Tuesday 1 February 2011

Character and Fight should be taking the headlines

Sod the useless Lee Mason, sod the Everton manager David Moyes who seemed intent on diverting attention away from his team's surrendering of a lead by throwing wild accusations around about Cesc Fabregas, sod the pathetic commentators who seem to have one rule for Arsenal players and another for the team that keep fouling them, sod the lot of them. I am sure the headlines will ignore the fact that this was a great team fightback against the odds, a team that was unfairly one goal behind after a shocking piece of officiating.

Everton played well and made things difficult for us, I wouldn't have expected anything else. Still there was more than a massive slice of luck involved in their first 'goal'. Saha was miles offside, about four yards or so when the ball was played. Koscielny tried to acrobatically intercept the ball and got the slightest of touches on it, bizarrely the hare brained officials must have deemed this touch by Koscielny to be a deliberate pass, a clear misinterpretation of a shit rule that never needed changing in the first place. Some rather retarded pundits seemed to think that this decision could be justified, anyone with half a grey cell can appreciate that this was a first degree howler, an truly appalling piece of decision making. Overall Mason's performance was breathtaking for all the wrong reasons, the 'holic has summarised his ineptitude nicely.

Anyway enough of the negative, on with the positive, to come back from this cruel setback took a lot of guts, determination and two well taken goals. It was fantastic to see the little Russian Andrei Arshavin neatly tuck home the first with his right peg after a poorly directed Rodwell header, he has been trying very hard of late, there has been no lack of effort, it would be great to see him take off now and use this as a launchpad. The second came unusually from a set piece, a great whipped in delivery from RVP's left foot and a thumping Koscielny header. We then shut the game down solidly.

As I said earlier it is inevitable that the media will focus on Moyes' wild ramblings, interestingly Arsene has denied that Cesc even spoke to the referee in the tunnel, strangely the media are rather quiet on this and much louder on one losing man's 'claims'. It is also strange how the media routinely ignore the foul mouthed abuse given to referees by the players of certain other big clubs, mentioning no specific names of course.

Winning last night was massive, with Manu and Chelsea both picking up three points it was absolutely crucial. If we are going to wrestle the title from 'boring, boring' Manure then we will have to put a wonderful run together, we cannot afford to lose many more games. The injuryt to Song is a slight concern and one wonders whether a certain Mr Lansbury is near a recall from Norwich. Anyway a well done to the players for showing such spirit and fight, for not giving up hope when it would have been easy to do so. Come on you Gunners.


Anonymous said...

Well Said could not agree more

Anonymous said...

Wenger should mind his own business.If he wants to buy kids,nobody says anything. The problem is by getting Torres,Chelsea have improved their chances of winning any of the the three titles.
Now Wenger is afraid Chelsea might pose a threat to him.If he doesn't want to spend ,it is fine. Please don't try to impose your own principles on others.
Btw Wenger wants to play eye pleasing soccer while others play winning soccer. Nobody has told him he can't play his way.
He sounds like a frustrated old guy and I wouldnt be surprised he can't even win the cc. Then what?

Anonymous said...

wat the f*** are you rambling about, you high.. jumping from one subject to other... p*s* off.... go watch your hired mercenaries and enjoy your worthless bought trophies.... on another subject, i just lost whatever little respect i had left for david moyes.... used to be one i respected..... one who was delivering the goods with not much resources.... a young ambitious coach getting the best of the players at his disposal.... no more.... lately he has been targeting wenger and Arsenal... after every game, some s*i* or other..... up you*s.. moyes.... you lost..... Hail hail the fighting Gunners.... on track for all 4 competitions.. fun part is going to be watching the others start to disintegrate, since they all have their tough games ahead, while looking at our future fixtures , fills me up with much hope... i think this might very well be our breakthrough season.... i really think so... keep the faith.. Up the Guns of Arsenal..:... goonerkam/la/ca

Anonymous said...

Any surprise that another of fungusbum's accolytes, having failed to steal points from Arsenal despite the corrupt and dishonest endevours yet another bent EPL ref now attempts to destabilise our club by lying about our captain?

Yet another touch of orange brown and his cuddly bunny with their proven lies about the "spitting"? (no demand for an apology from the media morons, or even an acknowledgement that brown and cuddly were proven to have lied).

Watching the english pundits on sky afterwards it's amazing that they take moyes word as gospel, but assume Wenger is lying when he says Cesc said nothing untoward.

Yet another clear indication of the xenophobia and hate Wenger faces from this shower of cheating sht.

The English game is dishonest and riddled with cheats like rooney, gerrard, the fa, refs and pundits etc, who are too fkng thick to look in the mirror and see themselves for the pieces of sht that they are.


Anonymous said...

Saha's goal was off side. Walcott was through but was pulled back. Walcott in full flight was hacked down. No yellow card.
These are some of the incidents I want to highlight which shows how tough it is for the gunners to win the title.For all you know the ref is the red faced accomplice in cahoots with linesmen.
There are many ingenius ways the match officials can stop Arsenal from winning.I will highlight some of these.
In a 50-50 situation at the gunners goal,the ref could give a penalty.When a gunner is clean through like Walcott he could blow for a free kick.This would stop the gunners from 80% chance of a goal.
Fear not. If the gunners play to their full capacity they will prevail.

1979gooner said...

anon 735

problem is it will cost us come the end of the season

we can escape most of the time but the routine biased refereeing means that we will drop points, while Manure routinely get the big calls and gain points

this makes all the difference come May

to win the league we have to be ten points better than United as the refs give them an extra nine minimum