. Cesc was at the heart of much of our creative work, Theo's pace and movement was dangerous, while Arshavin is finally appearing to shake off his poor form, he was far more incisive and cutting that he has been of late. RVP was our spearhead, the focus of our attacks and the man who never delays in pulling the trigger. Cracking finishes for both goals, the first saw him make a tricky volley look easy, the second saw a brilliant bit of control rewarded with an excellent second touch for a finish. It was a shame that I missed the second goal, my bladder got the better of me, still the big screen meant that I did see it shortly afterwards.

The Wolves keeper Hennessey made some fine saves, our finishing did let us down at times as well, but to complain too much about this would be foolish, the overall performance was more than adequate to dispose of Wolves, we also managed to give a couple of players a few minutes rest before the visit of Barca on Wednesday night.

If we can keep out key players fit then we have a very good chance of winning the league this season, I genuinely feel that. Manu are very beatable and despite beating City yesterday, they were far from convincing. We are not favourites, but still Manu have the harder run in and if we can put a good series of wins together we can put them under some proper pressure. Let the stupid Mancs and the media get carried away with the fat chav's 'wonder goal', the wonderous thing for me was that such a fat granny shagging chav could get himself more than three inches off the ground.

Finally I couldn’t help but notice the FA’s comments on ‘social networking sites’, they have reiterated what we already know on this, ie that players need to be careful as to what they say on certain issues, otherwise it may be deemed as bringing the game into disrepute. It is funny that the FA’s complete lack of courage in taking on dangerous tackling and complete failure to try to help referees by introducing technology into the game are not deemed worthy of bringing the game into disrepute. It seems that criticising a bad refereeing decision is a terrible sin, while doing nothing about a totally inadequate system of officiating that we have is fine, typical double standards from the FA.


Sid said...

I was at the game and didnt get a good look at the Wolves penalty claim, but according to the radio commentator, it was a dive! Seeing as Doyle dropped to the ground on numerous occasions, that isnt too much of a leap of faith to think the 1st claim was a dive too.

I have always felt we could win this league. The collapse last weekend wasnt exploited by either the chavs or mancs, so we got lucky there. We are now relying on other teams to do us a favour though and hopefully united will fuck up away from from. And considering how ropey they are away from the cosy ref assisted OT, that is a distinct possibility!

What is it with us and poor refs this season? Its as if we are being given refs with questionable impartiality! Its not like the chief of Refs, Mike Riley was ever partial to a certain team now is it???

Red Army!

king gooner said...

spot on red army!check out "dogface"on untold arsenal re certain refs stats-would make you believe in a conspiracy!

1979gooner said...

Indeed sid.

Looked mire like dive but I was too far away to judge.

Mike riley, those two words say it all!

Anonymous said...

1) as good as our prospects look now we must remeber that we find it hard when even a small part of our first 11 are missing. with our injury recored lieth' our fate.
2) Man-u are bigining to look like a really good team. Nani is no less a player then Nasri, Barbatov no less then RVP and they have Roony as well to our cesc. so they have more talent then it seemd at the start. take into acount the strongest defence in the PL and the refs on thier side and you see they are strong faves for the title.

that goal was amazing no matter what you think of the scorer.

Sid said...

Nasri is far far better than Nani will EVER be. You must be a manc! Rooney scores a fluke goal after doing sod all for 6 months and he is the saviour of English football again! Yep, you also watch sky sports alot too!

Utd's defence is solid enough, but even though we have shed some serious goals in a few gams (WBA, spuds and Toon) our goals conceded is almost inline with the manc twats. You conveniently failed to mention utd's shite away form which I think will be their undoing.

Unknown said...

"Let the stupid Mancs and the media get carried away with the fat chav's 'wonder goal', the wonderous thing for me was that such a fat granny shagging chav could get himself more than three inches off the ground."

Hahahahahahaha, just look at the utter jealousy of the typically pathetic biased author! Theres a huge reason why you only have a few comment on ur article and thats because ur posts are shit and lack class!

Give credit when its due you soppy mug and stop embarassing urself by clearly showing your bitter obsession with Rooney and United, just face it, form is temporary but class is permenant and your all just a bunch of bitter little girls blouses with all ur "it was a fluke goal" comments, hahahahahaha, classless mugs who just cant face giving credit when its due.

Well i do give credit when its due and ill tell you when its due....Wednesday nite when Barca AGAIN will tear your little wannabe-Barca team apart and completely make you look shit, like all the big teams do and us, the media, the newspapers, the fellow football legends, the commentators and the rest of the world and its mother will praise credit on just how easy Barca brushed your team aside and completey laugh our heads off at all you Arsenal fans and their pathetic deluded excuses for not winning! Hahahahahahahahahaha, i just cant wait to see the looks on all your mug faces when Barca smash 2 or 3 goals past you at the Emirates and knock u out before even playing the 2nd leg! LMAO

Just cant wait to laugh at u all!!! Hurry up Wednesday!! Lol

1979gooner said...


thanks for coming here and so politely defending your granny shagging syphilis infested fat chav, one who tried to squeeze as much money as possible out of that lovely club he loves i should also add!


Olivier Arsenal fan said...

I think maybe Spurs fans are frustrated because people (journalists) have not given any credit to Spurs team even they are doing a good season Premier league and champion ‘s league. They talk more about strong team like Utd or Chelsea, potentially strong and new team like City and very good play and football like Arsenal (even according to Lineker and Hansen).

Arsenal Fans said...

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goonerkam said...

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