Saturday 12 February 2011

Dowd and inconsistency

The refereeing inconsistency that blights our game refuses to go away. Last week Diaby was sent off for reacting to a reckless Barton tackle, many of us had presumed that his red card was for two pushes which each merited a yellow card, this was what Dowd could clearly be seen to be explaining to Diaby as he was being dismissed. This was the interpretation that many felt was the only way a red card could be justified, MOTD assumed this was the logic of the referee.

Bizarrely Diaby has a three match ban which does not tally at all with what I have explained above. The fact that he has a three match suspension means that Dowd reckoned that one of his 'shoves' was violent enough to merit a red in its own right, and this is yet another example of Dowd's rank incompetence and inconsistency.

It all means that Dowd got things badly wrong, again. Diaby shoved Barton and Nolan, maybe one could justify two yellows if you're being really harsh, but very few people would agree with Dowd's interpretation of events in that one was violent enough for a straight red card, especially in the context of Nolan's more violent blow to the back of Szczesny's head. Shocking refereeing from Dowd, yet again.


John said...

Refs make these decisions but they are never given the opportunity to explain why. Managers always give a post-match press conference. Why not also include the ref who could talk through his decisons so that us mere mortals would at least gain a deeper understanding of the game. Though I wouldn't expect Dowd to say 'I sent that f**ker Diaby off cos I hate Arsenal and I'm a racist' but at least he could enlighten us to why Nolan stayed on after shoving Diaby and then trying to strangle 'Chesney'. By his own totting up procedure that should have been two yellows. He might also explain why he didn't deem Barton's tackle to be reckless.

NoLiesMick said...

Every blog or match report of the game I've read, has failed to mention that as far as Diaby vs Nolan goes, when Nolan got involved, he came in pushing Diaby out of the way. If Nolan doesn't get involved, Diaby doesn't react.
If Diaby gets a yellow for any of his gestures (excluding straight red which he deserved) then Nolan should get a yellow.
Along with what of been his second yellow for his headlock on 'Chesney', which I think should of been a straight red.
But, just another point to illustrate your headline.

Anonymous said...

And the agression on Arshavin?

And RVP sanctioned for being fouled by 2 defenders?

Dont bother, we had the Enghlish for long enough in my country to know why.... Classless

Unknown said...

Lets not forget the Second penalty decision which was one of the most ridiculous ever.

Asia said...

Why are we surprised at all? EPL especially English refs are stupid and crap, even Webb at the WC. Dowd? He need to be sacked, suspect he's on the take.

goonerkam said...

any REF. that lets politics & or outside influence dictate him on his rulings is an AS* HO*LE OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE..... WEB, DOUD, RILEY..... I AGREE TO HAVE THEM SACKED,,,, i totaly am for post game commentary by these fellows,,,, look into the camera and try to explain your crap ruling, with a straight face..... Wa***rs.... one and all
goonerkam LA/CA