Wednesday 16 February 2011

Come on you Gunners and retrospect

Apologies for the short nature of the post today, the mrs has stolen the computer and this comes from my phone. It's hard to think of anything else but tonight's game, it really is huge.

Barca are favourites and we should use this to our advantage. One thing often forgotten about Barca is their phenomenal work rate and fitness. They all work incredibly hard and cover a hell of a lot of ground in pressing errors out of the opposition. The reason for their defeat to Inter last year was probably the long coach trip that left their legs a bit short of juice for the away leg. We will have to match their work rate and press them as they intend to press us. This will be key.

Finally well done to spurs, even if it was against a fairly mediocre milan side, going to the san siro and winning is some achievement. There were some rather notable moments of controversy including a reckless flamini tackle and gattuso's madness.

One thing that has seemed a little stupid since is the media's laziness and double standards. Flamini's tackle has quite rightly been labelled a disgrace, but why are so many similar tackles ignored when they are on arsenal players and labelled 'fair' because they won the ball. It is also strange that violence is rightly criticised on one hand but glamourised on another, all depending on who was violent and not on the nature of the actions themselves.

'Professional' journalists always seem happy to sneer at us ' amateurs' but I think a lot of this is simply an act to take away from the fact that a lot of them are running scared because the so called 'amateurs' are now frequently exposing a lot of the laziness and sloppiness of the mainstream media. A great example of this laziness is the fact that so many in the mainstream swallow the myth that retrospective action is not possible if the referee punished the incident at the time. This is simply not true, precedents show this and there is no Fifa law that prohibits retrospective action under these circumstances. The problem is that the mainstream media lazily propogate this chinese whisper without bothering to investigate its truth. Anyways, rant over, come on you Gunners!


Anonymous said...

Yeah funny how according to the media, "now's the time to take action against bad tackles"

So 3 near leg amputations at Arsenal wasn't enough to get something done?


1979gooner said...


It is ridiculous that tackles like Robinson's on Diaby are not just ignored, they are called 'fair'.

Uncle Mike said...

I wonder how much of a "disgrace" the tackle would have been if it had been by an ENGLISH (or English-by-proxy) Spurs player on Flamini, the French player on a foreign team.

I'm not going to condone what Flamini did. But it's good to see that this ex-Gunner still has some Spurshate in him.

I'm also not going to condone what Gattuso did. But somebody said that he looks like an actor who played Peter in a recent movie about Jesus. Peter was the first Pope. The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Milan to see the Pope! And I think you can guess what he said!

goonerkam said...

goonerkam LA/CA