Sunday 27 February 2011

Rooney gets away with murder, yet again

This was a classic case of the refereeing bias and incompetence in the Premier League, it is also a great example of how useless the FA are at enforcing the rules of the game. Rooney's assault on McCarthy was disgraceful, it was a premeditated smash with the elbow, a really aggressive and violent act, a clear straight red card offence, arguably it was one that merited more than a three match ban given its violence.

The comments from the Manu camp afterwards betray a hypocritical club that knows it can bend things its way. Phelan claims they cannot dispute a referee's decision, it doesn't seem to stop them when decisions go against them does it? While Ferguson's pathetic defence of Rooney's assault is beneath contempt, the red faced bully claims it was 'nothing'. Arsenal players have been sent off for nothing at Old Trafford, Rooney's attempt at decapitating McCarthy with his elbow was not 'nothing'.

Clattenberg is either useless or corrupt, there is no other explanation. Rooney's deliberate swing of the elbow was a clear red card offence, if Clattenberg saw it and decided it didn't even merit a card then he is incompetent, if he saw it, knew it was bad and doesn't like sending off Manu players then he is bent. It remains clear that if the FA wanted to act, even if Clattenberg mentions that he had seen the incident in his match report, then they have the power to act. I have written on this previously and the FA's own guidance makes this fact rather clear. Maybe the FA will act, I rather doubt it though.

If Rooney walks at 0-0 then it is a different game. Yet again Manu get the benefit of some thoroughly dodgy refereeing and take full advantage. It is a great shame the the Premier League is not fair and that the FA have no desire to improve this situation. The FA are limp and pathetic in allowing this rank inconsistency to continue, they do not have the balls to act and stand up to the corrupt ruling body FIFA. This comes in the same week that FIFA deliberately block the introduction of goal line technology by subjecting it to some completely unrealistic criteria such as being 100% accurate, nothing in the world is 100% accurate.

So on the day that the Gunners face Birmingham City in the Carling Cup final with the useless Mike Dean in charge, we run the risk of another great footballing occasion being wrecked by incompetent and/or biased refereeing. Thanks a lot the FA and FIFA, you truly are cretins of the highest order for doing nothing about this shocking situation.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's epl referee, aint it?

Anonymous said...

Well said!
No ref out there would let one of our players get away with something like that, yet time and time again ManUre seem to. Be it a bad tackle or a violent act.
Inconsistency? Hell yes!!!

Nik, Sydney Australia.

ClockEndRider said...

"Same old FA,
always cheating..."

1979gooner said...

Refs will always make mistakes and be inconsistent.

The thing that's worst is the way that the authorities continue to do NOTHING to help referees by introducing fair processes/systems that use technology to improve this desperate situation.

Anonymous said...

The latest incident indicates how hard it is for Arenal to win the FA/CC and epl title. Yet again a rd get awy with murder.
If any gunner were to accidentally hit another ,believe me,it will be atsraight red.
Todays game against birmingham may provoke food for thought.Asuming a two footed lunge by a a gunner without touching a Birmingham player,don't be surprised the ref will give a red.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Rooney and any other player can get away with basically blue murder but when it comes to an Arsenal player we only have to look at an opponent and we can get a card. Obviously the ref today will be more on B'hams side than ours but I only hope that it is a good game and none of our players get carded R or Y and also no serious injuries. However I understand McLeish has been in touch with his so called Mentor Ferguson for ideas on how to beat us. I just hope our players go out to win the game fairly but put up a strong defence

Anonymous said...

Newcastle's Taylor was rc for his two footed lunge. In the Arsenal game,Barton' challenge on Diaby warranted a rc. As long a there are inconistencies in refereeing,Arsenal will face an uphill task to win games let alone trophie.
I have the consolation of knowing that England will never win the wc in a hundred repeat a hundred years until the FA enforces the code on consistent refreeing.

MCM, USA said...

The Stench of Injustice.
A fortnight ago it was Giggs in a cynical 'off the ball' kick. No card just a talking to by the ref. I reckon Vidic has escaped at least 9 penalties and hacks players down in the 18 yard box with impunity. It is an outright shame! Even if the FA has been corrupted (by all signs), the media's response is equally scandalous. Sacrificing good football on the altar of bias. Despite playing the cleanest football, Arsenal has received more red cards and uncarded injuries than any team this season.
I find it hard to see Arsenal win any trophy this season as the FA, Refs and most major TV and print media are determined to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

The latest Rooney incident shows how the red faced has got the ref on his side not only in the Wigan game,but in the past twenty years.
It' no wonder he has been winning trophie galore.
I need not ay anymore.

MCM, USA said...

Hey anonymous, England will win the world cup. I fully support England and that is different from the buffoonery at the FA.

GunnerPete said...

It is a sad truth that in England their is only two clubs that count with our authorities ie : ManU & Liverpool. The bent referees are ALL linked with these clubs. At present is is all ManU who get the disgusting benefits and many of theit trophies have dirt on them...BUT they and their supporters dont careand will acccept this forever.

In the same match Scholes should have been YC and Rooney sent off in the first ten minutes...they were not! If this had been any southern team...Clattenburg would have taken action! The disgusting bent display by ref at Newcastle only puts this in a clser the points gained by Manure via officials giving them the benefits against the ones AFC & Chelski have lost due to the same would mean that AFC would be 8 points clear of Man City and Manure would be fourth.

Will the FA take action..yes but not against the bent officials or Manure but watch out for instant yellow cards given against AFC can count on it!

Anonymous said...

In the three consecutive league games beginning with the 2-2 tie at Birmingham on February 23, 2008 when Eduardo's leg was shattered, referees took the Premier League title away from Arsenal. I find it impossible to believe that the English referees did not deliberately make decisions to ensure that the Arsenal 'foreigners' dropped points and lose their five point lead in the league table. The egregious denying and awarding of a string of penalties in each case to the detriment of Arsenal are otherwise inexplicable. Blaming incompetence alone was statistically almost impossible. It was cheating, pure and simple, and during that summer, I sincerely had thoughts of never watching the Premier League again. But how can one give up the Arsenal after supporting the team for more than three decades? Today, we must ask that Mike Dean behave with integrity because very serious questions are being asked around the world about the honesty of English referees and the FA. Come on Arsenal, bring it on home today!

Danish Gooner said...

I saw Phil Dowd ref the Swansea-Leeds game and he is not fit to be a ref,wrong decision after wrong decision.And manure get away with murder we all know that,like in all walks off life the bully(Fergie) eventually gets what he wants by bullying his way to it.And for the pond scum that is Rooney it was yet another straight red card he didnt receive,off course.And the double standard is ridicilous these days,Rio should have walked at OT for his attack on Chamakh,Fletcher should have walked for his screaming at the ref and Rooney should have walked for the season for his misbehaviour.That is why it is almost impossible to win the Pl even if you are a great team because Fergie have a strangehold on Refs and the journos etc.Manure are a great team admittedly but they so often get the rub of the from the 12th man and then as an opposition it is impossible to win.

Danish Gooner said...

...And remember Rooney is not that kind of guy........bollocks !!!!

1979gooner said...


Check out DJ Campbell's red for Blackpool yesterday, a petulant little push in the face, straight red and complete lack of common sense from the ref.

Compare this with Rooney's elbow, there simply is no comparison, one
is a nothingy petulant act that should get a yellow, the other is a clear straight red.

Likewise Diaby's red card for so little in comparison with what Rooney/Vidic and co get away with week in week out.

Couldn't agree more about 2008, the Birmingham penalty, the old trafford penalty and some other appalling decisions played a big part in our dropping of points.

Not unlike Dowd's donation of Newcastle's two dodgy pens the other week.

Didn't see Dowd yesterday but will watch on recorded highlights, he is useless, but overall the concern is that so many refs are well well below a reasonable quality.

Anonymous said...

In the game when Eduardo was maimed,recall the inexplicable penalty awarded to Birmingham.These and other incidents lend credence to the hurdles Arsenal face to win games let alone the big prizes.
In 1999 when the gunners were chasing back to back double,fans may wish to know key gunners were sent off thereby weakening the team on the slightest excuse.
It aint going to surprise me me if the ref,only he himelf will know,gives a penalty/rc to a gunner. I repeat don't be surprised thereby helping the blue to win.
Like someone said,you never know.Maybe we will know in 50 years time.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if England don'tr win the wc the next 100 one hundred year if the FA doen't take action against inconsitent refereeing.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for it at OT,Rooney will perform swan lake for us and Darth Vader will try and influence the fourth official by barking at him.

Anonymous said...

Just read The ref at the Wigan game is reviewing his decsion to give Wigan a free kick and not a red for the bull dog. believ me it will be busines is as usual.
I will be very surprised the ref says the bd should have been off.
But you never know. He could give the unexpected.

Gavin said...

It really is a joke, He should be serving a 3 match ban now, but instead he will probably win the next 2 games for them, We really shouldn't expect any referee in England to send off a Man Utd player no matter what they do.Fergie would just not allow it.